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10 January 2015

Hello Sajid Javid

Thank you for your E-mail. Lying politicians make me angry.

I agree with you that Ed Milliband has not avoided the necessity for tax rises to protect public services.

And yes, I did notice that you avoided the awful truth that the Conservative have not been able to avoid tax rises in the last 5 years, and yes, as you know, there has been 24 tax rises since 2010.

And whilst raising taxes by 23 billion for all of us, you have at the same time prioritised a tax cut for millionaires.  The average British household will be 974 a year worse off by the time of the next general election because of tax and benefit changes since 2010.

That is tax cuts for a privileged few and tax hikes for the many.

Yes, Labour wants to cut taxes for 24 million working people on middle and low incomes with a lower 10p starting rate of tax.

So WHY have you this week resorted to pathetic lies about Labour's tax policies?

I might need anger management.

29 December 2014

Dear Grant

Thank you for your Email.

Mrs. Monk was worried that we had fallen out because we had not heard from you for a while.

You say that if I donate 100 to the Conservative Party, one of your filthy rich subscribers will add a further 100. Or to put it another way if I don’t donate 100, the Conservative party will be denied 200.

Thank you for helping me make my decision . It does seem a no-brainer to me because nobody likes wasting money on lost causes. Have you seen the polls?

 Thank you for your list of “our” achievements. What exactly did I do apart from reading your email and having a little chuckle.

Happy New Year and try not think about the polls.

PS when you have a spare moment, please fix the railway network.

15 december 2014

The Daily Telegraph today leaked advice to Labour candidates who have been told to avoid the subject of Immigration on the door step. The Nigel Barton Moment. No kidding! Did they read my post yesterday below.

14 december 2014

The Nigel Barton Moment

And why we need

Russell Brand

And why he should not stand for election; heaven forbid.

The Nigel Barton Moment is frequently discussed on these pages. It is of course the moment when a politician fails to say what he really thinks because he wants to court all available votes in what we call a democracy, even if that vote is from a confirmed racist or a xenophobe.

Nigel Farage hardly bothers to disguise his tendency to court racists. He knows very well that he is the apologia of racism, but that does not trouble him. That makes him smile. That makes him laugh out loud.

Gordon Brown had a Nigel Barton moment and that cost him dearly in 2010. Cameron and May and Labour “shadows” are aware of the pitfalls and have also failed to condemn endemic British racism. They tend to assert unconvincingly and wish-fulfillingly, British notions of tolerance and fair play.

Does not wash. Does not stand scrutiny.

And when would a career politician ever tell a potential constituent not to vote for them, because they did not approve of the vote-giver? Has that ever happened?

That is why we need Russell Brand and that is why he should not stand for election.

So far, so untainted.

Respect to Dennis Potter. Not much has changed since 1965.

13 december 2014

Badding Farage

Get off My Land, Says Kent

Bedding Farage

10 october 2014

Ugly donkey passes posh thoroughbred

16 november 2014

Dear Theresa May

You might need to reconsider the poster you sent me just a month ago.

Police crime figures have now lost official status over claims of fiddling  and the UK Statistics Authority has withdrawn the gold-standard status from police figures, due to 'accumulating evidence' of unreliability.

You must have known.

29 September 2014

hard working privileges

Pride and Privilege.

Osborne’s contrary rhetoric.



28 September 2014


your own home means security, independence Grant Shapps

21 August 2014

Tory Mugs for Mugs

Grant Shapps, You’ve made my day.

3 August 2014

Osborne's Recession

For pity's sake Esther, please wear a vest.

28 June 2014

comfortably free

“We have paid the police for information”

Rebekah Brooks

23 May2014


Bring powers back to Boris and away from Brussels?

9 April 2014

Maria Miller’s “apology” without contrition is not an “apology”.

Another politician fails to see that they have done wrong by misappropriating public money and continue to profit by that misappropriation.

See also......

All Legal

April Fool

comments on Conservative Party YouTube movie disabled

1 April 2014

31 MARCH 2014

Tory DNA

So clever of the Chancellor to bribe pensioners with their own money.

3 March 2014

“Government statistics reveal that between January 2010 and January 2011, 10,600 sick and disabled people died within six weeks of their benefits having been ended after being wrongly assessed as fit for work by ATOS.”

Happy to recommend that my readers subscribe to Tom Pride

Fracking For Food Banks

Fracking in the UK: 'We're going all out for shale,' admits Cameron.

Local authorities will be paid for this fracking says Dave, so they will now be able to pay for other stuff. Will they now provide  support for Food Banks 100%, or will they continue to be abandoned for charity to pick up the crumbs and hand out the gruel? 

Or will the local authority increase the Lunch allowance for Mayors and Councillors?

11 February 2014 PM

Barclays Bank announces diminished profit, 2000 job losses  and undiminished bonus awards on the same day.

“Money is no object”

11 February 2014 PM

Austerity! What Austerty?

