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These #BBCbias stories just don’t go away


The BBC were for generations celebrated for their conspicuous fearless journalism challenging the government of the day, but are now increasingly regarded as the servant of this Government, tempered, if not cowed by Tory charter and license fee reform.

Stories here are intended to keep the BBC on their toes.





2 July 2018  Daily Question


Skwawkbox inadvertantly claimed that the  BBC "came close" to being unbiased during the General Election.

Are they kidding....?

I also did a comprehensive diligent pedantic count of every contributor to all flagship BBC political programmes during the election and published the outcomes. BBC BIAS

28 March 2018  Daily Question


After a reasonably civilised discussion about anti-Semitism, and what else these days, what did Claire Perry say about Richard Burgon, on 


That he was 

"Fervently Anti-Semitic,"




Live on BBC Daily Politics.

Where did that come from?

Apparently Claire Perry had been expecting Richard Burgon to be embarrassed by Andrew Neil when he read out loud what the Daily Mail had said what Richard Burgon had allegedly said, and as if it were true.

"That is not my view," he said.

"Why would I say that?"

One for the lawyers?

26 March 2018  Daily Question 

Where is Jenny?



Enter Jenny Mason a Jew

 and a defender of Corbyn.





As we all know The BBC never covers demos in Parliament Square particularly if initiated by Labour.


But the perceived Anti-Corbyn Anti-Semitism rally was not only covered by BBC News, it was promoted and trailed on the BBC Daily Politics that preceded the Rally.


It does seem to me that Jews are outnumbered by anti-Corbyn Gentiles defending Jews, if not exploiting Jews, to get at Jeremy Corbyn.


Jeremy Corbyn  is not remotely anti-Semitic or anything like a racist of any kind. 


This Daily Politics is weighted against Corbyn with main stream players, with anti Corbyn agendas included contributions by Conservative MP Gillian Keegan and Blairite Labour's Rachel Reeves, the Sun's Tom Newton Dunn, Lucy Fisher and yes, Jo Coburn herself. They all discussed the matter as if Corbyn were deeply implicated in anti-Semitism.


The programme was structured as follows.


Fifteen minutes of uninterrupted Anti-Corbyn Anti-Semitism smearing, Followed by token testimony and interrogation of a Corbyn supporter.


Enter Jenny Mason, a Jew, and a defender of Corbyn.


Jenny was extremely keen to respond to everything that was said against Corbyn in the first fifteen minutes of the programme, and  before she was invited to speak.


Jenny was interrupted a dozen times by Jo Coburn who was determined to deny her the free rein that all others had been given.


However Jenny Mason fought doggedly for Corbyn and outperformed all others including Jo Coburn.


How odd that all Anti-Corbyn contributors are listed on The Daily Politics Web page and Jenny Mason is left out and not even mentioned. 


25 March 2018  Daily Question 

What is The Truth about

The AntiSemite Spy

and his

Vegetable Plot?





Jeremy Corbyn’s character has been examined like no other politician. 

This week he has been branded an anti-Semite, last week a Spy, and The BBC have taken both smears seriously as if either or both charges were ever credible. Both are ludicrous.


Laura Kuenssberg felt she had had to test Jeremy with the notorious “shoot to kill” question, as if it were in any doubt that Corbyn would not be steadfast in defence of anyone who might be in danger of attack.


Kuenssberg and THE BBC were forced to apologise and buried the apology where it could not be easily found.


But I wonder if Kuenssberg would feel obliged to ask Theresa May the same question. In the unlikely event that Laura Kuenssberg would feel obliged to test Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s character on equal terms, I would suggest she asks both of them the same following Question...


"Margaret Thatcher was willing to

“Shoot and Kill”

1000 Argentinean conscripts when she gave the order to sink the Belgrano when she knew it was sailing away from the Falklands conflict."


"Would you have given the same order?"


Nobody has any doubt that Jeremy Corbyn and any other worthy statesman or woman would have said emphatically “No” but what reply would Theresa May give?


I wager she would reply, 


“I don’t ask hypothetical questions”


However the question is unlikely to be asked.



said The Sun newspaper.


