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Is Our Children Learning?


13 April 2017

Meritocracy Eugenics


Grammar Schools

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust

#Education #Hippo #BBCbias

13 March 2017

The Jokers

When Tory DNA Kicked In

and the care masks slipped

#Politics  #Budget #Education #Hippo

26 October 2016

Lord of the Flies

It was a quiet morning at the tennis club. Only one court was occupied by two ladies. Apart from the sound of a ball being whacked ladylike and the occasional lady squeal of disappointment when a ball missed the target, all was peaceful. I passed the time waiting for my opponent to arrive reading the Guardian on this tablet.

But the tranquility would not last for this was a school holiday.

The sound of children squealing was at first a distant din that became ever louder as they advanced; they were marching en masse toward my comfortable resting place.

This was an undisciplined rabble army of bickering yelling unruly 7 year olds led and supervised by a 16 year old who was out of his depth.

As they passed 5 feet from me, I looked up from my Guardian article. A small boy said directly to me without stopping, "What are you looking at?"

I smiled at his leader.  The jaw of the 16 year old Lord of the Flies had dropped; he would have expected me to take offence.

#Education #Tennis

Five Years Ago

2 September 2011


The Thames estuary is where conflicting weather systems frequently meet and produce, foreboding, but also sublime cloud formations. These photographs were taken on one fifteen minute car journey from the supermarket to our home, along the sea front of  Southend upon Sea, where humanity also meets and clashes in other British day-tripping ways,

Pics by Sara Monk

“You used to teach me English, she said more accusingly than informational”.

#Education #Photography #SouthendOnSea

26 July 2016

If this is not a crime, then it should be.

 #academies #IanCleland #OrmistonTrust #AcademyTransformationTrust

Ahh! Bush Country?

5 Years Ago

1 April 2011 


Colonel Gaddafi: 

“You take me for a fool. I shall be exiled. Take me to Best Buy”

#Gaddafi #Bush #Republicans

Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

It was the last lesson of the afternoon before #Christmas.

6 April  2015

Vince Cable

and the Silent Fart

The Tory Tax on Justice .

Their Very First Priorty

8 June 2014

 Meanwhile,, Gove and May were conversing calmly about which of them were most culpable for Islamic radicalisation in “Free Schools”

“Who should we fire? Your civil servant or mine?”

they seemed to say.

Neither wished to be found wanting.

We are left to ponder the apologies that seek to draw a blurred line and ”move on” as they say, to avoid accountability.

29 October 2013

Gove’s Empire

"We are going to part company"

The least informed are the most opinionated.

22 October 2013

This morning Nick Clegg seemed to go off the Liberal Democratic message by equivocating about Free Schools providing reassurances to BBC viewers about checks and balances and about the profit free motif of privatised schools.

The naivety of the man is staggering. Just how do these Academies and Free Schools find the cash to pay staggeringly high salaries to their Directors, and Head Teachers and their multiple Deputies, not all of whom are qualified or experienced as we have just had confirmed by recent events?

Privatisation is now a dirty word. Nick Clegg is not a Liberal Democratic.

21 October 2013

Nick Clegg has finally found his voice on the subject of “Unqualified Teachers” and this subject has now found its way onto the front pages which is a very good thing.

However, this is not a new problem as you will know if you follow these pages.

It is not at all uncommon for a majority of teachers to be unqualified in some schools.  Academies and Free Schools may well like it that way, and for the wrong reasons.

28 August 2013

Unqualified Teachers

"We was doing all right last year", I heard a Head of an Academy say, not so long ago.

17 June 2013

Pick & Mix

Whistle Blowing

What is good for Jeremy Hunt, would be good for Michael Gove.


7 February 2013 Gove messed with the status of GCSE results without the consultation that would have prevented the damaging fiasco last year. Today he claims that his U-turn on reform is a result of consultation. Not at all sure that he has learnt to stop messing with education.

19 January 2013

Mrs Monk gave up on her quest to educate English teenagers due mainly to the misguided controlling philosophy of Headteachers, and of Gove and other amateurs who seemed to enjoy playing with education as if they had  a clue.


Hardly a day goes by without some former pupil approaching Mrs Monk in the street and apologising for their behavior in school. So, there is hope at least for these pupils that have now grown up, made babies, and found jobs as butchers and bakers . Some have found more glittering careers but still they find time to recall good times with Mrs Monk, and to apologise for their behaviour.


 Gove has made it less likely that “outstanding” teachers like Mrs Monk will return to the profession. His recent undertaking and methodology to reward only “good teachers” is yet another reason to stay away from the profession. Any teacher will know that Gove’s proposal to give Headteachers the power to determine pay increases, is just another tool by which Headteachers can bully and harass professional class room teachers. 50% of teachers claim that they have been bullied by head teachers. Bullying is rife.


By the way Academies already have that power, because they can do as they please, and do so secretly.

12 September 2012

Gove Failed Exam

even allowing for grade inflation Michael Gove failed his examination......

front bench jobsworths

25 Aug 2012


Hunt says it is not for him, Culture and Media Secretary to tell his friend Rupert Murdoch what to publish in the Sun.

Gove said it is not for him, The Education Secretary to tell the Education Examination Boards what to do.

Hunt says that he followed advice at all times during the Murdoch bid for Sky, and that meant he acted properly.

Gove said he ignored advice given on his damaging changes to the National Curriculum and that meant he acted properly.

