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20 November 2016

The one man responsible for Brexit is nowhere to be seen.

We cannot call upon Cameron to account for his pledge to deal with the Brexit outcome, and to “not resign, .. because... he resigned.

#Brexit #MayDay #Trump #Farage



18 November 2016


Who is the lamest of these

Two Lame Ducks?
Both are reckless anarchists prepared to deceive and ignite fires. Neither have a remedy or the means, nor indeed the will or capability to deal with the additional problems they have created.
The world certainly needs fixing but that is not on the agenda of the Two Lame Ducks.

#Brexit #MayDay #Trump #Farage

8 November 2016


No 42

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Brexit

#MayDay #Hippo #sameoldtories #Brexit

If Brexit is Brexit, what is Brexit?


Mr Shameless

10 October 2016

5 years ago

I speculated about whether the disgraced Liam Fox would be fired in the MOD “best man” security scandal. The NewStatesman speculated in February 2016 that, “In a less shameless world, Liam Fox’s career would have ended in 2011.”

Not a bit of it; he is now, “Mr Hard Brexit,” and a “Right Honourable Gentleman.” I cannot think of anything more oxymoronic.

What else from a 23.5% Tory government?

Tinker Tailor Liam Fox

9 October 2011 If you were sat upon the Duty Officer's toilet...and Kathy Burke complaining?

#LiamFox #Hippo #KathyBurke #Shameless #Brexit

6 October 2016



What would Theresa May do about Bob?

A cat in a sombrero might secure entry.

#MayDay #Unmadefilms #Trump #Brexit #Cats

6 October 2016

Machiavellian May

Theresa May's Tory conference speech was bound to unravel by the end of the day, if not as she spoke.

#BBCbias #ToryLauraK #MayDay #Hippo #sameoldtories #Brexit

5 September 2011

Apocalypse Brexitus


Mayday’s Plan for Brexit?

#Brexit #Mayday

4 September 2016


Pauxillus Britanic US

As Boris, who likes a bit of faux Latin, would put it.

In the US, Brexit has become a shorthand for “Sorry your country failed”


More Little Britain

Brexit Blues

16 Aug 2016

Very Little Britain Beckons

12 months Ago

#GordonBrown #OwenSmith #ImWithCorbyn

6 July 2016

You couldn't make it up.

Carney Agrees With Corbyn

#Carny #Brexitcalamity #Sameoldpolitics


2 July 2016

Michael Gove

The Silent Fart

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn #Gove

Barely perceptible to the sedentary teacher who sits in front of the class all day is the silent fart which is capable of destabilising an entire United Kingdom and thwarting the ambition of Boris, the man who would otherwise be king.

Michael Gove has now pledged not to keep the big bus promise to spend an extra 350 million per week on the NHS . That pledge, for what it is worth has now been devalued by Gove to 100 million per week and delayed until at least 2020 or when he finds an argument to justify reneging again.

The Silent Fart is of course married, perhaps literally so, to the unwholesome media which supports him at their pleasure. The media that maketh this man also plots to destroy Jeremy Corbyn at will.

Gove spends a lot of time dining with Murdoch.


30 June 2016

“Go Home”

Unedifying Machiavellian hate crime on a grand scale

#BBCbias #ImWithCorbyn

Here we are in a post Brexit Referendum melt down.

PMQS this week:  David Cameron pledged support for victims of post Brexit hate crime. Addressing a question about a foreign national abused in the street and told to GO HOME, David Cameron, with all his REMAIN vote credibility, told the House of Commons that this was a crime that should be prosecuted. "Hear, hear", they responded on cue.

In a heartbeat or two he was telling Jeremy Corbyn to Fuck off, or words to that effect. This abuse of Corbyn would have been planned as a sound bite for the BBC News.

Looking on were heckling Westminster MPs on both sides dedicated to the task of denying Corbyn the privilege of honouring the overwhelming mandate he received from the membership of the Labour party.

The Westminster bubble is a shameless collective of politicians and media,  participating in an unedifying Machiavellian hate crime on a grand scale.

And no Corbyn critic has the decency to describe any actual fault in Jeremy because to do so leaves them open to scrutiny.

We know that Cameron finds him unsuitable on the grounds of his suit. The idea that Corbyn caused Brexit is of course lamentable and pathetic.

I personally predicted that immediately before this week's PMQS the BBC would have another prepared scoop with another big name that would trash Corbyn. Laura Kuensberg, the ever-willing conduit for anti-Corbyn scoops, did so with immaculate timing naming Harriet Harman and of course giving little or no notice to Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy has the right to burst the hateful Westminster bubble if he has the stomach for the fight.

25 June 2016
Alienating the Bakery

Mrs Monk told me that the Polish girl serving in the Marks and Spencer bakery was tearful yesterday.

“Why do they hate me?” she said.

Yesterday would be the day Farage wants to call his Independence Day. He and the flag-wavers are clearly satisfied but in his ranks we see Daniel Hannan of all people, attempting to rationalise the awful consequences of what they and Boris and Gove have done and not just to the economy and the pound, but to the dignity of the Polish girl and all the German and Albanian doctors that we have alienated overnight, quite literally.

The half smart Brexiteers have changed their tone and they should tell the flag-wavers to shut up and put away their little Britain look-at-me flags before they do any more damage. Mrs. Monk took down our Remain poster, too soon I felt. I wanted to give an ounce of comfort to that Polish girl were she ever to walk by our house.

And for Jo Cox.

#referendum #JocoxMP #BrexitBananas

24 June 2016
Brexit Blues

The Brexiteers were so very much against foreign unelected bureaucrats telling us Brits what to do, we had a referendum and the result caused a run on the pound so serious that we needed the services of an unelected foreign bureaucratic bureaucrat to fix the problem.

But that won’t ameliorate the pain of Cameron or mop the tears he shed in Downing Street this morning.

Nor will it convince Morgan and Stanley to cancel the move of 2000 staff from London to Frankfurt.

etc etc.

The pain for the working poor will be so much more enduring .......slower. More horrible.


The list of consequences will be recorded and published on these pages.

There is no Brexit plan.

 #referendum #noBrexitplan

24 June 2016

Little Britain is more divided than united by this toxic referendum that has already damaged the economy.

The Brexiteers have no idea how to fix the mess our flawed “democracy” has created.

There is no plan.


23 June 2016


21 June 2016

Tragic Ironies

What Jo Cox was prepared to give and what Mair took, is on everyone's mind.

#sameoldtories  #referendum #JocoxMP

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Pauxillus Britanic



In the US, Brexit has become a shorthand for “Sorry your country failed”