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19 October 2016

MayDay Healthscare

How many times have we heard recently of Britain's status of being the fifth largest economy in this world.

This would be the kind of sound-bite that would have made 52% of us inflate our chests with a confident air and secure that Brexit outcome.

But what does the fifth largest economy spend on healthcare? We have no reason to be proud.

We spend less than half of the US in per capita terms and on this table there are at least 16 Nations spending more than we Little Britons on healthcare.

The United States spending is not wholly inflated by the privatised sector; they also spend more per capita than Britain on socialised healthcare. On this table, 14 other Nations spend more than Britain.

In terms of GDP we are also lamentable in terms of healthcare spending, as this table suggests.

Theresa May and all Tories know this, but they would, and do claim not only that they spend “enough”, but as she said again today on PMQ's, repeating the frequent Tory refrain, that they spend more than enough on the NHS.

Jeremy Corbyn had asked the Prime Minister about stress on the NHS caused by cuts in spending on other social services that impact on the NHS; Mental Health, for example which impacts on the police budget and social services.

Corbyn was somewhat taken aback by May’s disingenuous Tory stock-reply which claimed that her government provided more than the NHS had actually asked for. This would be a lie unless you give credit to any fool that actually said that on behalf of the NHS. Nobody is that stupid in the NHS.

Yes, May’s reply was yet more ludicrous sound bite sophistry, and that cannot be written off as harmless benign BS. 

This government is dangerously phoney beyond mere spin.

Thank you wikipedia for the tables. There are many more tables out there that back you up.

Theresa May’s dangerous Sophistry

#Brexit #NHS #Hippo #MayDay #PMQS


31 October 2016

It becomes a lie

 #NHS #Hippo #MayDay #BBCQT

It seems that even Tory MPs know that Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May's continuously repeated assertion that they have added 10 billion to the NHS budget is a lie.

“Five MPs led by the Conservative Dr Sarah Wollaston, the chair of the Commons health select committee, have written to the  chancellor demanding the government abandon its incorrect claims of  putting 10bn into the NHS annual budget by the end of this parliament  and admit the severity of its financial shortage.” The Guardian.

Since then Jeremy Hunt has repeated the lie with some thinly disguised spin.

But it's much worse than that......

As that junior doctor on #BBCQT said when you repeat an assertion that has been repeatedly proven wrong, it becomes a big fat lie.

 #NHS #Hippo #MayDay #BBCQT


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by  Monkles 19 October 2016




Theresa May’s dangerous Sophistry

#Brexit #NHS #Hippo #MayDay #PMQS

 22 March 2015

NHS For Sale

The Special relationship and  where money is the object.


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