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21 April 2018


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#Hippo #LeighOnSea



26 August 2018  Daily Question








Mark Urban in the of chair of BBC Newsnight, 23 August,  moderated a discussion about Jeremy Corbyn's Edinburgh Lecture challenging the British media on the premise that they are adjudged to be the least trusted on an international scale.


Urban's first guest Sarah Baxter of the Times and Sunday Times was allowed the first and last uninterrupted word in defence of the main stream media.

Owen Jones in support of Jeremy Corbyn might be said to have been outnumbered given that Mark Urban was also there to represent the MSM in the form of the BBC.


No sentence uttered by Owen was not interrupted frequently by either Urban or Baxter or both. 2 v 1.


BBC bias! What BBC bias?


Trouble and Strife



10 August 2018  Daily Question

Is a napkin 

worth a thousand love letters





8 August 2018  Daily Question

Who created the "perception" that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semitic racist? 







Margaret Hodge was widely reported by all media including the BBC of confronting Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament and calling him a "fucking anti-Semitic and a racist."


In view of the plentiful witnesses and the scale of the media that bought the story as gospel truth and promoted it daily in the ever willing Corbyn-hostile media, what was said was never in doubt.


Then came the denial by Hodge that she used the "f " word as if that were the word that would cause the most offence.


The disciplinary procedure against Hodge was initiated because to call Jeremy Corbyn a racist and an anti Semite after his lifetime of opposing racism and anti-Semitism is the most offensive thing anyone might say publicly out loud about the good man.


Disciplinary procedures are kept objective by restraint of both parties from publicly speaking about it. Corbyn respected that but Hodge fed the media with weeks of copy designed to undermine Corbyn. The main stream media willingly spoon fed the nation with weeks of anti-Corbyn headlines with no story to support the bullshit.


Margaret Hodge has now expressed regret, but then somehow "no, she did not do that."


Since the lawyers got hold of this, Hodge has modified her language. First she removed the f word, yawn, then she expressed regret and then not so. She called Jeremy Corbyn an anti Semite racist, but not now, now she is saying Jeremy Corbyn is "perceived" to be an anti-Semite racist. 


Her lawyers were right to correct Hodge but who would be responsible for creating that perception?


This is more than duplicitous, this is a turgid smear wilfully contrived BS intended to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.

Trouble and Strife


6 August 2018  Daily Question

Where can we get a pizza? 



2 August 2018  Daily Question


Why Does the BBC Accomodate The Institute of Economic Affairs?

Follow the Money


The Barking Hodge Distraction


22 July 2018  Daily Question

Who finds the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism incontrovertible?











The Jewish Chronicle of course, and any number of rabbis that you might muster, would all be significant but unsurprising advocates of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.


To dig deeper you have to look at who might have a politically opportunistic interest in undermining Jeremy Corbyn.

As follows....


Theresa May 
During Prime Minister Questions May said that the Conservative Party had endorsed and recognised the
IHRA definition of anti-Semitism. Turns out that this was untrue. There is no such policy in the Tory rule book.


Jess Phillips

The Blairite Labour MPs that participated in the failed coup against Jeremy Corbyn have all to a man and woman exploited the issue. 

Jess Philip's was given a voice on BBC radio 4 Any Questions.
She has form exploiting this issue to undermine Corbyn. Her complacent view is that there is no harm in accepting
 the IHRA definition because it is an unnecessary distraction.

If there has been a distraction it has been politically generated by all of the above and the Main Stream Media including #BBCBias.


Margaret Hodge

Hodge is of course beyond the pale.

Andrew Marr today suggested that the Labour Party should not discipline Margaret Hodge for bringing the party into disrepute, mitigated by her family history.

She might at least be asked to apologise.




Margaret Hodge believes the Jewish community has the right to define anti-Semitism in their own preferred absolute terms.





18 July 2018  Daily Question


If I were to accuse Margaret Hodge of politically expedient offensive bullying directed at Jeremy Corbyn and exploiting the holocaust and her family history, would that be anti-Semitic, whether true or not?


When Margaret Hodge accused Jeremy Corbyn of being  an "anti-Semite racist" this was ludicrously untrue and wilfully offensive. Margaret Hodge should apologise to The Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn and like-minded Jews embarrassed by her outburst.

Reason Found Inexpedient





8 July 2018  Daily Question

We are all innocent until proven guilty.
Does this apply in uncomfortable scenarios like Salisbury?


#Skwawkbox inadvertantly claimed that the  BBC "came close" to being unbiased during the General Election.


2 July 2018  Daily Question

Are they kidding....?

 #Hippo #BBCbias  #GE17 #ToryLauraK


I also did a comprehensive diligent pedantic count of every contributor to all flagship BBC political programmes during the election campaign and published the outcomes here.