“Money is no object”

David Cameron

Britain is not Broke after all.

11 February 2014 aM

Waterworld home county Tory heartland requires bailout

Conservative Party  PR into overdrive

23 January 2014

"Zero-hours no way, decent jobs and decent pay." is the mantra of young unemployed job seekers protesting on the streets and fighting for a future . They have of course noticed that this government is content to allow privatised companies to drive down wages and conditions for hard work, while protecting high wages and obscene bonuses in the city.7 January 2014

Friends & Family

George Osborne wants me to share his message with my Friends and Family?

Britain is not broke

22 December 2013

IDS, looking like and behaving like Ebenezer with his sly lurking

Vocation or Vacation

15 December 2013

MP’s PAY, a free lunch and a subsidised bar.


10 December 2013

“Mandela freed the gaoler,” said Obama today, “and made me want to be a better man.”

You are the gaoler Mr. President Obama.

 Free Chelsea Manning.

9 December 2013

Wherever there be a an elegy, there will be a politician.

Some will have a right to be there and some will not.

The Tories have been in overdrive this week to rewrite history.

 Norman Tebbitt felt compelled to get out of his chair to defend Thatcher but when we were singing, "Free Nelson Mendela" same Tories were mute.

4 December 2013

Nicky Morgan MP Tory Economic Secretary to the Treasury has written to me and says that Geoge Osborne is about to announce tomorrow a spending spree of 375 Billion.

How unsurprising to learn that Britain is not so broke after all, or have we been sold down the river.

3 December 2013

Jeremy Hunt today repeated his assertion that NHS staffing levels are rising when they are falling.

The HSCIC provide the latest stats published in November 2013 that tell a different story.


3 December 2013

Sajid Javid MP
Conservative Financial Secretary to the Treasury has written to me and asked me to distibute lies about the fall in unemployment. This graphic does not make sense unless the reader is a complete fool, and this is an assumption that Aajid Javid MP is happy to make about the British electorate. Spot the BS.

The day they laughed when these millionaires cut benefits AND corporation tax on the same day.

One Year Ago

1 December 2013 Today George Osbourne announced on Andrew Marr programme, that he will water down, if not abandon green election pledges and pay for it without raising taxes.

Unconvincing BS?

Why despicable?

28 November 2013

“Surely they should be hailed like the Stakhanovites of Stalin's Russia”

The Crystal Methodist

24 November 2013

Those who have greatest cause for guilt and shame
Are quickest to besmirch a neighbour's name.

If the Reverend Paul Flowers is a pantomime hypocrite, then what is Cameron?

13 Novemberr 2013

When Mrs. Monk discussed David Amess’ Expenses  on Twitter last year, he responded somewhat lamely asserting that it was,  “All Legal , look at the rules book."

This story has attracted a lot of attention and the Evening Echo is on his case. Amess has been seen sneaking into a ladies hairdresser to avoid questioning.

Mrs Monk received some abuse on Twitter from one of his illiterate supporters, in the right wing “Politics of Envy” brigade.

Apparently the troll and Amess both think anyone who complains about MPs fiddling their expenses are simply jealous of Amess being able to fiddle his expenses.

These people are beyond redemption, and Mrs. Monk was forced to deal with the troll in the spirit and the manner of Django Unchained.

29 October 2013

Gove’s Empire

"We are going to part company"

The least informed are the most opinionated.

21 October 2013

Fresh Porkies

On the other hand, if it is all so obviously made up, who gives a monkeys.

7 October 2013

Feckless In Need

bankers were found short of competence in charge of pension contributions

30 September 2013

The Conservatives leadership did not like the idea of AV, for it was far too democratic. AV would have given them another “unworkable” coalition and they wanted absolute power, and continuing access to a chauffeur driven car so they may carry on in the manner, to with they have now become accustomed. 

Now the right wing vote will be split between UKIP and the Tories who have a lot in common and that will help Labour get back in at the next election.

The following page from 2011 and on this subject, is the most popular page on Shoestringonline. For some reason readers keep gong back to Colin the Goldfish. Strange but true.

3 May 2011 Goldfish AV and Amnesia Colin Firth has complained that the name, “Colin,” is the kind of name you now give a pet gold fish....................................

25 Sep 2013

Again today Grant Shapps has written to me asking for cash.

Yesterday, he was boasting about all his cash rich millionaire  Tory supporters.

Labour conference today pointed the finger at Tory dismantling of the NHS, and Energy Company profits.

Shapps panics and asks me for support? He must be desperate.

24 Sep 2005

Stifled Spin

You will have heard Ed Balls volunteer to have his spending pledges assessed by the Treasury.

21 Sep 2013

Bedroom Farce

Google “BEDROOM TAX”, and not that other name whatever it was. If you want to Google the other name, I advise to Google “BEDROOM TAX” to find out what that other name might be.