The BBC is Biased against Jeremy Corbyn and it has been extremely personal from the moment he became leader of The Labour Party.


The whole story has been covered by these pages. The pattern is well established, the evidence is irrevocable.





22  November 2015
Kuenssberg’s Killer Question

19 March 2018  Daily Question 


Is there a “pattern” of reactionary BBC Bias smearing Jeremy Corbyn as a would-be “traitor,” and one that is apparently willing to put the British public at risk?


Yes there is?






If we are to conclude that a "pattern of behaviour" is proof, then proof is what we have in spades, that the BBC is biased.



Those Tory Tabloid headlines are already unravelling as we speak.


Notably, Owen Jones embarrassed Newsnight live on air. The BBC thought it appropriate to air brush an image of Corbyn with a backdrop of the Kremlin. 

Peter Hitchens for all his sins, including writing for the Daily Mail, and yes, for being  a bit of a pompous arse, wrote with undeniable conviction,  ..


“The treatment of Jeremy Corbyn, both by politicians and many in the media, for doing what he is paid for and leading the Opposition, seems to me to be downright shocking.” 


When Laura Kuensberg misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn on the shoot to kill question, the BBC was obliged to apologise, but did so where it would not be seen or heard.


When the Tory tabloids put out that kind of bullshit, I would expect the BBC to find a measured response and not one that gave such headlines the oxygen of fake credibility.


How keen were the Tories and the BBC to make Jeremy Corbyn the  story in order to avoid his truthful message.


History punishes liars and has already rewarded Jeremy Corbyn for being a statesman doing his job. This will continue.


Meanwile the BBC fake message appears to be that Corbyn is soft on our enemies and hard on #BBCbias .


When was the truth abandoned by the BBC?






Read also.....



21 January 2018  Daily Question

Is The BBC Biased?

Give Over





 Theresa May is so eager to distance the government from the Carillion scandal by claiming that the Government was the "customer" and not the "manager" of Carillion.

An extract of PMQS last Wednesday was broadcast on BBC Sunday Politics today allowing May to make that point as if it were true.


In fact the Government is responsible for the "management" of the contract that allowed this scandal to happen and the Government are wholly responsible for abuses that arise from the shortcomings of that contact.


An extract of Jeremy Corbyn's response to May was also televised on BBC Sunday Politics.


Corbyn called the Carillion contract "a costly racket of the relationship of the Government with Carillion", but his actual words were cut at the word "racket" so as not to include his accusation of blame attributed to the Government.


Don't tell me the BBC is not biased.


Give over.






14 January 2018  Daily Question

If it is wrong of John McDonell to repeat what someboddy else said about Ester MCVey,

why would it be OK for the BBC hounds to do the

very same, again, and again, and again?

The Bias of The BBC Hounds

#BBCbias  #bbcdp


8 January 2018  Daily Question

Who Needs Another Expert

on the NHS?

free market ideologue republican gothic


#BBCbias  #bbcdp

10 December 2017  Daily Question

How Dare Toby Young Tell Lies

on BBC  Sunday Politics?

#BBCbias #TheLieDetector #bbcdp

Toby Young's Lies


The BBC has become the story....
#BBCbias #Hippo #ToryLauraK
This is not the BBC I grew up with.


21 November 2017  Daily Question

How do you find a wart on a housefly?






22 October 2017  Daily Question

Why does Laura Kuensberg always

accomodate and flatter

the Tory view?



We have now moved on from the accepted routine of  BBC bias-denier rhetoric.

This writer has done the work.

Shoestring Chronicle put in the hours during the 2017 Election;  84 hours of diligent objective logistic analysis were published on these pages.

There is no doubt that the BBC is biased in favour of the Tories.

The BBC did not follow public opinion during GE17, it directed public opinion with undue bias against Jeremy Corbyn and in favour of Theresa May.

The bias was so palpable that the electorate saw through it with ease.

There was a stench of BS and the odour of contempt for the BBC lingers.