01 July 2018  Daily Question

Not sure this Economist article recognises the "poor" as a demographic affected by Brexit. In this article they call the Brexit Effect an economic "ache and not a sting."








27 June 2018  Daily Question


Why did Theresa May take the NHS to the brink?


#The NHS is bleeding

#too little too late




The allegation is that Tory DNA obliges May to undermine public services in order to justify the asset stripping of, and the privatisation of, the NHS. 

As a consequence lives were lost and now May has made the bizarre uncosted pledge of a £20B for the NHS, a promise they expect the country to believe they will keep.

Had they told the truth during the General Election, the Tories would not now be in government.


16 Jun 2018  Daily Question


What does Germaine Greer think

about Essex Girls and #MeToo ?


"We played there last week at the Cliffs Pavilion, and I knew there was something familiar about you, that I recognised".

No Tory has ever dared suggest to my face that I should apply Norman Tebbit's Cricket Test to Mrs Monk.

#penisenvy #Freud #metoo

#69Blondes  #GenderPolitics  #Unmadefilms


06 Jun 2018  Daily Question

Ask for a masterpiece, what do you get?

I told Mrs Monk I wanted a masterpiece from her.
She made this .



29 May 2018  Daily Question

Where are the  Movies filmed by Monks

in the Tate Galleries?

Ad Free Vimeo

Utopian Dream



29 May 2018  Daily Question

Who Are Fleet Foxes?

They are touring Europe including the UK this summer




22 May 2018  Daily Question 


How Do You Explain

Mrs Monk to Mr Picasso?


How and When to "Cheat." 





Your Text Here from LeslieMonk on Vimeo.



19 May 2018

"Your Text Here" implies an ambivalence on my part and an invitation to react to the featured images.



This Movie is in fact a test for a new Samsung Tablet used to shoot the moving images shot in our domestic Living Room and Kitchen. All the Music was created in the same Living Room.
Featured still images illustrate stories on this website, this year to date.





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13 May 2018  Daily Question 

Where is the 

the Sangatte for Cats?

to boldly cross the Alley Channel without a passport

Bob is an "illegal" who does not give a crap.

He is a drain on our economy.

He is always hungry for cat food.

#Brexit #travels  #AUTOBio

#freemovement #cats



8 May 2018  Daily Question 


How Do You Explain



Explaining Picasso concerns bodily functions

emotional cubism

billionaires and women  



1 May 2018  Daily Question 

When the government relaxed the Building Regulations, and started austerity, and created targets, and hostility in the Home Office, and starved the NHS of funding,

What Happened Next?

Wind Rush.


The NHS is bleeding.

There are none so blind

as those who will not see.





#too little too late


1 May 2018  Daily Question

 Where was Tommy’s Last Stand?



Tommy was absent without leave.

Whatever we might think about Tory austerity....

the tears Tommy shed were true enough.






30 April 2018  Daily Question 

May now Rudderless

Who is next? 




#too little too late


29 April 2018  Daily Question 

How slow is that BBC? 

Anti Semitism by Tory Candidates is simply not on the BBC radar.

Blairites should lay off the good man and fight the Tories.







26 April 2018  Daily Question 

What is anti Semitism by proxy?





Wind Rush Spot Check

25 April 2018 

#WindRush #TooLittleTooLate



Mrs Monk made this sketch some years ago and she had in mind Waspish Immigrants and not the black #WindRush immigrants.

May got on her knees at the Stephen Lawrence memorial service and prayed.


Lenny Henry, who spoke at the event, made Theresa May uncomfortable by addressing her directly about the #WindRush scandal, her #WindRush scandal.

Green Men

24 April 2018 

Created on a 7" tablet in a car park waiting for Mrs Monk.



23 April 2018  Daily Question 

Will May survive April?

Theresa May's days are numbered, or should be.





#too little too late



22 April 2018  Daily Question 

How could it be that Peter Hitchens agrees with me?

Truth is the first casualty of War 







19 April 2018

Hitchens Nails Andrew Neil


Peter Hitchens called the main stream media, including the BBC, for acquiescing to hearsay evidence, citing historical precedent of unjust past wars pursued on false premise: Suez, Iraq, Libya to name but three.


Andrew Neil and his panel of Priti Patel and Alan Johnson were all three missile-launch justifiers; each in turn attempted to question Hitchen's motivation as if that would make their blind faith in inconclusive evidence, more sustainable.


Since we speculated on these pages that the missiles launched were a futile gesture, the BBC  has for the first time belatedly considered that this might have been the case.


Newsnight 19th April also considered the premise,


#too little too late 

21 April 2018  Daily Question 

Are we all Strange Wierdos?

