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2016 SECOND Quarter

30 June 2016

“Go Home”

Unedifying Machiavellian hate crime on a grand scale

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn

Here we are in a post Brexit Referendum melt down.

PMQS this week:  David Cameron pledged support for victims of post Brexit hate crime. Addressing a question about a foreign national abused in the street and told to GO HOME, David Cameron, with all his REMAIN vote credibility, told the House of Commons that this was a crime that should be prosecuted. "Hear, hear", they responded on cue.

In a heartbeat or two he was telling Jeremy Corbyn to Fuck off, or words to that effect. This abuse of Corbyn would have been planned as a sound bite for the BBC News.

Looking on were heckling Westminster MPs on both sides dedicated to the task of denying Corbyn the privilege of honouring the overwhelming mandate he received from the membership of the Labour party.

The Westminster bubble is a shameless collective of politicians and media,  participating in an unedifying Machiavellian hate crime on a grand scale.

And no Corbyn critic has the decency to describe any actual fault in Jeremy because to do so leaves them open to scrutiny.

We know that Cameron finds him unsuitable on the grounds of his suit. The idea that Corbyn caused Brexit is of course lamentable and pathetic.

I personally predicted that immediately before this week's PMQS the BBC would have another prepared scoop with another big name that would trash Corbyn. Laura Kuensberg, the ever-willing conduit for anti-Corbyn scoops, did so with immaculate timing naming Harriet Harman and of course giving little or no notice to Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy has the right to burst the hateful Westminster bubble if he has the stomach for the fight.

28 June 2016

Dear  Insert Name Here

Ian Murray


The Daily Mirror says that you are "devastating."

They used that word to describe your TV resignation, the one that happened before you offered your written resignation for scrutiny.

Both suggest you had little or no care or attention or respect for the damage you were prepared to do to Jeremy Corbyn and yes, the Labour Party.

I read your resignation letter and I wondered what on earth you were saying when you wrote,

"I have always expressed my thoughts directly to you (Corbyn) as I think it is important to be honest and open with each other. However, I do not feel this has been reciprocated."

Clearly if you are saying Jeremy has not been honest with you then you are calling him a liar, with or without parliamentary privilege.

You told the TV nation pejoratively that Corbyn should look in the Mirror, but with banal irony your libel is published in full in the Daily Mirror.

You seem to be a self serving plonker when you quote John Smith to explain your actions. You are no John Smith.

I understand you failed to follow Jeremy’s lead and declined to vote against the 2015 Tory Welfare cuts bill, that disadvantaged poor and disabled recipients.

Are you proud of that?

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn #IanMurray

28 June 2016

Dear  Insert Name Here

Heidi Alexander

I have read all the resignation letters including yours.

You have clearly agreed to participate in the coup calculated to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and diminish his capacity to do what you say must be done to attack the Tories.

You have however insulted the Labour party membership in order to have it your way. 

I had no vote to elect Jeremy as leader but I did join the Labour Party when and because he became the leader replacing the Processed Peas.

I just don't like Processed Peas.

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn #HeidiAlexander

Coming Next

Dear Ian Murray

The Libel

28 June 2016


Dear  Insert Name Here

Jess Phillips

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn #jessphillips

I have read all the resignation letters including yours. If Lucy goes to pee, do you follow her into the toilet?

27 June 2016

Let me be clear! If I say to you,  “Let me be clear,” I am about to tell you a lie.



27 June 2016
Horse Poo Coup


Finding a fault in Jeremy Corbyn means more to the Blairettes and Laura Kuensberg than finding the fault in the Tories. 

Jeremy certainly campaigned for REMAIN without lies, so why is so much Blairette ire directed at him and zero Blairette will to challenge the lies and the liars that created BREXIT.


Yes, we do need another Referendum and even Hesselitine is saying so.

The Blairette coup is clumsy, calculated, and more than a little pathetic.

Would like to have been a fly on the wall as they all discussed the plot.

"When should we do it?"

"Wont do unless you do first".

"Who goes first?".

"Hillary, you're a man, you go first".

"You tell him".

One of these ambitious young Blairetts would have us believe they came to this decision independently on the same day. This lie was of course a horse poo.

Corbyn has no mandate in the Parliamentary Labour Party and never had it. He does however have a glorious mandate of The Labour Party Membership, and one which is more convincing than any other political election of any leader of any party.

There is a pro Corbyn rally in Westminster tonight at 6 pm. Will LauraK be there to report on it? Doubtful.

#noBrexitplan #BBCbias


26 June 2016

Two Margarets

They can't get at Jeremy Corbyn for saying an unkind word about anyone, so his critics are now getting at him on extremely spurious grounds.