The BBC now relies on the condescending main stream media slur that the public were misled by social media, as if social media were not entitled to claim it was an authentic voice of the electorate.

The BBC is biased. We have moved on from that assertion and that reality.

The BBC must now earn the respect and confidence of Social Media.



Read this piece by Skwawkbox. BBC Bias stories just don't go away.

LauraK’s Brexit piece is an example of what frustrates so many.



Screen capture from BBC Website

06 October 2017  Daily Question

As an inpartial BBC journalist when was

Laura Kuensberg entitled to have a VIEW?




16 September 2017  Daily Question

Why does The Daily Telegraph not allow

comments on their articles?

The Tory


The Socialist

#GenderPolitics #BBCbias


The Truth about Lying

7 August 2017  Daily Question

Does the BBCNews tell the Truth when

they Accomodate Liars?

To accommodate a liar is to tell a lie.

#studentloans #BBCbias #Corbyn



22 July 2017  Daily Question

Should BBC women be paid more,

or should  BBC men be paid less?

#BBCBias #EmploymentLaw #GenderPolitics


We Shall See



09 July 2017  Daily Question

If you accuse Laura Kuenssberg of political bias,

does that make you a misogynist?







10  May 2017

When you hear the BBC refer to something “unscientific” they are about to broadcast something unflattering about Jeremy Corbyn. I refer to the so called "Mood Box” on Daily Politics and elsewhere.

This is not the only method the BBC has for courting unflattering opinions of Jeremy Corbyn.

See this  SKWAWKBOX story

#Hippo #BBCbias  #GE17 #ToryLauraK



10  May 2017

May the “Marxist”

#Maybot #GE17

To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher's boast that she created Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn's finest achievement thus far is that he has turned Theresa May into a "Marxist".

Andrew Marr started the name-calling directed at John McDonnell last Sunday. One day later May announced the Tory "Marxist" pledge to fix the privatised energy market in order to protect barely managing consumers being ripped off by a "rigged market". You couldn't make it up.

A crowded middle ground of Blairites and Tories deregulated the Banks and created the catastrophic crash and the subsequent austerity and the fall in standards of living.

Now it seems, we are all Marxists.

But where is the constant authentic voice, and where is the contrived stage managed robot that cannot be trusted?


7  May 2017

Tory Laura’s Labour Stew

 #Hippo #BBCbias  #GE17 #ToryLauraK

The BBC received a number of complaints about a tweet by Laura Kuensberg, April 24th, and have responded. Full text below.

I say they have responded, but they leave the readers guessing as to who might have complained and what tweet they were complaining about. Space was not made available on the BBC website to repeat the offending 140 characters, so readers were not allowed to know what they were talking about. Nor did they publish the complaints.
This, I believe, is the offending tweet ....



LauraK is a prolific tweeter and it could have been any of her 22 tweets that offended on that day.

I found the BBC defence of this tweet by chance. I followed a small BBC website link off another small BBC website link. It can only be found by the most determined and persistent slooth, in pursuit of the truth.

"Let Labour stew in its own juice," is Kuensberg’s imagined reasoning and justification for May’s absence from, in this case, the Trident debate.

'Laura Kuenssberg also excused Theresa May's failure to agree to a TV debate with the other party leaders including Jeremy Corbyn. (Daily Politics 19th April).
She has form.

Forgiving May comes naturally to Laura K. She knows very well May despises unpredictable and challenging unscripted debates.

Far from confronting Theresa May with her failure to show leadership in any unscripted TV debate, Laura Kuenssberg cuddles May with comfortable excuses.

“As the BBC’s Political Editor, Laura can’t publish ‘personal’ views on politics.” is a phrase included in the BBC response to the complaints.

The phrase “to let Labour stew in its own juices,” is not intended to flatter Labour and is not a phrase uttered by a Tory. It is a phrase invented by Laura Kuenssberg, in support of the Tories.



So this is the somewhat complacent response from the BBC hidden away in the most remote regions of the BBC website, where it is most unlikely to be seen.

This is not the BBC I grew up with.



5 April  2017



The BBC has become the story....