Lloyds Mark Down Sale

17 Sep 2013

Import the debt, export the profit.

Early Signs?

14 Sep 2013

George Osborne’s recurring signs of hypocrisy.

12 Sep 2013

The coalition government has “impressive successes” says Fraser Nelson. Really?

Nelson, has provided this analysis of George Osborne’s performance as chancellor. With friends like this, by George....... ?

Steve Bell on the

The Bedroom Tax

11 Sep 2013

The Bedroom Tax

The government response to the charge that The Bedroom Tax is an unfair tax on the poor, is to blame Labour for the banking crisis, yet again. They managed to find a tax cut for millionaires of course, and in spite of the Banking Crisis.

It seems obvious to me that The Bedroom Tax is a blunt instrument that will cause hardship, and I believe The Bedroom Tax is intended to cause hardship. This official from the United Nations agrees with me.

The Bedroom Tax


5 Sep 2013

Today Iain Duncan Smith referred to the Welfare Programme as “their programme,” referring to the civil servants he fired, and not “his programme.” Some might say “his” ideologically motivated flagship policy has been a waste of money designed to appeal to Daily Mail readers.

He said this morning that he fired the people responsible and he brought in the commercial operators, and they will not add to the cost of his pet project.

Since when do I.T. companies work for nothing?

4 Sep 2013

Two Years Ago Theresa May fired the man “responsible” for “failures” of UK Border Control.

She then took personal charge of this issue to make sure it would not happen again. It has now happened again, so who will get fired this time?

Two Years Ago

the following was written on these pages......................

16 November 2011 “How 'rogue' borders chief DID go behind minister's back as controls were 'eased 164 times”  This Daily Mail Headline, is based on a leaked draft of the in-house enquiry set up by Whiteman  into the Suspension of Clark by Whiteman. Apparently, conclusions have been made and leaked, by the in-house enquiry and by the Daily Mail before the evidence has been presented. Meanwhile Emails and minutes supporting Mr Clark, are not leaked.

How Daily Mail is that?

Theresa’s fall guys

15 November 2011 PM No”, he said without hesitation.

Who gets the blame and who gets the credit?

8 November 2011 PM  Theresa May has now said that she will not resign, but so did Liam Fox at this stage of his demise.

23 August 2013

Tory Pork Pies

HM Treasury values my would-be vote for Tories at 9,665.


20 August 2013

Strange kind of independence.

Theresa May has at last spoken, and confirmed her opinion belatedly, that the Police independently decided to detain David Miranda at Heathrow, but not before they consulted her, and she expressed her opinion that they should do so.

Earlier today a police spokesperson suggested that the British police “would have” acted on a “ping” on their computers provided by American Government Agencies  alerting them to detain David Miranda.

Strange kind of independence.

A shifting story.

I predict a hell of a row.

19 August 2013

The US government were consulted about the detention for nine hours by police at Heathrow on Sunday of

David Miranda.

The allegation is that this is a means of bullying a journalist in pursuit of the truth told by whistle blower Edward Snowden. The allegation is that politicians are only prepared to defend whistle blowers that they might exploit for political advantage, and none that might disgrace the so called liberal democracies.

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allows police to hold someone at an airport for up to nine hours for questioning about whether they have been involved with acts of terrorism. Nobody apparently thought that David Miranda. was engaged in an act of terrorism, so we might just need to get to the bottom of this.

It has been suggested that it is very unusual for someone to be held for the full nine hours at Heathrow but then I remembered the story of Varindra when we Monks travelled to New York last year.

As follows ..........

Ten Months Ago


11 October 2012

Neo Nazis are apparently free to roam the world but what of Varindra? Theresa May should be so proud.

13 August 2013

Dear Sajid Javid MP

Economic Secretary, HM Treasury

Thank you for your letter. I'd like to help you out ........

3 July 2013

Pick & Mix

Whistle Blowing

David Cameron claimed today in PMQs  that Labour gagged NHS Whistleblowers.  Does this mean that Mr. Cameron is going to ungag all whistleblowers including gagged teachers and other public sector workers.

That we doubt, because they Pick and Mix their Whistlebowers.

The Untouchables

George Osborne would rather choke on a pheasant than betray his class, and his paymasters.

The Filthy Rich are Untouchable.

by  Monkles 27 June 2013

17 June 2013

Pick & Mix

Whistle Blowing

What is good for Jeremy Hunt, would be good for Michael Gove.

18 April 2013

Mourning Glory!

The stiff upper lips may have enjoyed glorifying Thatcher at great expense to the tax payer, but now they must justify what they have done to Britain in her name, in the last week. Time to get back to business.

Dear Channel 4

Thatcher’s Asset Stripping Irreversible.

A Nuclear Solution?

13 April 2013

12 April 2013 Over dinner Mrs Monk told me that the "Ding Dong" song has been censored by the BBC, on the grounds of taste, the day after they were showing genital warts on channel 4.

