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The Politics of Misogyny
How the main stream media might

exploit the abuse of these women.

#GenderPolitics #BBCbias

by Monkles

16 September 2017

I am mindful of the alleged misogynist abuse of female journalists and politicians.


I followed the Skwawkbox item on this subject, which led me to the Daily Telegraph piece.


I then found myself comparing and contrasting how the Telegraph dealt with the verbal abuse directed at both Diane Abbott and Laura Kuenssberg.


I baulked at the notion that verbal abuse of women is more damaging than abuse directed at men. We are told that Jeremy Corbyn frequently receives death threats. The scale of personal abuse generated by main stream media directed at Corbyn was relentlessly offensive and may well have influenced the outcome of the General Election.


We wondered how Jeremy might survive the assault, and feared for his well-being.


The Daily Telegraph has written two recent stories of interest.


I believe Laura Kuenssberg has received much social media abuse. The Telegraph ran a story about what BBC chair Sir David Clementi has allegedly said about ‘aggressive abuse’ of Kuenssberg, but they have done so with some kind of tenuous spin apparently intending to deceive and connect Corbyn with the abuse.


Clementi is extensively quoted by The Telegraph in their article, but no Clementi quotation substantiated or supported the Telegraph headline or their story.


Corbyn and Kuenssberg were not named by Clementi, but were named by The Telegraph. This therefore had the whiff of another manufactured story with opinion disguised as "news".


Jeremy Vine of the BBC tweeted The Telegraph headline as if it were gospel, and was then obliged to qualify his tweet. The qualification did not attempt to compete with, or attempt to contradict the Daily Telegraph article.


Fake Tory News wins. Vine did not answer Clara's call for more.


The Telegraph also ran another story concerning the verbal misogynistic racial abuse of Diane Abbott. You will find some crocodile tears for the abuse of Diane in this piece.


Here, the would-be story was the offence Diane caused by using the "N" word on TV.

The Telegraph failed to associate Theresa May with the abusers of Diane Abbot because that would be a dumb arse thing to do.

Absent is any political BS associating the abuse of Diane with the Tories.

The faux outrage of the Telegraph is of course ridiculous since she was the victim quoting the language of the abuser.

The Telegraph is a Tory rag so we might expect it to treat a black female Labour Member of Parliament somewhat differently.

Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC Political Editor, has been called a Tory, on these pages, not in order to cause offence, but  to challenge her palpable inculcated BBCbias in favour of the Tories. Something that she shares with the Daily Telegraph

I felt compelled to write openly to the Telegraph to make my point, but unlike other fearless open transperent media, they do not allow "free comment" on their web site.


They have a closed shop. Quelle surprise?


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