#BBCbias #Hippo #ToryLauraK

The BBC has an institutional disapproval of Jeremy Corbyn as The leader of the Labour Party.

The BBC accommodates such views with overbearing weight unbalanced by alternative points of view.

The BBC intentionally promotes and normalises anti-Corbyn sentiment.

The BBC intentionally fails to analyse the policy differences between Jeremy Corbyn and other political views and routinely relies on banal and easily contrived matters of personality.

Accordingly, the BBC corrupts the political debate and affects public opinion, and also affects those self justifying prophecies of the flawed opinion polls with alarming circularity and predictability.

And yes, the BBC, once the fearless respected arbiter of objective news, is now proactively willing to affect public opinion and therefore the outcome of parliamentary elections.

The BBC would say they are reflecting public opinion, as if they were not responsible for creating public opinion. The evidence is to the contrary. BBC anti-Corbyn bias is palpable.

If you google "BBC bias" you will be directed to BBC stories about BBC Bias. The BBC is on the defensive. The BBC has become the story.

And where the BBC leads, other networks follow. Some say the BBC is the poodle being led.



23  March 2017
The Police did it Right, however... the MSM?
#BBCbias #msm #c4News

I found myself watching unedifying 24 Hour News on many platforms and some politicians failing to cope with yesterday's “terrorist” attack. First came the novice reporters on the ground struggling to describe without a script what was going on when they had no idea of what was going on.

Then came a wave of heavyweight reporters, Nick Robinson and others gave their perspective of their "no idea" of what was going on, but more eloquently laced with a knowing gravitas.

The media desire to hold the attention of their audience was desperate as it often is in such moments of crisis, and they should have taken the lead from the Police. The  constabulary put the media in their place, literally so beyond the cordon. Politicians were locked in for hours where they could do no harm.

I decided to ignore the 24 Hour News and wait for Channel Four News by which time clear heads might prevail.

The Police handled the situation with a clear understanding of what might be said and what might not be said about the matter.

Pointedly they refused to identify or speculate about the identity of the perpetrator or the victims and asked the media not to do so.

Simon Israel of Channel Four news ignored that request, and incorrectly identified the criminal by name.

This day at least they failed to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.



20  March 2017



Acrimony or Harmony?

News without #BBCbias undermining Jeremy Corbyn is hard to find.

Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn issued a harmonious joint statement today saying they "recognised the right of groups across the spectrum of Labour's broad church to discuss their views and try to influence the party so long as they operate within the rules".

And "No one speaks for the leadership except the leadership themselves and their spokespeople,"
However, The BBC felt obliged to suggest acrimony with the headline.

Tom Watson attacks Momentum-Unite Labour 'plot'

Acrimony or Harmony?

And "No one speaks for the leadership except the leadership themselves and their spokespeople,"
However, The BBC felt obliged to suggest acrimony with the headline.

George Osborne attacks May’s Vanity Portrait.

George Osborne got to mention out loud and promote his new employer, “The Evening Standard,” today in the House of Commons without mentioning or complimenting Theresa May’s Voque Vanity portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

Acrimony or Harmony?

News without #BBCbias undermining

Jeremy Corbyn is hard to find.



15  March 2017

The Rats Gathered
#BBCbias #ElectoralFraud
#electoralreform #PMQT

Tory Laura cannot resist blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the Hammond / May Election Promise betrayal and U-turn fiasco.

The main stream media are symbiotically obsessed with undermining Jeremy Corbyn even when he is on the side of the angels.

During last week’s PMQT the MSM applauded Hammond’s prepared jokes as if that justified the abject failure of his budget.

It took a while for the rats to gather and gnaw on their own; blue on blue Tory flesh.

This week the MSM blamed Jeremy Corbyn for not being rude enough about Hammond and May. I am not at all convinced that sinking that low was necessary and makes me feel good and proud to be a Corbyn supporter.

JC may well be a saint. I would have told May and Hammond and Kuensburg to fuck off.


