By Monkles

13 May 2018


The Sangatte for Cats

to boldly cross the alley channel without a passport

#Brexit #travels  #AUTOBio

#freemovement #cats

Neighbours in our terraced avenue of cottages gave up the rear of their gardens to create an alley that is mutually beneficial creating off-street parking. 


The alley has been adopted by wildlife, cats and foxes, and other homo sapien neighbours who did not give up their gardens;  that is tolerated with good grace as long as it does not go too far.


Free movement is maintained without protest from either side of the Alley Channel.


Feral cats are not known for respecting the border that defines our land.


Occasionally they boldly cross the Alley Channel without a passport seeking a better life in our back yard, cat Shangri-La where they might find a free lunch and fresh turned ground to take a poop.


Some, like Bob, claim refugee status and Bob has discovered that there is no cruel Rudderless Amber or Maybot to enforce repatriation and send him packing to the Sangatte for Cats from whence he came on the other land across the Alley Channel, where there be dragons.


Bob is an illegal who does not give crap. He is a drain on the economy


We've started to call Bob, Kevin; another neigbour calls him Digby.


So many aliases? Cat needs papers.




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