Kuenssberg’s Killer Question

#Corbyn #shoottokill #GE17 #BBCbias

By Monkles

6 June 2017


I wrote the November 2015 article (below) because I could see how Laura Kuenssberg was attempting to nail Jeremy Corbyn with an inappropriate unequivocal form of words.

She failed to do so and subsequently misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn.

Subsequently The BBC trust investigated the matter and found that Kuenssberg had indeed misrepresented Jeremy Corbyn.

Kuenssberg then received an award for her work.


The BBC trust then conducted another review and upheld their earlier decision that the award winning Kuenssberg did in fact misrepresent Jeremy Corbyn.

Her misrepresentation has been repeated endlessly. The BBC has propagated the lie by not removing it from their Website.

Today Boris Johnson was not challenged when he repeated the lie on Sky News in order to undermine Jeremy Corbyn.


#Corbyn #shoottokill #GE17 #BBCbias


By Monkles

22 November 2015


Kuenssberg’s Killer Question

#Corbyn #shoottokill #GE17 #BBCbias


BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg asked Jeremy Courbyn this following question.

"If you were Prime Minister, would you be happy to order people, police or military to shoot-to-kill on Britain's Streets?"


As I know from the first chapter of my copy of Philosophy for Dummies there is no unequivocal easy answer to this question.


In Philosophy for Dummies, chapter 2, I learnt that the quality of the question is more relevant than the answer.


Kuenssberg asked if Jeremy was "happy" to kill and that word alone would have alarmed Jeremy.  What kind of monster would be "happy" to kill? and more to the point, what answer would David Cameron have given without equivocating about consequences and collateral damage?



Mr Corbyn answered the question by saying he was "not happy with the shoot-to-kill policy in general" and "the idea you end up with a war on the streets is not a good thing... I think that is quite dangerous and I think can often be counterproductive". He also said that force should be used only when, and if, strictly necessary.


I have yet to disagree with Jeremy Corbyn on anything that he has said, thus far and I fail to understand how this answer has morphed into accusations of treachery and betrayal.


Jeremy knew he would be abused and misrepresented by Tories and the Tory media, but he has also been attacked by Labour intellectuals who may be even more intent on damaging Jeremy than any Tory rag or BBC hack.

Labour “supporter” Martin Amis attacked Jeremy for his lack of humour and education without reference to his views.


And on this week’s Any Questions, Professor, and former Labour Home Secretary Charles Clarke said, "Jeremy Corbyn does not grasp the core issues and I don't respect him." Clark would seem to resent and  oppose Jeremy Corbyn without troubling himself by addressing his views.


I will keep checking because these erudite academics have a lot to say about what Jeremy Corbyn might mean but very little to say about what Jeremy Corbyn actually says.


With friends like these, I would now call that treachery and betrayal.


Also on the Any Questions panel was former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Lawson who says he finds it difficult to understand Corbyn's mindset. "He's Crazy." was his considered view. Lawson then revealed his own mindset claiming that "Collateral damage is OK, (when killing), but should be minimised." and also said "we need to co-operate with the Russians".


Finally, the businessman Sir Martin Sorrell said that he does not agree with Jeremy Corbyn "at all," but then unwittingly did agree with him when he said "Bombing Syria is not necessarily a good thing. Just bombing for revenge can be counter productive."


Exactly! Well said Martin Sorrell. You agree with Jeremy Corbyn without intending to do so.


"When is it right to kill many good men

in order to kill one bad man?"



Philosophy for Dummies

#Corbyn #shoottokill #GE17 #BBCbias

What kind of monster would be "happy" to kill?

#Corbyn #shoottokill #GE17 #BBCbias


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