11 April 2013 Snatcher and Charlie posed on my desk. Charlie does not get the joke and has not yet discovered that if you step on this effigy it squeaks.

I cannot imagine even a Tory weeping at her loss, and only Norman Tebbit was moved by her loss. Tebbit used his parliamentary time to denigrate her so called “friends.” 

The public wept for John Lennon, but  in the last few days, “Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead” has entered the Top 10 chart.

The Tories vilified Michael Foot, so well done Glenda Jackson and yes, dare I say it, Norman Tebbit?

10 April 2013 Thatcher lectured Europe about the rebate and insisted it was “our money” and not their money that she was demanding. Now they want to spend around 10M of “our money” on her funeral, in the very week they cut benefits to the disabled. This funeral is not a universal benefit, then?


9 April 2013 Thatcher found herself in Downing Street by chance, and when she got there she used and abused her position to the Nth degree. She derogated the Tory cabinet of establishment Tory men with guile, and judicious flattery and yes, with sex appeal apparently (John Major), also by humiliation (Geoffrey Howe).  It was Thatchers’s  hubris that did her in finally. The puppies revolted but the damage was done.

The puppies are all but dead now, and today they contrive to make the best of their disloyalty. And now said that Thatcher was forever haunted by the disloyalty of the Tory Dead Dogs, but that is because Thatcher was herself a tribal class warrior, terminally middle class.

And now dead.

I sold my drawing of Heseltine to someone in Tory Surrey.

Now that is what I call free enterprise.


8 April 2013 Thatcher dead on the day the laughing boys made their benefit cuts. Why did the first woman prime minister have to be this woman. If she had a sense of humour, she did not show it. Her appalling “U-turning”  unfunny scripted jokes, were delivered like sour wet mutton, and the Tory conference faithful laughed obsequiously.


7 April 2013 ChrisClose @ChrisClose50 #BoycottTheDailyMail has fixed the Daily Mail.

4 April 2013 Even I did not expect George Osborne to sink as low as The Daily Mail when I wrote to him yesterday, but there he was today making political capital out of the manslaughter of Children. A new low for a Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Dear George

Ugly Britain. The day George Osborne vilifies the poor and the Daily Mail  exploits the manslaughter of children.

3 April 2013


The Filthy Rich

12 March 2013   Ken Loach may well be promoting a new polemical movie but his knowledge of the economy makes anyone who supports our "market economy",  look extremely foolish.

11 March 2013 Today a politician, Chris Huhne, was sent to gaol for telling lies about a motoring offence. The  judge made an example of Chris Huhne, so that politicians will be less inclined to tell lies on Question Time, or in political manifestos. If only?

16 February 2013

  Dear Jeremy

 May be Jeremy Hunt’s "Yes, Minister" moment.

11 February 2013 The tabloids used to mock the EEC for over regulating agricultural products. Now it has all gone wrong the same people are complaining about EEC regulation failing to protect us from, can you believe it,  horse meat.

11 February 2013 Like a politician’s promise, you can’t find the beef in Findos.

10 February 2013  Jeremy Hunt appeared on the Andrew Marr programme today, with a smiley face and few answers.

Gone is the false claim that the current government has increased NHS funding in real terms. Instead , he gave another assurance that NHS spending will be “protected”, whatever that means.  Also claims that he wants to dismiss any Mid Staf NHS neglectful staff who were accountable, but not the management that were in charge. Think that is what he said. He is a slippery one. I expect none to be found accountable. We shall see. Could it be the budget shortfall to blame? Who then culpable?


9 February 2013 What is it about the NHS that offends Jeremy Hunt?

24 January 2013  David Cameron spoke today of his pro, business credentials and his desire to deregulate business and free business from onerous rules, particularly if they are not his rules. Not something he said to get elected, when he blamed Gordon Brown for failing to regulate the business of financial services. A different audience, a different message.

24 January 2013  Privatised health contractor's staff told to cut 999 calls to meet targets. Is anyone surprised?

Three Years ago.

Dear NHS

David Cameron wrote to me three years ago promising to protect NHS values and to protect it from cuts. He then set about changing the NHS forever devaluing the historic NHS ethos with yet more privatisation, doing so with no mandate, and by cleverly disguising actual Tory values that are more inclined to trip off the twisted tongue of his Tory colleague Daniel Hannan, who enjoys being feted by the repugnant Fox TV.

20 December 2012 David Amess is not exactly out to defend himself against allegations of Parliamentary Expense Abuses, discussed in the national press. But he is keen to defend the very “responsible” Leigh and Westcliff Times, who are happy to promote his version of the

Queen’s Speech

and also ignore the other messy stuff.

According to Mr Amess it is those wicked bloggers that are at fault.

He is very keen to show us his cuddly side.

How unconvincing.

