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Tactical Call For Trainer   12 September 2011

In the US Open final, the ball bouncing Djokovic was warned twice about slow play and when Nadal was at the peak of his game having taken the third set, Djokovic did exactly what he did against Murray in Cincinnati, he called for the trainer and had a nice stretch and a massage and made Nadal wait, and pace up and down anxiously, knowing that Djokovic was regrouping and resting and preparing himself for the final set.

In this final, Nadal chose to avoid the reckless high risk strategy he adopting at Wimbledon and cut out the unforced errors that cost him dearly on that occasion. He put more balls into play, ran around his back hand, and relied on his perceived fitness advantage over Djokovic.

On another day Nadal would have met that challenge but at this US Open the tournament had taken good care of Djokovic and made sure that he and not Nadal had a rest day before every match he played. In the fourth set Nadal was wasted, and Djokovic’s “bad back” recovered instantaneously and remarkably, and he was able to post another major title

The American host repeatedly mispronounced Djokovic’s name as he handed him the trophy, and anointed him the US Open champoion, Jokeovic.

On another day Nadal would have met that challenge

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