Margaret Hodge wanted Corbyn to impress the voters as competently as the Leave campaign, who successfully misled the electorate with lies and hyperbolic half truths.

How soon we forget that JC does not do that and that is why he was elected leader. Get over it, Margaret Hodge.

Jeremy was also heckled at a “pride” rally today and yes he was guilty of assuming all that are gay are genetically indisposed to appreciate being patronised by well meaning heterosexuals. Whatever demographic you choose somebody is bound to have adored Margaret Thatcher.

And yes the media agenda of insulting Corbyn now led by The BBC, which is so sadly lacking the integrity it once held, ... sucks.

Corbyn's first post referendum speech was cut in mid flow by the BBC news, and then later edited to suit the BBC commentary on, and opinion of, Jeremy Corbyn.

This is not the BBC I grew up with.
#referendum  #BBCbias #noBrexitplan

25 June 2016
Alienating the Bakery

Mrs Monk told me that the Polish girl serving in the Marks and Spencer bakery was tearful yesterday.

“Why do they hate me?” she said.

Yesterday would be the day Farage wants to call his Independence Day. He and the flag-wavers are clearly satisfied but in his ranks we see Daniel Hannan of all people, attempting to rationalise the awful consequences of what they and Boris and Gove have done and not just to the economy and the pound, but to the dignity of the Polish girl and all the German and Albanian doctors that we have alienated overnight, quite literally.

The half smart Brexiteers have changed their tone and they should tell the flag-wavers to shut up and put away their little Britain look-at-me flags before they do any more damage. Mrs. Monk took down our Remain poster, too soon I felt. I wanted to give an ounce of comfort to that Polish girl were she ever to walk by our house.

And for Jo Cox.

#referendum #JocoxMP #BrexitBananas

24 June 2016
Brexit Blues

The Brexiteers were so very much against foreign unelected bureaucrats telling us Brits what to do, we had a referendum and the result caused a run on the pound so serious that we needed the services of an unelected foreign bureaucratic bureaucrat to fix the problem.

But that won’t ameliorate the pain of Cameron or mop the tears he shed in Downing Street this morning.

Nor will it convince Morgan and Stanley to cancel the move of 2000 staff from London to Frankfurt.

etc etc.

The pain for the working poor will be so much more enduring .......slower. More horrible.


The list of consequences will be recorded and published on these pages.

There is no Brexit plan.

 #referendum #noBrexitplan

24 June 2016

Little Britain is more divided than united by this toxic referendum that has already damaged the economy.

The Brexiteers have no idea how to fix the mess our flawed “democracy” has created.

There is no plan.


23 June 2016


21 June 2016

Tragic Ironies

What Jo Cox was prepared to give and what Mair took, is on everyone's mind.

#sameoldtories  #referendum #JocoxMP

31 May 2016

Pictures of People

#leighonsea #london #photography

30 May 2016

Hippos and HipOps

#NHS #hunt #shoestringonline #saramo

These Pages are somewhat preoccupied with exposing Hippos' but ten years ago it was very much more about Mrs. Monk, also now known as Saramo on Twitter.

In 2010, I assembled a number of stories that said more about Mrs Monk’s unique qualities and less about Tory bashing.


I was surprised to discover that this old page, that has no current links to it, has had many visitors this last month.

Mrs. Monk had a hip op this week and would like to trumpet the NHS for eliminating the pain in her left leg after 12 months of gyp and pain killers.

Had this government funded the NHS properly her wait for the hip op would certainly have been lessened. “Never complain about the NHS,” she said today.

Certainly not!?

Only complain about the lack of Tory NHS funding and Jeremy Hunt who is on another planet.

29 May 2016

Democracy and The Flag-wavers

the oil slick of insincerity oozed

#sameoldtories  #referendum #toryelectionfraud


22 May 2016

Tory Spin-Mantra

on Marr

#NHS #tory #hunt

The Tory spin is that Jeremy Hunt has secured a "Seven Day NHS", when we do already have a seven day NHS, and the best the NHS could possibly afford to provide given the current  Tory funding.

The Junior Doctor’s dispute is not about pay, or the so called "Seven Day NHS", but nevertheless Andrew Marr's guests both recited today the Tory spin-mantra as if they were making complete sense and not the Tory lie.

17 May 2016


Art by Saramo

Mrs Monk has become active again and her new work will be found in this set of pictures.

#Saramo #art

15 May 2016

The Full Nazi

#Boris #Ken

Boris and Ken have now both done the Full Nazi hyperbole, but only Ken has been suspended. I almost did the Full Nazi when our new Aldi barbecue failed to work but I held myself back for fear of being suspended from lunch and causing offence.