6 December 2012 Just for a laugh, these millionaires have just cut benefits AND corporation tax on the same day.


5 December 2012 Osborn’s Budget is said to hit the very richest and the very poorest in equal measure. Really? There will certainly be more homeless as a result of this budget, but those “mansions” are safe. It seems the government is not even trying to be equitable with this budget, they are simply out to please the middle ground for political advantage. Shame on Nic Clegg for letting that happen. Osborne and Cameron could not stop grinning from ear to ear taunting Ed Balls and were clearly enjoying the pain they were delivering to the poor.

All Legal 4 December 2012

"It is all legal, look at the rules book."

The Rubicon

29 November 2012 Cameron might recoil from his pledge to honour his pledge

Hannan, the Deluded

24 November 2012

Whether or not Daniel Hannan, MEP, should be expelled from the Conservative Party.


8 November 2012 Not all the crooks are in it together. Some go to jail. Some are rewarded...... more

Four More Years


7 November 2012 Donald Trump is obviously delusional with his continuing belief that Obama is not actually American, and he may now need counseling.

Now throwing his toys out of his pram on Twitter,  it is hard to resist the fun people are having at Trump’s expense.

 Join the fun if you please.

Torch Song

25 October 2012

BBC Breakfast trailed the "good news" announced today that we are out of recession by 1 point.. ........ more....



4 October 2012

Snobs and Yobs

An accountant that did not read the spreadsheet before she wrote off at least 40 million of tax payers money and is “not culpable”?  Justine Green, switched jobs in advance of the Rail Franchise U-turn.. thus avoiding flak.

And the cabinet minister and chief whip who admits to being a yob but not to being an off-Tory-message “Snob”. Andrew Mitchell will not appear at Tory Conference to avoid further flak.

Both currently employed by HM Gov.

12 September 2012

Gove Failed Exam

even allowing for grade inflation Michael Gove failed his examination......

6 September 2012 Clegg’s Big Idea

posh boys want cowboy builders knocking up extensions to save the world

6 September 2012 Jeremy Hunt who has declared and written that he wants to dismantle the NHS is now in charge of the NHS  and given the job by the man that reneged on his promise not to dismantle the NHS.

Hunt attempted and failed to dismantle the NHS tribute in the Olympic opening ceremony.

Read the Fleet Street Fox in the Mirror, who would have had all of these opinions on the reshuffle of jokers, approved by their best lawyers.


2 September 2012 Has the government finally stopped blaming Labour  for the banking crisis? Today George Gideon Osborne directed Andrew Marr viewers to the rest of the western world who are facing the same challenge that he faces, something Labour  said on this subject when they were in Downing Street.


Gideon has also asked us all to get behind the government to face the crisis, not something he was noted as saying before the last election.

front bench jobsworths

25 Aug 2012


Hunt says it is not for him, Culture and Media Secretary to tell his friend Rupert Murdoch what to publish in the Sun.

Gove said it is not for him, The Education Secretary to tell the Education Examination boards what to do.

Hunt says that he followed advice at all times during the Murdoch bid for Sky, and that meant he acted properly.

Gove said he ignored advice given on his damaging changes to the National Curriculum and that meant he acted properly.

Neither responsible for anything?

3 July 2012

Osborne has now announced a light touch inquiry into the banking crisis, while Labour is looking for a Judge led inquiry that might ask embarrassing invasive questions of politicians and others in high places who may have been pulling the strings.

Osborne is still blaming Ed Balls and Labour for the so-called light touch regulation of the banks as if he were not in favour of light touch regulation.

Hypocrisy Abuse

Cameron has recently accused Labour of Hypocrisy when they attacked him over his relationship with Murdoch. That would be an abuse of the charge of hypocrisy unless two wrongs make a right, but what about his moral crusade against Jimmy Carr?

When Cameron and Osborne attempted to justify their lowering of the tax rate for the very well off, it was explained that this was because very little tax is collected from this sector. When Mr Milliband made his extravagant gesture in parliament toward Cameron's “Cabinet of Millionaires”, many of them came forward defending themselves by declaring that they were not higher tax payers. Would that be because these old Etonians, so capable of charming Rebeka Brooks, and the Murdochs, were not as well off as we all thought, or were they also like Jimmy Carr able to squirrel away their fortunes to avoid tax?

Now that would be a triple Hippo.



17 June 2012  David Cameron and Rebeka Brooks, Osborne and Coulson, Hunt and now Gove, all in it together.

14 June 2012

We know that many men and women in high positions of trust and influence have committed perjury at Leveson. Whatever happens today we know that Louise Mensche will pass judgement on the veracity of what will be said by Cameron in support of Cameron, Hunt and the Murdochs.


11 June 2012

Louise Mensch and Mrs Monk exchanged a few unsocial words on Twitter today, and then behold  Mensch was on Channel 4 News tonight, accusing Gordon Brown of lying on Leveson, and therefore of perjury since he was under oath. Is there nothing that she wont say to get noticed and flatter Murdoch. Her posturing was immediately followed by Channel Four Dispatches describing her friend Jeremy Hunt literally hiding behind a tree in order to avoid being seen at a Murdoch empire party.


