Trump the Blonde

with Penis Envy


The billionaire with "no problem with women"
& gun-toting violence.

#knob #trump #dallas #orlando #etc

#GenderPolitics  #Unmadefilms #69Blondes


by Monkles

 9  May 2016

Donald Trump is a blonde and he wants the world to know he has a large penis and that he is a billionaire with  "no problem with women", and women have "no problem" with him, whatever that means.

The young women who share and adorn the presidential platform with him, do so because his pants are overburdened with manhood and cash.

Trump has still failed to share his tax returns, or drop his pants so on both counts the jury is out.

Trump is however pathologically fixated with his manhood. Any man, woman, or wildebeest would throw up if Trump forced them to bare witness to the status of his knob so I hope he keeps it in his trousers. In fact the very tapping out of this sentence is making me feel nauseous.

Trump continues to question Barack Obama's status as a US citizen in spite of the publication of  Obama's birth certification, this is because he is the idiot with a penis, who may become president of the United States of America.

Trump told his supporters to punch his opponents in the face and he would pay their legal fees. The man who painted a picture of Donald Trump with a small penis was confronted by a mob of Trump supporters last week, and was punched in the face.

In solidarity with the Californian artist I created this accurate portrait of Donald Trump, albeit from a safe distance from Donald Trump, the Blonde with Penis Envy.


The billionaire with "no problem with women"
& gun-toting violence

#knob #trump #dallas #orlando #etc

#GenderPolitics  #Unmadefilms #69Blondes


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