The same three years
they give urban foxes.

The Jewish Christmas Tree

I had a choice of two religions


by Saramo

24 December 2006

REBORN  24 December 2017

I had a choice of two religions when I was young and growing up in America. If I chose to be a Lutheran, I would have to drive an hour to Pennsylvania with my mother and get up early on a Sunday; but if I chose to be a Methodist I could get up later on Sunday since the church was right across the street from my home.  I chose to be a Methodist so I could walk to church.  If there had been a synagogue across the street I would now be Jewish, which is what I wanted to be.


I think both my parents enjoyed my Methodist leanings; as they could sleep late on a Sunday and wave us goodbye as we crinkled in our crinoline dresses to church.


Later, when both my parents were dead I started to figure it out. I felt that I was probably a Jew, because I had an aunt named Miriam and an Uncle named Louie and another rich aunt and uncle who lived in a very nice bungalow in Miami.  I remember my father’s mother was always complaining and we all started to look Jewish the older we got.


Furthermore, I never bought anything at retail prices and always looked for bargains.


I am known to walk into a restaurant, feel the ambience, and walk out because I knew I could make the same thing at home, but cheaper. And my father used to say, when I admired a passing brand new car that wasn’t at least 5 years old, “But is it paid for?” His was, but it was an old Pontiac.


Our  tree this year is only half decorated and I call it my Jewish Christmas Tree.  I have subconsciously only decorated half of it; I guess so that the neighbours can get a feel for Christmas from the outside, since they can only see the tree above the window sill.  I consider myself now a  minimalist Jew


Anyway, it’s Christmas.  Be merry and bright.   


Mrs Monk


The Urban Fox


by Monkles

13 December 2006

REBORN 24 December  2017

Mrs Monk and I came upon this man of the street who had utilised a City Of Westminster Trash Can, and was happy to pose for this picture.


When we apprached him I recall he was polite, upbeat and respectful.


This week before Christmas 2017 we have been told that rough sleepers do not survive more than three years on the streets, the same number of years they give urban foxes.

by Monkles

UPDATE 24 December  2017

These stories were first published before the "Smart Phone", when such stories were bigger and were read on PCs.

Seems like yesterday.


For PC users The Jewish Christmas Tree, circa 2006 appeared like this on these pages.

It is duly noted that the corporates have since won , and the spirit of the philanthropic gift of the Internet by  Tim Berners-Lee, has now been fucked up. If good ever came as a consequence of the pursuit of profit, it is only the further pursuit of profit, which we shall call greed, that has now made things so much worse.

Nevertheless the debate about the merit of the concept of the Jewish Christmas Tree is ongoing. Just google it.  Yawn

Happy Christmas.



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