#BBCbias #ElectoralFraud
#electoralreform #PMQS



27  February 2017


And The Winner Is.. #BBCbias

Jeremy Hunt who is accused of covering up the scale of the NHS data loss scandal because that story did not even make the BBC headlines today.

They did however find space to use the word “unhinged” to describe Shadow chancellor John McDonnell defence of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

This is not a joke on La La Land.

 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #NHS



26  February 2017


Issue Free Zone
 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #byelection #marr

The BBC and all main stream media discuss Jeremy Corbyn's leadership in every news bulletin, panel discussion from Loose Women to Newsnight, and never do they discuss his policy or his values.

On Marr this morning Baroness Chakrabarti was not asked about Policy and had to persist against the predictable assault on the Labour leader.

The BBC is an issue free zone when it comes to Corbyn. The relentless leadership question is rhetorical and banal and wilfully undermining of the Labour leader.  

When the BBC covered the byelection results they explained that all canvassers were confronted on the door step by would-be voters questioning Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

I wonder where they got that idea?

 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #byelection #marr



13  January 2017
Authentic Trousers
#BBCbias #Hippo


Dear Conservative Campaign Headquarters, thank you for your email.

You said , "On Tuesday, the Labour leader U-turned, saying that Labour will not take control over immigration"
Not at all sure that Jeremy Corbyn said that but he, like Theresa May, voted to REMAIN and as such they both endorsed the notion of Free Movement within the EU whilst wanting to reform the EU albeit for different reasons.

If you wish to undermine Jeremy Corbyn on these terms, it would also be incumbent on you to undermine your very own Theresa May, since she voted for REMAIN and is therefore in favour of Free Movement. She kept it quiet, but that is what she did with her binary choice.

Obviously you and The Guardian and the BBC and the right wing press are out to trap and undermine Jeremy Corbyn on this subject and have given May a free rein to have a free reign.

However, Corbyn is the only authentic voice for social justice. Theresa May has authentic but inconsequential leather trousers. Very brown they are.

#BBCbias #Hippo



12  January 2017


I’m So Vain
#BBCbias  #GuardianBias  #Hippo

Well done Jeremy Corbyn for disappointing the BBC and the Guardian and for not falling into their "free movement" traps.

Both have failed to avoid reporting what Jeremy actually said on the subject because that did not provide them with an opportunity to undermine him.

So then came the snide smears.

Suzanne Moore's arrogant bile in the Guardian says more about Suzanne Moore's vanity, than the views of Jeremy Corbyn and what he has said on the subject of "free movement". Had she contradicted his views that would be to expose herself as a bigot.

Where Suzanne Moore provides no evidence or context, The Canary did otherwise. The Guardian and the BBC continue to fail to impress.

The BBC has taken it way too far.


Yes, He Can

The BBC question is forever, "Can Corbyn win?" and never "What does Corbyn stand for?"

#BBCbias #ToryLauraK #Newsnight #YesHeCan
It may not be incumbent upon the BBC to endorse a politician of any particular persuasion, but it is equally inappropriate for them not to undermine the capability of any particular man or woman, with no account or discussion of the views they represent.

To endlessly speculate whether a Jeremy Corbyn might win a General Election is a self-serving prophecy. The BBC should shut the fuck up, leave out the personal deprecations and stick to meaningful balanced discussion of policy.

Priority No 1 ought to be Social Justice, lest it be forgotten altogether.

#BBCbias #ToryLauraK #Newsnight #YesHeCan



16  December 2016


The Hee Bee Gee Bees

When When the Democrats complained about Putin interfering in the US election that gave us the farce of a President-elect Trump, we were then bound to reflect on Murdoch’s part in that election of Trump through the weighted medium of Fox TV.

 And then we might consider the small matter of Murdoch’s interference in consecutive UK elections for his own commercial gain?

Media mogul man Rupert Murdoch is the foreign king-maker deciding who will be our next Prime Minister.
When James Murdoch faced questioning by the Leveson enquiry he claimed the BBC had unfair commercial advantage over SKY.

Then followed the Tory trimming of the BBC budget, a corruption and a compromise of BBC independence and indeed bias.

