"I worked with Freud in Vienna. We broke over the concept of penis envy. Freud felt that it should be limited to women."

Woody Allen-Zelig (1983)

Adventures of a lifetime in gender politics
#penisenvy #Freud

Sigmund Freud coined the term to explain the psyche of the female of the species. If we are to take Freud literally then we should also note that men are equally prone to suffer the malady of  "Penis Envy".

Come what may, if "Penis Envy" were engraved on a rock then that rock might, or might not, be considered the talisman of all misogynists.

On these pages I intend to carry that stone and enter the minefield of gender politics and hope for the best.


16  June 2018

What does Germaine Greer think

about Essex Girls and #MeToo ?


"We played there last week at the Cliffs Pavilion, and I knew there was something familiar about you, that I recognised".

No Tory has ever dared suggest to my face that I should apply Norman Tebbit's Cricket Test to Mrs Monk.

#penisenvy #Freud #metoo

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26  December 2016


Mr Voller's Daughter


What was the point of that cowboy costume?
"I Love Lucy" introduced me to a notion of "love,"


#Unmadefilms #Christmas #Disability


26  March 2016


Boris Johnson


Liar, conman and prime minister?

#Democracy #ElectoralReform #Sameoldtories


22 July 2017  Daily Question

Should BBC women be paid more,

or should  BBC men be paid less?

#BBCBias #EmploymentLaw #GenderPolitics


We Shall See

15  May 2016





Became the News for the wrong reasons this week. LauraK was an unpopular Tory person before I found out she was an unpopular Tory “woman”. 



9 May 2016

Donald Trump

The billionaire with "no problem with women" and gun-toting violence.

#knob #trump #dallas #orlando #etc

#GenderPolitics  #Unmadefilms #69Blondes


July 2016

Miss Reynolds

My first love won and lost

No 1 of 69 Blondes with Penis Envy
Adventures of a lifetime in gender politics

#69Blondes  #GenderPolitics  #Unmadefilms


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