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9 Mar 2018  Update


Mrs Monk bought a Dog picture from a charity shop with the intention of over painting the canvas it was printed on.

I suggested she took the dog for a walk about town and take a few pictures in different locations.


This was in 1995 and before photoshop was a verb.


A year or so later Tracy Emin upped the concept by taking her embroidered chair about the world and as far, and as grand, as Monument Valley.

I have since photoshopped the Dog to a few other images by way of referencing the earlier images.


Dog Picture Set





2 Mar 2018  Daily Question

What might help me understand the Bradley Libel?

The Map of The Smear




25 February 2018  Daily Question


Has Conservative Ben Bradley MP







Ben Bradley has avoided High Court libel action by apologising for his libel directed at Corbyn. 

Having accepted what Ben Bradley said was a lie, the MSM who led  Bradly to believe that Corbyn actually sold secrets to Czech spies,  are far from apologetic.


The smears in the Telegraph are still in place.
The smears in the Sun are still in place.
Today The Sunday Express referred to Jeremy Corbyn’s “relationship” that he once “enjoyed” with a “Soviet-controlled spy” as if that were true.

Far from apologetic, they repeat the LIE.


21 February 2018  Daily Question


Conservative Ben Bradley MP

What might explain this mishap?




Unlike Mrs Monk I have sympathy with young working class

delusional Tories clinging to futile Conservative ideals

and stumbling into misguided unforeseen political adventures

that might give the wide world an impression that they are utterly stupid.

The Patsy and the Wanker

Two liars, one too stupid and one too clever






20 February 2018  Daily Question

Why is the BBC taking the

Corbyn Spy Fake News 

story so seriously?






Jo Coburn today on BBC Daily Politics seemed to go out of her way

to give oxygen and credibility to this bullshit Sun and Daily Mail story. 


BBC Daily Politics is a "political voice" whether the BBC want it to be or not and the BBC is culpable for what others say on their programmes, and for what the BBC says or fails to say. 


And if what is said  is complete bullshit in plain sight and hearing of all reasonable viewers, then the BBC has the burden of correction, and if not they might adopt the age old laudable notion of the waving of the sword of truth. 


Fortunately, Britons are onto BBC Bias in ever increasing numbers.


Bless those good people.


The Sun and the Daily Mail are free to sue me for impugning

their reputation if they had ever established one worth defending.


Foreign tabloid oligarchy media: The Sun and Daily Mail to name but two are publishing  shamelessly political fake trash and in turn their views are peddled daily for all through the conduit of retailers; Sainsbury Waitrose and all others who are complicit in the lies.


Fortunately, Britons are onto it in ever increasing numbers.


Are the BBC inculcated by notions of foreign spies in disguise?







14 February 2018  Daily Question


What is Love?

Is It Pizza?

#American Hot

or is it the

Liberace Love Lamp?



the one and only Channel of Love on VIMEO


Love is a very splendid thing. A movie called "Love" was created by us Monks at Shoestringonline. We then discovered that there were 10,729 movies on vimeo with the same title. Most seem to be syrup, or church, or just bad, or all three. Surely there would be enough stuff to start a Love Channel.

Love Channel was born, or was there already a Love Channel?

Apparently not.


subscribe, no charge...



The antidote to the Love Channel




9 February 2018  Daily Question

What happened One Year Ago

and what happened Today?

Frozen Butts


Tory Sweethearts

 That anticipated pre pee stage.

Council Tax is the Tory bastard prodigy of Thatcher and Major.

#classwar #Waitrose




Jacob Rees-Mogg was made to feel unwelcome in Bristol.


5 February 2018  Daily Question

Why did the BBC Sunday Politics not show the footage of the white shirt muscle man punching a woman in the face?


Could it be that it was because he was a Jacob Rees-Mogg supporter and that would not sit well with the BBC anti Corbyn message.
BBC presenter Sarah Smith called it a "scuffle", but she will know there was no physical abuse of Jacob Rees-Mogg at all and no "scuffle" until white shirt muscle man forced his way through the crowd and punched a woman in the face?



22 January 2018  Daily Question

What was the story

One Year Ago?

Theresa May's Leather Trousers and BBC Bias

These pages called The Guardian and the BBC for undermining

Jeremy Corbyn and giving Theresa May

a free rein to have a free reign.

The extravagant  shitty brown trousers

bode the election


Theresa May



and continuing relentless BBC Tory Bias
Corbyn remains the only authentic voice for social justice.





21 January 2018  Daily Question

Is The BBC Biased?

Give Over





 Theresa May is so eager to distance the government from the Carillion scandal by claiming that the Government was the "customer" and not the "manager" of Carillion.

An extract of PMQS last Wednesday was broadcast on BBC Sunday Politics today allowing May to make that point as if it were true.


In fact the Government is responsible for the "management" of the contract that allowed this scandal to happen and the Government are wholly responsible for abuses that arise from the shortcomings of that contact.


An extract of Jeremy Corbyn's response to May was also televised on BBC Sunday Politics.


