20 February 2018  Daily Question

Why is the BBC taking the

Corbyn Spy Fake News 

story so seriously?






Jo Coburn today on BBC Daily Politics seemed to go out of her way

to give oxygen and credibility to this bullshit Sun and Daily Mail story. 


BBC Daily Politics is a "political voice" whether the BBC want it to be or not and the BBC is culpable for what others say on their programmes, and for what the BBC says or fails to say. 


And if what is said  is complete bullshit in plain sight and hearing of all reasonable viewers, then the BBC has the burden of correction, and if not they might adopt the age old laudable notion of the waving of the sword of truth. 


Fortunately, Britons are onto BBC Bias in ever increasing numbers.


Bless those good people.


The Sun and the Daily Mail are free to sue me for impugning

their reputation if they had ever established one worth defending.


Foreign tabloid oligarchy media: The Sun and Daily Mail to name but two are publishing  shamelessly political fake trash and in turn their views are peddled daily for all through the conduit of retailers; Sainsbury Waitrose and all others who are complicit in the lies.


Fortunately, Britons are onto it in ever increasing numbers.


Are the BBC inculcated by notions of foreign spies in disguise?






14 February 2018  Daily Question


What is Love?

Is It Pizza?

#American Hot

or is it the

Liberace Love Lamp?



the one and only Channel of Love on VIMEO


Love is a very splendid thing. A movie called "Love" was created by us Monks at Shoestringonline. We then discovered that there were 10,729 movies on vimeo with the same title. Most seem to be syrup, or church, or just bad, or all three. Surely there would be enough stuff to start a Love Channel.

Love Channel was born, or was there already a Love Channel?

Apparently not.


subscribe, no charge...



The antidote to the Love Channel



9 February 2018  Daily Question

What happened One Year Ago

and what happened Today?

Frozen Butts


Tory Sweethearts

 That anticipated pre pee stage.

Council Tax is the Tory bastard prodigy of Thatcher and Major.

#classwar #Waitrose




Jacob Rees-Mogg was made to feel unwelcome in Bristol.


5 February 2018  Daily Question

Why did the BBC Sunday Politics not show the footage of the white shirt muscle man punching a woman in the face?


Could it be that it was because he was a Jacob Rees-Mogg supporter and that would not sit well with the BBC anti Corbyn message.
BBC presenter Sarah Smith called it a "scuffle", but she will know there was no physical abuse of Jacob Rees-Mogg at all and no "scuffle" until white shirt muscle man forced his way through the crowd and punched a woman in the face?



22 January 2018  Daily Question

What was the story

One Year Ago?

Theresa May's Leather Trousers and BBC Bias

These pages called The Guardian and the BBC for undermining

Jeremy Corbyn and giving Theresa May

a free rein to have a free reign.

The extravagant  shitty brown trousers

bode the election


Theresa May



and continuing relentless BBC Tory Bias
Corbyn remains the only authentic voice for social justice.



21 January 2018  Daily Question

Is The BBC Biased?

Give Over





 Theresa May is so eager to distance the government from the Carillion scandal by claiming that the Government was the "customer" and not the "manager" of Carillion.

An extract of PMQS last Wednesday was broadcast on BBC Sunday Politics today allowing May to make that point as if it were true.


In fact the Government is responsible for the "management" of the contract that allowed this scandal to happen and the Government are wholly responsible for abuses that arise from the shortcomings of that contact.


An extract of Jeremy Corbyn's response to May was also televised on BBC Sunday Politics.


Corbyn called the Carillion contract "a costly racket of the relationship of the Government with Carillion", but his actual words were cut at the word "racket" so as not to include his accusation of blame attributed to the Government.


Don't tell me the BBC is not biased.


Give over.





21 January 2018  Daily Question

Bob has the beguiling neediness of a cat that is feral, but what sucker would ever fall for such a doe-eyed love-me-do psycho beasty?

For the Love of Bob,




18 January 2018  Daily Question

How Do Tories Defend The Tory

Free Market Economy

when it fails?

Post Carillion Plc






14 January 2018  Daily Question

If it is wrong of John McDonell to repeat what someboddy else said about Ester MCVey,

why would it be OK for the BBC hounds to do the

very same, again, and again, and again?

The Bias of The BBC Hounds

#BBCbias  #bbcdp

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