It is inconceivable that the Murdochs did not receive promises from Cameron in exchange for his support.
Murdoch is again trying it on with another  SKY take-over bid.

#BBCbias #Hippo #Murdoch



2  November 2016
Unfunny Hilarity
#BBCbias  #Hippo  #MayDay

Today on PMQs Corbyn challenged May on the subject of New Tory welfare benefit sanctions, the issue and concern of  Ken Loach’s new movie, I Daniel Blake, awarded the Palme D'Or at Cannes.

The Guardian Online picked up on what Jeremy Corbyn had said and which I personally believe to be true.

He said "It’s time we ended this institutional barbarity against the most vulnerable people in the system."

Good point said the Guardian, but then they said that May's response was equally effective and a match for Corbyn.

She said "The Labour party is drifting away from the views of working-class people. It is this (Tory) party that knows how to support them."

This mind boggling claim is ever more remarkable given the endorsement of the Guardian, claiming that Theresa May’s response was somehow justified. The Guardian therefore continues to undermine Corbyn instinctively and without justification or reason.

How did the BBC Online report on PMQs?

The BBC had little to say about the matter just, 79 words more or less following the Guardian lead, but did however dedicate 383 words of unfunny "hilarity" describing Theresa May’s “hilarious” mistake regarding the birth of Corbyn’s Grandson. Its the way she says ‘em apparently.

This of course says a lot more about the sycophancy of the BBC coverage of May, that they had so little or no space to reflect on the "institutional barbarity" discussed by Ken Loach and Jeremy Corbyn.

#BBCbias  #Hippo  #MayDay


What exactly is a Marxist?

20  September 2016


David Dimbleby knowingly referred to John McDonnell as a "Marxist" on last week’s BBC Question Time.

And just what exactly is a Marxist?

Dimbleby was of course using "Marxist" as a toxic shorthand signal to his audience, his panel and Daily Mail readers everywhere who have no clue about what a Marxist might amount to. The panel of cronies duly took DimbleDon's lead and abused McDonnell accordingly, as they simultaneously accused McDonnell of abusing others.

We know that Margaret Thatcher was not a Marxist, because she believed there is no such thing as "society". 


That was of course the kind of nonsense that set us all on a course of Tory and Blairite ideological "privatisation."

At least we now all know what "privatisation" is and that handle is now so toxic that even Daily Mail readers are likely to bulk at the prospect of any more of it. The Tories are obliged to lie about their continuing plans for ever more privatisation and the Blairites continue to claim that they are free of blame.

Yes, even the dumb arse Daily Mail readers are a little bit Marxist without even knowing it.

Shame on DimbleDon for playing semantic games to help the Tories.

 #BBCBias #BBCQT #ImWithCorbyn #ToryLauraK



14  September 2016


The BBC headline clip from the Laura Kuenssberg interview with Owen Smith is notable for the question and not for the answer.

"Are you suggesting that he (Jeremy Corbyn) is lying?"

Owen Smith, did not say, "No, of course I am not saying that, and by the way that is an outrageous question deigned to malign and undermine Jeremy Corbyn's reputation for honesty"

He did however equivocate and set about undermining Labour election prospects as if that were in the interest of the Labour Party.

 #BBCBias #ToryLauraK #ImWithCorbyn



10  January 2016
Machiavellian Kuenssberg News

Laura Kuenssberg’s spurious “news” about Jeremy Corbyn.
#Kuenssberg #Corbyn #BBC



4  May 2016

Tory Fraud or Error?
BBC Bias or Objectivity?
#Democracy #ElectoralReform #BBCBias

If you search, "Electoral Fraud" on the BBC website you will not find any mention of the Channel Four allegations of Tory Fraud in the last election.

If you search, "Election Expenses Error", you will find the BBC discussions of the news story which fail to mention the keyword......“fraud”.



22  November 2015
Kuenssberg’s Killer Question

When is it right to kill many good men in order

to kill one bad man? LW111

#Sorrel #Lawson #Kuenssberg #Corbyn #Clark



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