Trump, Putin and Boris all favour Brexit.

Vote IN

Godwin’s Law

15 May 2016

Yet Another,  “Melbourne Moment”

Andy Murray crushed Novak Djokovic in the Rome Masters Final.

Novak was keen to reference his defeat to worries about potential injury to his ankles, but only did so when Murray was about to serve and when Novak was about to lose.

In fact Novak had played badly, by his standards, all week, suffering, with for example an embarrassing bagel by the lowly ranked Bellucci from Brazil in his Quarter Final.

His hissy-fit designed to bully the umpire into calling a favaouble “time-out” rain delay was rejected, and was of course charectorised as yet another “Melbourne Moment”. The sin was componded by Novak’s  bouncing of a racquet into the crowd which may have deffaulted a lower ranked player.

Befitting a Roman coliseum, Twitter adjudged Novak with a resounding thumbs down, and the verdict: sore loser.

Murray enjoyed the conditions and was uncharacteristically calm because he was the better player in all departments  on this day.  



15 May 2016


Became the News for the wrong reasons this week. LauraK was an unpopular Tory person before I found out she was an unpopular Tory “woman”.


10 January 2016

Machiavellian Kuenssberg News



Laura Kuenssberg’s spurious “news” about Jeremy Corbyn.

#Kuenssberg #Corbyn #BBC

10 May 2016

Syd Barrett Tribute

Nine years ago we Monks were privileged to see abundant big names perform Syd Barret Songs at the Barbican.

#SydBarrett #Tribute

10 May 2016


Charlie and the Pigeon

Mrs Monk captured this with my phone.

#Pigeon #Cat

9 May 2016

Trump the Blonde with Penis Envy

The billionaire with "no problem" with women

#knob #trump




Grant Shapps Squirms

5 May 2016


At last The BBC acknowledges the allegations of Tory Fraud in the last election.

#Democracy #ElectoralReform #BBCBias

4 May 2016

Tory Fraud or Error?

BBC Bias or Objectivity?

#Democracy #ElectoralReform #BBCBias

If you search, "Electoral Fraud" on the BBC website you will not find any mention of the Channel Four allegations of Tory Fraud in the last election.

If you search, "Election Expenses Error", you will find the BBC discussions of the news story which fail to mention the keyword......“fraud”.

1 May 2016


If David Cameron and John Mann disagree with these gentleman does that make them both Anti Semites?

#hippo #torysmear #semantics


26 Apr 2016

Spin the Lie


Hunt and all persons Tory continue to spin the lie that the strike is about greedy junior doctors and not about the futility of an unfunded electoral Tory promise that cannot and will not be fulfilled, by this government.


Currently a popular story on these pages as follows.


Yo’ mama
says the NHS is underfunded and you should do better.

Yo’ mama
says don’t be a petulant brat.

#answerthequestiondave #pmqs

21 Apr 2016

Unhappy Ever After

An extremely vivid dream last night.

Where cool is meaningless and meaninglessness is ever cooler.

#dream #film #noir

Unmade Films

19 Apr 2016

The Completist

A completist is a muso who cannot be without the recorded work of particular musicians.

I used to be guilty of such a sin but the frequent marketing changes of recorded music has now run its course, and the notion is now virtually redundant.


Robert Wyatt

#firstLP #completist #muso

If that be nerdy then nerdy I be.

14 Apr 2016


The number of components that the customer must assemble if they purchase a barbecue from Aldi (not including the packaging).

#Aldi #barbecue #shoestringonline

That information is not on the package.

If you disregard the assigned task of checking the contents of the box, the assembly of the barbecue will take around two hours of your valuable time.

12 Apr 2016

Dodgy Dave

#PanamaPapers #hippo #shoestringonline


Dennis Skinner refused to withdraw the unparliamentary adjective "dodgy" yesterday, and why should he?

Before the Panama Papers materialised, Dave used that very word, "dodgy",  to describe tax avoiding schemes and particularly so in order to traduce Jimmy Carr’s reputation with moralistic rightousness.

He said, "People work hard, they pay their taxes, they save up to go to one of his shows. They buy the tickets. He is taking the money from those tickets and he, as far as I can see, is putting all of that into some very "dodgy" morally wrong tax avoiding schemes."

Post Panama papers, Cameron has applauded Jimmy Carr for rearranging his tax affairs, something Cameron failed to say until he was caught with his privileged spoilt pants down around his ankles.

Obviously you can’t compare Jimmy Carr with Cameron, because Carr earned the money he invested, and Cameron’s cash was gifted to him.

06 Apr 2016

What it means when Dave says he has... 

“No Plans”

What you don’t find in the Tory Manifesto.


