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Machiavellian May

May's  Politicking
#BBCbias #ToryLauraK #MayDay 
#sameoldtories #Brexit


by Monkles

6 Oct 2016

Theresa May's Tory conference speech was bound to unravel by the end of the day, if not as she spoke.
And she spoke as Boris looked on wondering what might have been, had he adopted a May-like low profile during the Brexit campaign.

But it must have hurt Boris, when May eulogised the "British spirit of standing up for what you believe in....." when she had done nothing of the kind during the Brexit campaign.

Perversely, Boris stood up for what he didn't believe in. How Boris was that?

May's Machiavellian politicking oiled her speech copiously with insincere non sequiturs, bizarre inexactitudes, down right lies and stupefying over-rehearsed sound bites.
The Tory faithful lapped it up.

BBC Laura Kuenssberg smiled obsequiously when interviewing May, as if embarrassed to ask her about being an unelected PM without a mandate. May dodged the question and Laura K kept smiling.


May's  Politicking
#BBCbias #ToryLauraK #MayDay 
#sameoldtories #Brexit


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