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22 May 2018







Picasso requires explanation even now in 2018, not least because of the notion of Cubism; he is said to have redirected art history more than once in his own lifetime.


Picasso appeals to classicists because he was an effortless draughtsman, and to modernists in awe of his radical challenges of the status quo(s).



Stage 1 

Mrs Monk photographed this assumed grandfather explaining Picasso to this small boy, as she made her way about the TateModern show

"Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy"



Explaining Picasso




Stage 2

Mrs Monk made this 2 minute sketch from the comfort of the mobility scooter provided by TateModern.



Sleeping Woman

 Pablo Picasso



Stage 3

This image is one of many unfinished paintings in one of ten rooms of the Tate Modern show, "Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy"

This image demonstrates the process Picasso adopted in 1932, and the choices he made about which "cartoons" he would complete with the apllication oil paint.


This particularly beautiful cartoon was not taken to the next stage of the Picasso process.  In that sense it was a reject.


I suggested that Mrs Monk might adopt Picasso's process of preparing a graphite cartoon before she started attacking it with paint.


"That's cheating," she said.



the virgin and child with st anne and st john the baptist




I told her that, "If Picasso was cheating, then so was Leonardo, and just about all other artists with the exception of Jackson Pollack"

(not to mention a few others, but I made my point nevertheless)


Explaining Brexit




Stage 4

Mrs Monk surprised me by making this cartoon the next day based on her Tate Modern sketch. (Pic 2)

She added the hat in Acrylic paint which is when I captured this image.


Knowing when to stop working a painting is part of the process but this train has no brakes.... 


The mobilty scooter has no brakes and there would be another story? Watch this space.



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