Time-share, No-share

5 Years Ago

6 April 2011

...bound by circumstance and mutual antipathy. They hated each other.

#Florida #timeshare

05 Apr 2016

04 Apr 2016

The Panamanian List of Names

#PanamaPapers #hippo #shoestringonline

The idea that the filthy rich pay their share of tax is so discredited that it barely deserves consideration.

The naming and shaming of tax avoiders, who should know better, might just be the wake up call for, and the downfall of, the Tory alternative.

David Cameron regards his father's tax arrangements, and his inheritance as "private", but his "policy" of challenging aggressive tax avoidance was, however unconvincing, a promise and an unequivocal pledge unless we are all deaf, dumb, and blind.

Donald Trump failed to publish his tax returns. Yes, the is a global scandal uncovered by the Panamanian whistle blower.

The poor and the disabled have been humiliated and shamed by their dependency on the state. But now each tax avoider in turn will be named and shamed and reminded that the train has left the station, to use or misuse Jeremy Hunt's metaphor for a political apocalypse.

The first name on a very long list is familiar...



Ahh! Bush Country?

5 Years Ago

1 April 2011 


Colonel Gaddafi: 

“You take me for a fool. I shall be exiled. Take me to Best Buy”

#Gaddafi #Bush #Republicans

Asleep on the Job


3 Apr 2016

Sajid Javid has now said on Andrew Marr (BBC) that reports that he blocked tariffs on Chinese imports including steel were "misleading". In fact he repeated the irreconcilable opposite assertion that he was leading the EU with specific steel related tariffs. The conversations he had with the EU are hardly plausible given the actual UK vote against tariffs including steel.

He also confirmed “conversations” with TATA steel and pre-knowledge of last week's Mumbai TATA conference, contradicting other accounts that he was unaware of the TATA meeting. Hence the Sajid Javid "business" trip to Australia with his daughter.

TATA have already denied conversations with Sajid Javid that he and other Tory spinners refer to as gospel.

2 Apr 2016

Asleep on the Job

If there was ever an import-export tariff war between Britain and China it was never a conflict that Britain was going to win alone, without European unified clout.

China was about to close the door on British goods including steel because it is now in their interest to do so, and when it happened our Tory government was asleep.

Europe has the scale and the motivation to confront Chinese dumping and Tariffs but our little Englanders in Downing Street were so full of themselves that they failed to support, and in fact blocked a unified European initiative to resist and respond to those inevitable Chinese tariffs.

They also failed to see it coming or apply due diligence.

British taxpayers finance Tory Sajid Javid's department which has oversight of British Interests.

#SajidJavid #Asleep #steeltariff

1 April  2016


This was recorded one April Fools' Day. I have no idea where it came from. It was just a bit of spontaneous foolishness. Music Recorded circa 2008.


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#muso #aprilfool




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Dear Alan Mabott

Conservative Director of Organisation

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Yo’ mama
says the NHS is underfunded and you should do better.

Yo’ mama
says don’t be a petulant brat.

#answerthequestiondave #pmqs

Sand Dollars

5 Years Ago


“Who gives a shit?”

#Florida #Seashells

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Goldfish AV and Amnesia

A fish called Colin

#PR #AV #SameOldTories

12 March 2013

The Filthy Rich


make the "market economy",  look extremely foolish.


 22 March  2015

NHS For Sale

The Special relationship and  where money is the object.

#Hunt #NHS #SameOldTories



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21 July 2015

The Hard Disc

GPs follow procedures informed by a computer programme #alzheimers #NeverForget #NHS

29 January 2016

Osborne's Lesser Britain

The catalyst for the Great Britain sell off

#sameoldtories #Britainforsale #Osborne

23 January 2016

Michael Fallon MP Secretary of State for Defence

Stranger than Strangelove

When should we duck and cover under the table?

#sameoldtories #Fallon #Trump

9 March 2006

British Gas, You’re Fired

A strangely popular but very old story. #Gas #Consumer

18 May 2015

Toxic Tories

So why are Tories so determined to find fault with the NHS?

#Hunt #NHS #SameOldTories

12 December 2009

Revenge of the Telephobic Revisited

#coldcalling #telephobic

The Untouchables

27 June 2013

George Osborne would rather choke on a pheasant than......

hard working privileges

29 September 2014

Pride and Privilege.

Osborne’s contrary rhetoric.

6 Aug 2015

Corbyn and The Processed Peas

Jeremy Corbyn is uniquely able to oppose the Tories.#Corbyn  #ProcessedPeas #BrianEno

27 December 2015

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I could not sleep and I could not stay awake


Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

21 December 2011 It was the last lesson of the afternoon before Christmas.

#Education #DHLawrence







Unmade Films




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