For the Love of Bob



Bob has the beguiling neediness

of a cat that is feral



by Monkles

21 Jan 2017

We know a Cat and we call him Bob.


Bob is a psychopath.


Nobody I know, who has met Bob, has not had their own blood let by Bob.


If we offer Bob cat food, he would eat it as an entrée and would act as if he had secured the procurement of it with his own initiative.


He would then be looking to eat the hand that fed him, quite literally.


If the chance came his way he would devour my liver and expect it to be served with favar beans. Bob might not expect my liver to be on his menu but he certainly would not exclude that option if it were ever made available to him.


Bob has the beguiling neediness of a cat that is feral, but what sucker would ever fall for such a doe-eyed love-me-do psycho beasty?


Everyone would.


Everyone I know, without exception, has endured the process of unrequitted love for Bob to the Nth degree,  and to then be attacked grievously causing actual bodily harm, drawing blood and causing sadness, if not clinical depression, anxiety, and the need of counselling.


Once bitten, I curse Bob in Anglo-Saxon English but Bob is from another place, Woodfield Road and has no idea to what extent he disappoints me.



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Seamus is Sick is the first page published on Shoestringonline in 2004 and became serialised as the story of the departure of Seamus and the arrival of Cat Flap Charlie.

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