Corbyn called the Carillion contract "a costly racket of the relationship of the Government with Carillion", but his actual words were cut at the word "racket" so as not to include his accusation of blame attributed to the Government.


Don't tell me the BBC is not biased.


Give over.







21 January 2018  Daily Question

Bob has the beguiling neediness of a cat that is feral, but what sucker would ever fall for such a doe-eyed love-me-do psycho beasty?

For the Love of Bob,






18 January 2018  Daily Question

How Do Tories Defend The Tory

Free Market Economy

when it fails?

Post Carillion Plc







14 January 2018  Daily Question

If it is wrong of John McDonell to repeat what someboddy else said about Ester MCVey,

why would it be OK for the BBC hounds to do the

very same, again, and again, and again?

The Bias of The BBC Hounds

#BBCbias  #bbcdp


11 January 2018  Daily Question

"95% of teachers are qualified,"

True or False?

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust

10 January 2018
To sum up Austerity in
The Year of The Kneedy


As per Knee Replacements on the NHS,

to be kneedy is to be in need of a knee

and if a knee is "gone" that knee is fucked.


If to ask for a Knee is to be somewhat kneedy
Then to ask for two is to be too far too greedy.


If all cat knees are "gone" then a cat is more kneedy,

but not as kneedy as a kneedy Centipedeee.


Centipedes should not apply for knee replacements

on the NHS.

Why not Jeremy Hunt?. Go tweet off.





Happy Birthday Saramo

10 January 2018


8 January 2018  Daily Question

Who Needs Another Expert

on the NHS?

free market ideologue republican gothic


#BBCbias  #bbcdp


4 January 2018  Daily Question

Who Needs Another Expert

on Education?

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust


Toby Young’s New Job as a leading education advisor has been met with widespread derision.


Toby Young is the least suitable "personality", and the most unqualified "expert", to represent the interests of "university students".


Toby Young has the arrogance of a polemicist determined to inflict his own brand of far-right dogma into education.


The last thing education requires is yet another amateur would-be politician with a pet vanity project interfering and undermining professionals with self-serving aggrandisement.


Notwithstanding  Toby Young's experiment with free schools, and he still speaks as if he did not abandon that project, his part was an abject failure.


Furthermore, he is hopelessly unqualified for this new BS job because he is a liar, a homophobe, a misogynist, a bigot, and a fool.


When you screw up and apologise, as did Young, Hunt, and May this very day, that does not mean that they might carry on as if they all deserve another chance. That means all three should resign, resign and resign, and enter a suitable monastery, a nunnery, or rehab and never reappear before any eye, nose, or ear that might otherwise be offended.


Boris Johnson, regards all of that so very amusing, but then he would.


Get thee to a nunnery.

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust


4 January 2018  Daily Question

What was Jeremy Hunt's Plan

for The NHS winter Crisis?

#OurNHS #BBCbias



26 December 2017  Daily Question

Do all taxi drivers like Paul Weller?


#Taxi #muso

24 December 2017  Daily Question

What Religion shall I be?

" The Jewish Christmas Tree " ?




24 December 2017  Daily Question

What is the future of

" The Urban Fox " ?




20 December 2017  Daily Question

Two Families

" Already Helped  " ?

No means test required.





18 December 2017  Daily Question

What is the price of experience?

An unfunny teacher of any age, pretending to be

funny is neither humorous, nor educational.

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust


17 December 2017  Daily Question

Why would we update an old Christmas Card?

#Politics #PoliticsandConflict #Sameoldtories

Food banks became the big issue under Prime Minister Cameron when I first made this Christmas card in 2013, but Britain now has more rough sleepers than ever. All but eliminated under Labour.


In-work poverty has introduced the notion of nurses relying on Food banks, in the world's sixth largest economy, and yes, rising child poverty.

This Tory government must be so proud.

Accordingly I have updated the Christmas card.


More Chistmas Pics


16 December 2017  Daily Question

The Daily Mail was livid when it was disclosed that the Queen's private estate, secretly invests vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens.

Will the Queen mention this in her Christmas Day address

to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth?

#Politics #PoliticsandConflict



10 December 2017  Daily Question

How Dare Toby Young Tell Lies

on BBC  Sunday Politics?

#BBCbias #TheLieDetector #bbcdp

Toby Young's Lies


05 December 2017  Daily Question

What has Jeremy Hunt got to hide?

Jeremy Hunt's Candour Deficit

#OurNHS #BBCbias


What are the chances of that being coincidental?


Pictures of Leigh on Sea

25 November 2017

Recent  Pictures of Leigh upon Sea and thereabouts by Monkfry.

Pictures are added and subtracted from this collection

from time to time.

#Photography #Leigh on Sea

21 November 2017  Daily Question

How do you find a wart on a housefly?






16 November 2017  Daily Question

How Did Ralf Little dismantle Jeremy Hunt's NHS obfuscation

on Marr last week?
And why did Marr not say what Ralf Little said?