11 June 2012

Astonishng Gideon Osborne admits he made a political calculation not to have a view about BSkyB because there was nothing in it for his party. Is this what they meant about him being lazy. A politician without a view is like a bricklayer without a trowel.


10 June 2012

Mrs Monk is an immigrant so we are inclined to be more aware of casual xenophobia directed at immigrants. Most recently some red  neck neighbours have even been inclined to blame immigrants for their parking problems. Mrs Monk did not take this personally because she is an English speaking honky.

Theresa May on Andrew Marr also wants to reference the xenophobic wing of her constituency. Apparently immigrants are to be obliged to take courses on correct bunting display.

3 June 2012

Jubilicious  Mrs. Monk now wants her own pageant.


3 June 2012

Cable Hunt and Cameron, all puppets of unseen advisors?   Cable and Hunt had opposing views on the BSkyB bid.  We are told this did not affect the outcome of the bid because they were acting on advice at all times. It is implied therefore that Vince Cable and Jeremy Hunt would have made the same decision on the BSkyB bid. That may be David Cameron's view on the matter, expressed today on Andrew Marr, or the view that his advisors have told him to express.


13 May 2012“Light Touch Regulation”

meaningless political contrivance only ever used to deceive

11 May 2012 LOL, DC.

6 May 2012

The unMenschionable MP

Miss Mensch was out to influence either my opinions, or my loins by her picture spread in GQ.

2 May 2012 "Of course Rupert Murdoch is fit and proper" said Louise Mensch, who put herself forward as spokesperson for the Tory block on the House of Commons, Culture Media Select Committee. She complained that the question about whether or not the Murdochs were "Fit and Proper" was not in the remit of the committee and this was not considered by the Committee. The Labour and Liberal members of the committee felt otherwise.  That did not stop Louise Menche offering her partisan verdict, whilst at the same time implying that it was not partisan. Perhaps like Murdoch, she and the other partisan Tories are also wilfully blind.

22 March 2012 Tory friendly Daily express Headline “5M PENSIONERS ROBBED IN THE BUDGET” and  made the Morning Star look almost conservative. They wrote politely with surprising  restraint “A nefarious stealth tax” Not one headline favoured George Gideon Osborne.

22 March 2012 Dear Gideon Osborne, Your doppelganger George, blames the BBC for misleading the Inland Revenue, who say that Pensioners are worse off by your budget.

Therefore, the BBC have also misled the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, Sky TV, The Monks, The Guardian, Channel Four News, and even The Daily Mail.

Gideon doppelganger also wants to claim today that the well off are not advantaged by the budget cut in the high rate of tax.

So how does he raise so much cash out of thin air?

21 March 2012 Mrs Monk has been twittering on my account as if they were by me. She thinks we are like Gilbert and George and that it doesn’t matter. Approach with caution.

1 March 2012 Starkey and Redwood on the same Question Time panel.  What a horror show. Both say they can raise tax by reducing the high rate of tax from 50% to 40%. Poor people just don’t know how to spend money to stimulate the economy according to these two Tory Boys.

23 February 2012 Conservative MP, Stuart Andrew received a Falkirk Facial, a variant on the Glasgow Kiss, delivered by Labour MP Eric Joyce. The bloodied Tory is complaining, because only fox blood is at all welcome on a Tory face. Time Gentleman Please. All that subsidised House of Commons beer has gone to your heads.

22 February 2012 Cameron’s “poll tax”. Blessed NHS, RIP. Today the Government NHS privatisation steamroller advances with an almighty ding dong on PMQs..

31 January 2012 Fred The Shred lost his knighthood for wrecking the economy, and because Cameron needed a futile gesture to soothe his  discomfort over the banker’s bonus issue.

 4 January 2012 Some of Diane Abbott's best friends are very white Tory Boys. A stupid non political tweet would not make her a racist. The rush to vilify Diane Abbott may well be so.

24 December 2011 ....Sometimes you get Christmas News  that might test your sense of humour, and Christmas Spirit. When we heard that Margaret Thatcher would get a State Funeral, Cat Flap Charlie and I were extremely disturbed and had some impure thoughts.  We predict a riot.

16 December 2011 Surprising number of politicians, are unwilling to admit to having no faith, but are lining up to admire the good Hitchens, now that he is gone.

12 December 2011 FSA report states the bleeding obvious, and offers lessons, but no solutions.They blame themselves for light touch regulation, abused by the bankers, especially RBS, especially Fred Goodwin.

Light touch regulation has not been abandoned by the present government. After Cameron got elected we might have expected him to toughen up the regulation, but we were told that they could not do so because all banks world wide would need to sign up collectively to any new tougher regulations. Isn't that what was proposed last week, by the other twenty six nations of Europe?