Neither responsible for anything?

27 May 2004 Born To Teach

Mrs Monk, now retired from teaching was, in her time, able to prove objectively that  she was able advance 100 % of her sample, or any sample of her pupils from one grade to another beyond the national average. This meant that she could not be refused Advanced Skills Teacher Status. She did this 10 years in a row.

The teacher Unions say that such evaluation of teachers is divisive.  Schools then advanced “popular” teachers on more subjective criteria like fun.  Not real fun, but unfunny fun perceived by desperately unfunny Ofsted inspectors.

1 May 2012 Should teachers be paid by results?

10 April 2011

The Dark Art of the Bullying Head Teacher

Bullying of teachers by Head Teachers, swept under the carpet.


3 April 2012 Gove wants to raise A level standards but is that the problem?


2 February 2012

Big Questions Small Bullies   two arrogant ill informed naughty grammar school boys.

Panorama exploited by Jove

21 January 2012 How arrogant novices like Gove and Toby Young can find themselves with the power to defy the wishes of communities

14 January 2012 Gove said yesterday on the BBC that teachers who complain about bullying are incapable teachers. How Kafka is that? Would love to see Gove in front of 30 pupils of my choice, not the little sweet charming year 7s, with whom he likes to pose for the BBC. Will Gove get the sack?

13 January 2012 Teacher support web sites are now rife with traumatised. teachers that have heard Michael Gove's irresponsible comments. His high profile ill informed  proselytising on the subject is in itself bullying and traumatising teachers. Will Gove get the sack?

Gove’s World of Secrets

11 January 2012 Are parents  misinformed by head teachers about what is happening in their schools.

Gove’s Forced Academies

 7 January 2012 Academies are allowed to keep big fat secrets.

Discipline in Waitrose

 He could be a teacher, she said.

Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

21 December 2011 It was the last lesson of the afternoon before Christmas.

Dear Vince Cable

23 November 2011 humping and dumping bad employers have the most to gain from your proposals

27 October 2011 Vince Cable has described the Beecroft proposals as “madness”. I am not at all sure that he always had this opinion, because he has hitherto disappointed me by announcing a contrary view on BBC Question Time. Thank you Vince. You are forgiven.


26 October 2011 Mr Beecroft said, “employer did not like them... this is sad.”


“What is the price of experience?” 29 September 2011 A Survey shows evidence that head teachers in Britain, are guilty of Illegal Discrimination against older and more experienced class room teachers.

Educating Essex

25 September 2011  The man with the foolish grin is no guru.......

Dear Nick Clegg

Pull The Other One

5 Sept 2011 I have read the liberal party policy document on “Academies”, and I note that you are broadly against them. I assume that you do not like being misrepresented by Gove and have already given him a severe bollocking.


Dear Rosie Boycott 9 August 2011 The “Grey” population have a lot in common with disaffected youth.


11 August 2011 MP after MP ....... Lord Hanningfield,  also a thief in denial of any wrongdoing

10 August 2011 David Maceroon, to get elected, hug a hoody, to get re-elected, water cannon, and plastic bullets.


8 August 2011Let’s get some watches ..... said an underage kid looking for loot in the riot last night.......


The rise of 'grey power' ?

1 Aug 2011 ......once young and swinging in the 1960s, and it is expected that they will retain their activism and political energy?.....


Gove’s War

26 June 2011 Are Goves Academies, simply schools run by private companies masquerading as philanthropic charities?


15 June 2011  If it is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of age, why do employers continue to ask employees to disclose their age.


27 May 2011 All  Fair in Love and War and Parliamentary Expenses

a Tory Blonde, noted that it was generally men having sex that brought about the “super-injunctions” phenomena.


23 May 2011 Salacious gossip by twitter about another footballer has been exposed by Lib Dem MP John Hemming who named the player using parliamentary privilege to break the court order. He did this because he thought it was unfair that Twitter alone should be able to exploit salacious gossip, even if there was no public interest in doing so.


A competition to test your understanding of the game and win a prize .... if you are good enough.

15 May 2011 Djokovic has beaten Nadal in the final in straight sets, We have a new number 1 in waiting.

7 April 2011 Today, teachers went on strike in Blackburn Lancashire, where class room discipline had broken down. Their story is such a familiar story of school management ignoring teacher concerns. Government minister, Michael Gove has pledged to support teachers fighting class room indiscipline. Has he spoken to George Osborne about this?

7 April 2011 Today, Government minister, and Chancellor George Osborne, announced to an audience of businesspersons, that the Government is going to weaken employee rights in Employment Tribunals. He said he would prevent vexatious claims in Employment Tribunals. However vexatious claims are currently not allowed in Employment Tribunals , so what is he up too. And has he spoken to Michael Gove about this?

Ahh! Bush Country? 1 April 2011  Colonel Gaddafi:  “You take me for a fool. I shall be exiled. Take me to Best Buy”

12 February 2011 Least Favourite Teacher   Today, this teacher might have been gaoled

2 February 2011Dear Paxman

. 18 January 2011 Privatised Giveaway

4 January 2010   Dear Nick,

 4 December 2010     Dear Theresa



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These are stories inspired by the crisis in education.

Britain and the USA have the worst behaved children in the world. Yes, we even share that with the USA.

British Employers complain of an epidemic of unemployable illiterate and innumerate school leavers.


Anti Acadamies Alliance

 Survey: No Experience Necessary