#muso  #CuckooSpit


18 April 2018  Daily Question 

Who is Guilty Until Proven Innocent?





16 April 2018  Daily Question 

 Who Cares about the Salon des Refusés?


The Art Is Crap And So Are The Critics

Paris 1863.

Royal Academy 2010





Does May have The Right Stuff? As a leader of a minority Government, is her failure to seek the approval of Parliament an undemocratic abuse of her office?

15 April 2018  Daily Question 


13 April 2018  Daily Question 

Own up #BBCQT.

What gives?






12 April 2018  Daily Question 

How does Owen Jones explain

Andrew Neil?





Neil frequently, and some might say skilfully treads the thin line between objectivity and palpable #BBCBias .


Elsewhere on other platforms he is a political brat.


Read Owen Jones and then come back to where you read it first, if you will.


11 April 2018  Daily Question 

Facebook sold identity

for profit?


How foolish would anyone be to acquiesce to that bullshit

and how contrived was that Fakebook promise?



3 April 2018  Daily Question 

Who are The Wrong Jews?






According to a BBC Andrew Neil tweet, Jews who agree with Jeremy Corbyn and support Palestinian rights, are "nutters."


Andrew Neil once paid a holocaust denier a fortune to publish his antisemetic story. That happened when Neil was working for Rupert Murdoch at The Sunday Times.


By Andrew Neil's own very high standards and example, Andrew Neil is an anti-Semite picking on The Wrong Jews.  


If Andrew Neil were a Labour Party member he would be suspended by the Party immediately, then investigated and if found to be anti-Semitic, he who would be expelled.


However, Andrew Neil is not a Labour member, he is a Tory and a class A hypocrite that works for the BBC where he is free to smear and accuse Jeremy Corbyn and be a an utter prick with abundant #BBCBias as if that were acceptable in any way whatsoever.



Race-Hate With Cloggs On


3 April 2018  Daily Question 


Who is it that is wilfully stirring race-hate for political advantage and to undermine Jeremy Corbyn?






2 April 2015  Daily Question 

3 Years Ago

on these pages


What is it about the zero hours low paid employment contracts that business leaders and David Cameron find so attractive, so appealing and so indispensably profitable?



on these pages

2 April 2018  Daily Question 

Why have we allowed the Labour Party to be distracted by in-house right-wing Labour opponents of Jeremy Corbyn who would  rather ignore in-work poverty in order to undermine the one man who would put an end to it?

Shame on them


the current leaders of the world's fifth largest economy.






#Happy Easter

Why am I

such a fool?

I apologise for this

Offensive Image


1 April 2018  Daily Question 







So, why am I more offended by Andrew Neil

bringing this Mear One mural to my attention

than I am by the mural itself.

Jeremy Corbyn did not draw my attention to the offensive Mear One mural. It was certainly intended to be offensive, but it didn't offend me because I didn't see it until the BBC made me look at it.


I subscribe to the BBC and therefore it was there, for me to see and for me to be offended.


BBC This week March 29th


Andrew Neil was particularly keen for me to not only see it but to be fully aware of what it intended to represent.


Because I am a fool he told me it was obvious, and in case it was not completely obvious, he made me look at it a bit longer until I realised that it was not my fault but that Jeremy Corbyn was responsible for any offence directed at me.


So, why am I more offended by Andrew Neil bringing this mural to my attention than I am by the mural itself.


I am now aware of the highly motivated Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and I notice that they are highly motivated to pedantically catalogue every act of politically motivated Anti-Semitism however tenuous that act might be. No Anti-Semitic stone is usually unturned by the CAA but this outrageous Mear One Mural somehow escaped their attention.


I refuse to publish the image but I offer a similarly offensive image that may certainly cause intended offence.


There are less offensive claims of Anti-Semitism on the CAA website and I will be offended if I am not blacklisted.  


 And if so, I apologise for lacking chutzpah.   more to come

28 March 2018  Daily Question


After a reasonably civilised discussion about anti-Semitism, and what else these days, what did Claire Perry say about Richard Burgon, on 


That he was 

"Fervently Anti-Semitic,"




Live on BBC Daily Politics.

Where did that come from?

Apparently Claire Perry had been expecting Richard Burgon to be embarrassed by Andrew Neil when he read out loud what the Daily Mail had said what Richard Burgon had allegedly said, and as if it were true.

"That is not my view," he said.

"Why would I say that?"

One for the lawyers?


27 March 2018  Daily Question

 #muso What Next?

but still under construction.....


25 March 2018  Daily Question 

What is The Truth about

The AntiSemite Spy

and his

Vegetable Plot?





Jeremy Corbyn’s character has been examined like no other politician. 

This week he has been branded an anti-Semite, last week a Spy, and The BBC have taken both smears seriously as if either or both charges were ever credible. Both are ludicrous.


