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Here you will find opinion and things that matter to Monks and others of similar persuasion. #GE17 #LeighOnSea

23 July 2017

A collage of News from this weeks papers.

22 July 2017  Daily Question

Should BBC women be paid more,

or should  BBC men be paid less?


We Shall See

19 July 2017  Daily Question

What is the Meaning of Life?

 #Sameoldtories  #Python

15 July 2017  Daily Question

What is Murder

fire safety on back burner

taking a vacation.

#GrenfellTower #DailyPolitics

Take Your Pick

12 July 2017  Daily Question

Who made the changes to UK employment law that created Zero Hours Contracts and made other exploitative employment practices commonplace?



09 July 2017  Daily Question

If you accuse Laura Kuenssberg of political bias,

does that make you a misogynist?



05 July 2017  Daily Question

The truth about Theresa May's Tories was

revealed in the #GE2017 campaign.

However, Tories are back to guffawing during #PMQS.

What should the Speaker do about this?



04 July 2017  Daily Question

Never mind Brexit. The main stream media are already

putting Grenfell on the back burner.
Should there be a Government Minister for Grenfell?

#GrenfellTower #Backburner


02 July 2017  Daily Question

Who was it that said there is an impulse

to write faster the older you get?


30 June 2017  Daily Question

Is the Kensington and Chelsea Council leader Nick Paget-Brown a convenient patsy for the current Government?


29 June 2017  Daily Question

NHS Nurses go to Food Banks.  So why did the Tories vote against giving our NHS Nurses a pay rise yesterday?


28 June 2017  Daily Question

Is the 30Year Hillsborough debacle the model for the Glenfell Tower Enquiry?


27 June 2017  Daily Question

Why are veterinary bills for Cat Flap Charlie never covered by the Insurance Policy we have paid for 14 years?

Why is there no NHS for pets?


26 June 2017  Daily Question

I don't recall this flawed Government being given a mandate in the #GE2017 Election to spend £1.5B (at least), to buy DUP votes in support of the survival of the Conseravative Party. Did I miss something?


25 June 2017  Daily Question

Why are poor people obliged to live in buildings made of kindling and plastic? Is it because the UK Building Regulations (drafted by the UK Government), are ambiguous?



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3 June 2017

30  May 2017

The Peacemaker and the Opportunist May
in pursuit of a blank cheque mandate



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