Jo Johnson had a malfunction with Google in his pocket determined to tell him what to say lest he forgot to smear Jeremy Corbyn


by Monkles

13 April 2018

13 April 2018  Daily Question 

Own up #BBCQT.

What gives?






Last night I said to Mrs Monk, "#BBCQT is back and this is the one  BBC political show where the BBC can't determine what anyone might say."


She said, "The audience is fixed and everyone knows that."


"Don't be silly", I said.


The audience in Liverpool was hardly Liverpudlian and seemed to be imported from South Kensington, or Parson's Green, so maybe she has a point.


The panel and questions were as always selected by the programme, but the charge that the audience is bussed-in by the BBC is starting to stick. Familiar conservative faces and voices seem to reappear in different parts of the country from week to week .


So, own up #BBCQT. What gives?


This first week of the new season has selected questions that seem  determined to challenge Jeremy Corbyn as if he were the Government in Office requiring to be held to account.


The BBC is required to examine themselves according to the charter that governs them. 


So, own up #BBCQT. What gives?


In #BBCQT it is the Questions that do the political damage and frequently get applause, and the answers that disappoint.


A real Liverpudlian in the back row of the audience, in the rafters was too far fro the Microphone to be heard "so don't bother," said David Dimbleby.  


The Liverpool audience had listened to 4 members of the panel smear Jeremy Corbyn with Racism directed at Jews. Barry Gardener was outnumbered but a star nevertheless.


However Boris Johnson's brother Jo had a malfunction with Google  in his pocket determined to tell him what to say lest he forgot to smear Jeremy Corbyn.  When Jo Johnson speaks he does so weirdly and without moving his lips.  It is uncanny. He needs help in so many ways.


We now know that Jo Johnson had the principle task of laying down the principle that The Prime Minister may go to war without consulting Parliament.


A mute point that will be revisited.




I called Andrew Neil a "political brat" yesterday because he was found to be breaching the BBC charter on non BBC platforms.


Today Neil posted his own Interview with Owen Smith overdubbed with fake news laughter in order to mock the Owen Jones criticism of Andrew Neil published in The Guardian.

In fact Owen Jones was generous about  Andrew Neil's qualities but he did not spare Neil with the charge of anti-Semitism and hypocrisy. 

Neil does of course thinks he is a comedian but there is nothing less funny than a Tory man that thinks he is funny; this his would be the behaviour of the political Brat I described yesterday.






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