Laura Kuenssberg felt she had had to test Jeremy with the notorious “shoot to kill” question, as if it were in any doubt that Corbyn would not be steadfast in defence of anyone who might be in danger of attack.


Kuenssberg and THE BBC were forced to apologise and buried the apology where it could not be easily found.


But I wonder if Kuenssberg would feel obliged to ask Theresa May the same question. In the unlikely event that Laura Kuenssberg would feel obliged to test Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s character on equal terms, I would suggest she asks both of them the same following Question....


"Margaret Thatcher was willing to

“Shoot and Kill”

1000 Argentinean conscripts when she gave the order to sink the Belgrano when she knew it was sailing away from the Falklands conflict."


"Would you have given the same order?"


Nobody has any doubt that Jeremy Corbyn and any other worthy statesman or woman would have said emphatically “No” but what reply would Theresa May give?


I wager she would reply, 


“I don’t ask hypothetical questions”


However the question is unlikely to be asked.



said The Sun newspaper.


The BBC is Biased against Jeremy Corbyn and it has been extremely personal from the moment he became leader of The Labour Party.



said #BBCBias


The whole story has been covered by these pages. The pattern is well established, the evidence is irrevocable.





22  November 2015
Kuenssberg’s Killer Question


Part 2

24 March 2018  Daily Question

Why would The City of Westminster

disadvantage law abiding Motorists

with the injudicious use of CCTV?






#dirtyrottenrascals #cashcow #sameoldtories #Westminster #cctv

22 March 2018  Daily Question

What is it worth?




City of Westminster fleece motorists sytematically.

Old habits never die.

#dirtyrottenrascals #cashcow #sameoldtories #Westminster #cctv

19 March 2018  Daily Question 


Is there a “pattern” of reactionary BBC Bias smearing Jeremy Corbyn as a would-be “traitor,” and one that is apparently willing to put the British public at risk?


Yes there is?






If we are to conclude that a "pattern of behaviour" is proof, then proof is what we have in spades, that the BBC is biased.



Those Tory Tabloid headlines are already unravelling as we speak.


Notably, Owen Jones embarrassed Newsnight live on air. The BBC thought it appropriate to air brush an image of Corbyn with a backdrop of the Kremlin. 

Peter Hitchens for all his sins, including writing for the Daily Mail, and yes, for being  a bit of a pompous arse, wrote with undeniable conviction,  ..


“The treatment of Jeremy Corbyn, both by politicians and many in the media, for doing what he is paid for and leading the Opposition, seems to me to be downright shocking.” 


When Laura Kuensberg misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn on the shoot to kill question, the BBC was obliged to apologise, but did so where it would not be seen or heard.


When the Tory tabloids put out that kind of bullshit, I would expect the BBC to find a measured response and not one that gave such headlines the oxygen of fake credibility.


How keen were the Tories and the BBC to make Jeremy Corbyn the  story in order to avoid his truthful message.


History punishes liars and has already rewarded Jeremy Corbyn for being a statesman doing his job. This will continue.


Meanwile the BBC fake message appears to be that Corbyn is soft on our enemies and hard on #BBCbias .


When was the truth abandoned by the BBC?






9 Mar 2018  Update


Mrs Monk bought a Dog picture from a charity shop with the intention of over painting the canvas it was printed on.

I suggested she took the dog for a walk about town and take a few pictures in different locations.


This was in 1995 and before photoshop was a verb.


A year or so later Tracy Emin upped the concept by taking her embroidered chair about the world and as far, and as grand, as Monument Valley.

I have since photoshopped the Dog to a few other images by way of referencing the earlier images.


Dog Picture Set





2 Mar 2018  Daily Question

What might help me understand the Bradley Libel?

The Map of The Smear




25 February 2018  Daily Question


Has Conservative Ben Bradley MP







Ben Bradley has avoided High Court libel action by apologising for his libel directed at Corbyn. 

Having accepted what Ben Bradley said was a lie, the MSM who led  Bradly to believe that Corbyn actually sold secrets to Czech spies,  are far from apologetic.


The smears in the Telegraph are still in place.
The smears in the Sun are still in place.
Today The Sunday Express referred to Jeremy Corbyn’s “relationship” that he once “enjoyed” with a “Soviet-controlled spy” as if that were true.

Far from apologetic, they repeat the LIE.


21 February 2018  Daily Question


Conservative Ben Bradley MP

What might explain this mishap?




Unlike Mrs Monk I have sympathy with young working class

delusional Tories clinging to futile Conservative ideals

and stumbling into misguided unforeseen political adventures

that might give the wide world an impression that they are utterly stupid.

The Patsy and the Wanker

Two liars, one too stupid and one too clever






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