9 December 2011 Cameron has “accidentally” taken us out of the common market without a referendum. The Tories are beside themselves with joy. This would be good for the Bankers and the city of London. Bad for manufacturers. Bad for Jobs.

8 December 2011 The Monks have an arranged overdraft with HBOS. If we use it and overdraw by ten pounds for one month we will be charged

76,621,785,459.2% APR Can this be ethical?


7 December 2011  “We are all in this together.” BS

Poor them, you might think, but why would David Cameron focus on the extremely comfortable filthy rich, the lucky 10%?

5 December 2011 I was surprised to learn that several people had googled the word  “Arsehole”, and had accordingly found this website, perhaps because of this 2006 page. Even in 2006 there were annoying Jeremy Clarksons everywhere.

Boys will be Arseholes

1 December 2011  Three Jeremy Clarksons walked into a bar.... to those defenders of Clarkson, who say Clarkson has no political agenda and that it was just a joke, pull the other one.

30 November 2011 Yesterday’s Autumn budget, by George Osbourne, has now been analysed, and we now understand that the bottom 30% of society will pay the most, and the top 30% will actually be better off. The politician, David Maceroon called the strike today by public service workers, “a damp squib” Apparently he is seeking confrontation. Pretty sure he will get it.

30 November 2011 The politician, Michael Gove made a perjorative accusation that the strikers are “politically motivated”. Dah!

Dear Vince Cable

23 November 2011 humping and dumping bad employers have the most to gain from your proposals

16 November 2011 “How 'rogue' borders chief DID go behind minister's back as controls were 'eased 164 times'” This Daily Mail Headline, is based on a leaked draft of the in-house enquiry set up by Whiteman  into the Suspension of Clark by Whiteman. Apparently, conclusions have been made and leaked, by the in-house enquiry and by the Daily Mail before the evidence has been presented. Meanwhile Emails and minutes supporting Mr Clark, are not leaked. 

How Daily Mail is that?

Theresa’s fall guys

 15 November 2011 PM “No,” he said without hesitation.

Who gets the blame and who gets the credit

 8 November 2011 PM Theresa May has now said that she will not resign, but so did Liam Fox at this stage of his demise.


8 November 2011 AM Theresa May has the full support of David Cameron, but so did Liam Fox. The shredders are working overtime but Theresa May will now need to defend her secret light touch regulation on Home Border Security, something she failed to inform, and indeed may have misled Parliament about. Theresa May is hardly able to start a sentence without blaming Labour, but not on this occasion. She may also have misled all those Daily Mail readers. Whatever next?

 6 November 2011 How Daily Mail is that?

It can’t be true if you read it the Daily Mail. When they ran the headline “St Paul's staff have to clean up human waste INSIDE the cathedral as protesters 'use it as a latrine'” this was something that their readers would enjoy reading even if were untrue.

The headline used quotation marks but nevertheless failed to attribute the quote. However within the article is an attributable quote that makes it abundantly clear that the Cathedral does not at all find the protesters responsible for crapping on the church. How Daily Mail is that?


 3 November 2011  On BBC Question Time, Peter Hitchins, representing Daily Mail readers, was seated at the extreme “right” end of the table for comic relief. His annoyingly juvenile, and indeed fascist position, was that the St Paul's protesters were “self appointed” and should therefore not be allowed to express their views.

Saint Paul’s

30 October 2011 there are no rules .....  if just one hippy showed up ...


27 October 2011 Vince Cable has described the Beecroft proposals as “madness”. I am not at all sure that he always had this opinion, because he has hitherto disappointed me by announcing a contrary view on BBC Question Time. Thank you Vince. You are forgiven.


26 October 2011 Mr Beecroft said, “employer did not like them... this is sad.”



25 October 2011 I demanded to see the bank manager.

I got to see a pimply youth......

Robert Maxwell is starting to look honourable.

Vexatious George

4 October 2011   "We are ending the one way bet against small businesses," Mr Osborne said in Manchester,  If employment disputes are a one way bet against business, I’m a chocolate fudge cake..........

Dear Rosie Boycott 9 August 2011 The “Grey” population have a lot in common with disaffected youth.

11 August 2011 MP after MP ....... Lord Hanningfield,  also a thief in denial of any wrongdoing

10 August 2011 David Maceroon, to get elected, hug a hoody, to get re-elected, water cannon, and plastic bullets.

8 August 2011Let’s get some watches ..... said an underage kid looking for loot in the riot last night.......

The rise of 'grey power' ?

1 Aug 2011 ......once young and swinging in the 1960s, and it is expected that they will retain their activism and political energy?.....

20 July 2011 Hail Dennis

Dennis Skinner MP, asked the concise question today in parliament, that provoked the equivocal answer from Prime Minister, David Cameron,

19 July 2011 We Know Nothing

sympathy for the aged megalomaniac

18 July 2011  Flaming Hips Rebekah Brooks has affectionately entertained would-be prime ministers, of differing hues, and duly endorsed each at will inexplicably, in exchange for what might sell newsprint.


