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Little Boxes

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Little Boxes

More or less in alphabetical order

19 December 2016

Andy Murray

Another first as the world No 1 wins the prestigious Sports Personality of the Year for the third time.

#Tennis #SPOTY

All Legal

4 December 2012

"It is all legal, look at the rules book."

Ahh! Bush Country?

1 April 2011 

Colonel Gaddafi:  “You take me for a fool. I shall be exiled. Take me to Best Buy”

April Fool

comments on Conservative Party YouTube movie disabled

1 April 2014

9 March 2006

British Gas, You’re Fired

A strangely popular but very old story. #Gas #Consumer

23 May2014


Bring powers back to Boris and away from Brussels?

Cash for Votes

Dear Alan Mabott

Conservative Director of Organisation

#sameoldtories  #cashforvotes #electionexpenses

19 May 20


High street giant Currys are not honouring Extended Warranty contracts.

6 Aug 2015

Corbyn and The Processed Peas

Jeremy Corbyn is uniquely able to oppose the Tories.#Corbyn  #ProcessedPeas #BrianEno

Dear Channel 4

Thatcher’s Asset Stripping Irreversible.

A Nuclear Solution?

13 April 2013

06 February 2017

Disproportionate Representation

Democracy, what Democracy?

#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud

12 March 2013

The Filthy Rich


make the "market economy",  look extremely foolish.


11 January 2014

Fear of Buying

"They are a bit dry", she said, "Not fresh", she explained.

3 April 2010

Farmville Meat is Murder

7 October 2013

Feckless In Need

bankers were found short of competence in charge of pension contributions

17 March  2015

Goldfish AV and Amnesia

A fish called Colin

hard working privileges

29 September 2014

Pride and Privilege.

Osborne’s contrary rhetoric.

The Hard Disc

GPs follow procedures informed by a computer programme #alzheimers #NeverForget #NHS

13 March 2017

The Jokers


When Tory DNA Kicked In

and the care masks slipped

#Politics  #Budget #Education #Hippo

20 July 2011        Hail Dennis

Dennis Skinner MP, asked the concise question today in parliament, that provoked the equivocal answer from Prime Minister, David Cameron,...........


Hannan, the Deluded

24 November 2012 Whether or not Daniel Hannan, MEP, should be expelled from the Conservative Party.

Last Year’s Foodbank Christmas Card

David Cameron is still in denial and has turned down  100s of Millions of  EU Cash for Foodbanks . Cameron wants to be seen fighting for EU money but he does not want it for the UK poor.

10 January 2016

Machiavellian Kuenssberg News

Laura Kuenssberg’s spurious “news” about Jeremy Corbyn.

#Kuenssberg #Corbyn #BBC

12 November 2015

My First Car


Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Princess Margaret, Potted Plants and Harold Macmillan’s Wind of Change.

#Austin #Beatles #Magistrates #Justice #1964

 22 March  2015

NHS For Sale

The Special relationship and  where money is the object.

#Hunt #NHS #SameOldTories



3 August 2014

Osborne's Recession

For pity's sake Esther, please wear a vest.

29 January 2016

Osborne's Lesser Britain

The catalyst for the Great Britain sell off

#sameoldtories #Britainforsale #Osborne

15 February 2017

Who said “Ken Loach’s Bafta diatribe shows he is stuck in the past”?

The Poverty Deniers



Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

It was the last lesson of the afternoon before #Christmas.

7 June 2015

Professional Tennis Fouls

The Novak Djokovic character flaws are not disguised by his PR smile. We don’t buy it.


Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

21 December 2011 It was the last lesson of the afternoon before Christmas.

#Education #DHLawrence

12 December 2009

Revenge of the Telephobic Revisited

#coldcalling #telephobic


10 Years Ago

This was News

Royal Parking Kerfuffle

#Westminster #Parking

Richter or Monkfry?


Smudge and Real Smear Tryptych

#Art #Richter

Sand Dollars

5 Years Ago


“Who gives a shit?”

#Florida #Seashells

23 January 2016

Michael Fallon MP Secretary of State for Defence

Stranger than Strangelove

When should we duck and cover under the table?

#sameoldtories #Fallon #Trump



Put simply, Warsi lied about AV.



24 Sep 2013

Stifled Spin

You will have heard Ed Balls volunteer to have his spending pledges assessed by the Treasury.


9 July 2016

Trump the Blonde with Penis Envy

The billionaire with "no problem with women" and gun-toting violence.

#knob #trump #dallas #orlando #etc

31 MARCH 2014

Tory DNA

So clever of the Chancellor to bribe pensioners with their own money.

21 August 2014

Tory Mugs for Mugs

Grant Shapps, You’ve made my day.

18 May 2015

Toxic Tories

So why are Tories so determined to find fault with the NHS?

#Hunt #NHS #SameOldTories

16 Aug 2016


Very Little Britain Beckons

12 months Ago

#GordonBrown #OwenSmith #ImWithCorbyn

The Untouchables

27 June 2013

George Osborne would rather choke on a pheasant than......

Vocation or Vacation

15 December 2013

MP’s PAY, a free lunch and a subsidised bar.

The Vinyl Collection of Leslie Monk featuring Robert Wyatt

The Water Cooler

The Paul Daniels, so called out-loud by the nurse, is not the famed diminutive conjurer married to Debbie McGee..........


Yo’ mama
says the NHS is underfunded and you should do better.

Yo’ mama
says don’t be a petulant brat.

#answerthequestiondave #pmqs

27 December 2015

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I could not sleep and I could not stay awake


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