#TheLieDetector #Hippo


7 November 2017  Daily Question

Why is Mrs Monk


A surreal conversation with a lady salesperson,

selling indeterminate goods.

#Unmadefilms #telesales

6 November 2017  Daily Question

When to tell a joke

and when not to tell a joke.








4 November 2017  Daily Question

Name another Tory MOD Minster

forced to resign and why?

Tinker Tailor Liam Fox

This was written in 2011

If you were sat upon the MOD Duty Officer's toilet...

and Kathy Burke complaining?

#MOD #Hippo #LiamFox



1 November 2017  Daily Question


Fallon Resigns

Is May Next?

#Kneegate #Fallon


Yes, he can.

29 October 2017  Daily Question

What Now?

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told Marr today

that the he deserved credit for replacing some,

but not all, of the NHS Nurses he cut from the Health Service.

Where the tories claim progress there is in fact a NHS funding cut.

In real terms, in life and death terms, the Tories have failed.

The government borrows at 0.25% interest.

Why are they so reluctant to save lives?


  #ToryDNA #OurNHS #BBCbias


26 October 2017  Daily Question

Is The NHS Still Bleeding?
Tory DNA, there is no cure for such a malady.


Ask Stefanovik

22 October 2017  Daily Question

Why does Laura Kuensberg always

accomodate and flatter

the Tory view?



Whatever, Giveover

and Move on.




15 October 2017  Daily Question

Who Owns What?

1% own 99%








06 October 2017  Daily Metaphor


Water Cooler

is Sick


Pictures of People

8 October 2017

Captured by Monkfry,
Pictures of People are added and subtracted from

this Flickr collection from time to time.

#Photography #People


Screen capture from BBC Website

06 October 2017  Daily Question

As an inpartial BBC journalist when was

Laura Kuensberg entitled to have a VIEW?


05 October 2017  Daily Question

If Jeremy Corbyn is the authentic voice of British politics then who might epitomise the fake voice?


Fake May
If Theresa May has to frequently describe herself as compassionate because the evidence of her actions are to the contrary, and if she is to do so by aping a West Wing script, then look no further than the

"dead woman walking".
It is no wonder that Theresa May choked on

those plagiarised words.

#Hippo #sameoldtories

25 September 2017  Daily Question

Merkel and May are miles apart politically and geographically, but how did the Monks confront the Germans on neutral territory?


#Majorca #Brexit

#travels  #AUTOBio


Pride and Prejudice

in Majorca


Notes from Majorca (Mallorca)

16 September 2017  Daily Question

Why does The Daily Telegraph not allow

comments on their articles?

The Tory


The Socialist

#GenderPolitics #BBCbias

14 September 2017  Daily Question

Had Ronnie King had his way....

 #GrenfellTower #Hippo

Ronnie King's

Leaked Letter

12 September 2017  Daily Question

Red or White Wine?
"I have paid up my National Insurance in full,"

she explained
#Hippo #NHS #A&E



11 September 2017


9:11 Postcard

from Oblivion

This music I recorded during the 9/11 tragedy.

 #shoestringonline #postcard  #muso


 #GrenfellTower #Hippo

9 September 2017  Daily Question

Richard Rogers told Jon Snow on Channel Four News,

"It's only the poor towers that go up in flames,

not the rich towers"

Was he correct?

Yes and No


#sameoldtories #GrenfellTower #Hippo

Jon Snow Interviews Richard Rogers

6 September 2017  Daily Question

Will the Grenfell Inquiry look into

Government Policy on Social Housing?

#sameoldtories #GrenfellTower #Hippo


No Way

says Judge Sir Martin Moore Beck

"I agree," says Theresa May

30 August 2017  Daily Question

How does the City of Westminster fleece Motorists?

Please turn right here and let me charge you £130

Cash Cow

#dirtyrottenrascals #sameoldtories

26 August 2017  Daily Question

Is Tennis more brutal than Boxing?

Top 5 in last year's ATP Finals were:

1. Murray

2. Djokovic

3. Wawrinka

4. Raonic

5. Nishikori

All injured and out of this US Open.

23 August 2017  Daily Question

Has Grayson Perry run out of new ideas?



#Art #LBGT

22 August 2017  Daily Question

Did the Tories tell the Truth about

disadvantaged uni students.


They Lied

#studentloans #TheLieDetector

16 August 2017  Daily Question

Where are the Politicians?




15 August 2017  Daily Question

When will The #muso page come back to life?


but still under construction.....

14 August 2017  Daily Question

What is


Pulp Fiction

Southend Council.

How very Fahrenheit 451?
#pulpfiction #sameoldtories

12 August 2017  Daily Question

Why would you collect Sea Shells by the Sea Shore?

10 August 2017  Daily Question

What is  Tory DNA?

The Truth about Lying

7 August 2017  Daily Question

Does the BBCNews tell the Truth when

they Accomodate Liars?

To accommodate a liar is to tell a lie.

#studentloans #BBCbias #Corbyn



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