In Praise of Hugh Grant ..........

14 July 2011.......now alleged that Murdoch hacks attempted to bribe New York cops in order to hack the phones of the 9:11 victims.       

Gove’s War

26 June 2011 Are Goves Academies, simply schools run by private companies masquerading as philanthropic charities?

7June 2011 I absolutely agree said the Tory and the Socialist 

30 May 2011 The Witchfinder General and The Daily Mail  They say the buck stops with Sharon Shoesmith but is that really so? The dark strategies of lawyers and HR advisors and the Daily Mail.

27 May 2011 All  Fair in Love and War and Parliamentary Expenses

a Tory Blonde, noted that it was generally men having sex that brought about the “super-injunctions” phenomena.

19 May 2011Rape is Rape? ...I wonder if Jeremy Paxman is brave enough to suggest that women judges are too female.

6 May 2011 The British people have spoken and have decided they want an unfair voting system rather than a fairer one. All that is except the enlightened people of  Oxford, Cambridge,  Southwark, Lambeth,  Harringey, Hackney, Glasgow Kelvin, Edinburgh Central, Camden and Islington, who voted YES.

5 May 2011  HelloAVBS I have read your “five big reasons” and they are all untruthful, or otherwise misrepresent the arguments...............

3 May 2011 Goldfish AV and Amnesia Colin Firth has complained that the name, “Colin,” is the kind of name you now give a pet gold fish....................................

1 May 2011 SayBS Yet more AV BS, from Sayeeda Warsi, Co Chairman of the Conservative Party.......... and no apology

21 April 2011AVDC ......the unpleasant tactic of the No campaign is to deliberately confuse and confound anyone incapable of comprehending the unfairness of the present system..........7 April 2011 Today, teachers went on strike in Blackburn Lancashire, where class room discipline had broken down. Their story is such a familiar story of school management ignoring teacher concerns. Government minister, Michael Gove has pledged to support teachers fighting class room indiscipline. Has he spoken to George Osborne about this?

7 April 2011 Today, Government minister, and Chancellor George Osborne, announced to an audience of businesspersons, that the Government is going to weaken employee rights in Employment Tribunals. He said he would prevent vexatious claims in Employment Tribunals. However vexatious claims are currently not allowed in Employment Tribunals , so what is he up too. And has he spoken to Michael Gove about this?

28 February 2011 Inglorious Bastards   Last week David Cameron shared a plane to the middle east, with arms dealers. .........

20 February 2011 TheMaximum Wage? Mrs. Monk wrote and presented a piece for BBC R4 in 1997, called Death in Essex. This was about her attempt to find a job in the early 90’s  .........17 February 2011 Alternative BS The present voting system favours both Tory and Labour and that is why you are both in favour of the present system, which is the least democratic of all the options. ..........

16 February 2011  British Human Rights Abuses?

27 January 2011  The Referee’s A Wanker    

18 January 2011 Privatised Giveaway

10 January 2011  Sheriff Dupnick

9 January 2011 Dear Mr Bonus,

4 January 2011 Dear Nick,

4 December 2010 Dear Theresa

 6 October 2010  hippo fair trade

26 September 2010 Dear Sayeeda

14 April 2010 Dear William, UPDATE.

13 April 2010 Dear William Haque

12 April 2010 A Mess for Hire

10 April 2010 Old Dames & Homophobia

6 February 2010 Dear BBC

4 January 2010 Dear NHS

2 December 2009 What a Pickle, Pickles

Dear David Cameron about Spin

29 August 2009 Dear Rupert Murdoch

Dear D about Lockerbie

26 July 2009 Dear David about my Beautiful American Niece

24 july 2009 Dear David, about liars

19 June 2009 Dear David,

18 April 2009 Damien Green What Monks Say

16 April 2009 Blowing the Whistle

17 April 2009 Dear David Cameron,

31 jan 09 The Guardian of The Guardian

28 January 2009 TOO BORING

24 January 2009 Who To Blame




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These are stories inspired by the financial mess that we are now in, and other hot political topics of the day.

Most of us are suffering but some are profiting.

The most conspicuous profit and consumption is by those that contributed to the mess that they created.

Now we are in the blame game which reared its ugly head almost immediately after the Northern Rock story broke in 2007.

This provoked this series of articles featuring the issue of  political hypocrisy.

David Cameron is the most obvious target because he has the most to gain, opportunistically.

Was he shouting before for more Banking regulation before 2007?

Was he heard thumping his fist on Tory Fleet Street editors doors, demanding to be heard, and demanding more regulation of the Banking Sector.

And would that have excused the greed of Bankers, in any event?

Would there have been any votes in it? No, of course not.

Can bankers count?

Can bankers be trusted?








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