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We Monks are keen on the Visual Arts. This page is where we intend to post such wonders of the visual world, some of which is created in-house so we can show off.  #PoliticsandConflict



The Daily Mail was livid when it was disclosed that the Queen's private estate, secretly invests vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens.

Will the Queen mention this in her Christmas Day address

to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth?



Pictures of Leigh on Sea

25 November 2017

Recent  Pictures of Leigh upon Sea and thereabouts by Monkfry.

Pictures are added and subtracted from this collection

from time to time.

#Photography #Leigh on Sea

Leigh on Sea and Nearby



The concealment of  identify is the theme

that connects this set of pictures.

#Photography #Incognito



Looking Down


The Fallen
It occurred to me that we often find ourselves looking at the ground

and such views turn into pictures that find their way onto Flickr.

#Photography #LookingDown


Best of Saramo's Sketch Books

17 October 2017

Mrs Monk has many Sketch Books.

I have stolen her pictures and publish her best

on Flickr by way of provoking ever more.


This week her life class was cancelled

and she was really pissed off.

She needs a Life Model once a week.

Any body shape or gender may apply.


She is a genius and very demanding

as all geniuses are.


Must be willing to listen and acquiesce to Saramo's capacity

to take everything and nothing seriously in equal measure.


Don't ask me

I married her..



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Pictures of People

8 October 2017

Captured by Monkfry,
Pictures of People are added and subtracted from

this Flickr collection from time to time.

#Photography #People

23 August 2017  Daily Question

Has Grayson Perry run out of new ideas?



#Art #LBGT


Sometimes an Image says more for it's brevity than

by its sophistication, real or supposed.

#Photography  #Brevity


Politics and Conflict

#Photography  #GE17
#Politics #PoliticsandConflict


12  June 2017

Ann Garcia

Most favoured Artist on Flickr

#Photography #Art #Flickr #Autobio


25  October 2016

People snapped by Saramo

#Photography #People #Flickr



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