Disproportionate Representation


Democracy, what Democracy?
#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud

by Monkles 

06  Feb 2017


The British Government has offered the following reasoning in favour of Disproportionate Representation in future General Elections; otherwise known as the "First Past the Post System" system.


"The Government’s manifesto made a commitment to respect the will of the British people as expressed in the 2011 UK Parliamentary elections voting system referendum and keep the First Past the Post system for elections to the House of Commons. The Government, therefore, has no plans to change the voting system for elections to the House of Commons."


Since the voting system referendum in May 2011, public opinion has changed for many reasons particularly because of the undemocratic and disproportionate outcome of the 2015 General Election. The Conservatives gained 23.5 % of the electoral vote and that gave them 331 MPS and complete control of the House of Commons.


UKIP and the Greens are diametrically opposed politically, but they did receive in that election about a half of the total conservative vote. However, they are each represented in Parliament by just one Member of Parliament. This is not a "democracy" worthy of the name.


The Government also says,


"The Government is concerned that proportional voting systems would weaken the direct constituency link which is a key feature of our Parliamentary system, and under a proportional system the voting process is more complicated for the voter."


The British public are not quite as stupid as the government might think but even if we were all so ignorant, it would not justify the so called undemocratic "First Past the Post System". That would be, and is therefore an expression of contempt of democracy by the Cabinet Office. In fact this government has just imposed a far more complicated EU Referendum on the great British Electorate and they cannot bring themselves to tell it as it is. So much for “the direct constituency link.” MPs were found crying over the  dilemma of career over integrity during this last week’s Article 50 vote. This “constituency link” is perhaps not the panacea of democracy the Cabinet Office claims. The hypocrisy of would be grown up MPs is exposed.


The Government also says,


"The Government’s view is that the First Past the Post voting system is the best system for elections to the House of Commons. The system is well established and understood by voters and provides a clear link between constituents and their representatives in Parliament. More often than not, it results in a government with a working majority in Parliament making decisive government possible."


For  “decisive government,” read, do-as-they-please without democratic compromise and integrity.


"First Past the Post System" voting system favours the establishment parties who have an interest maintaining the status quo. But our Parliamentary democracy is now broken and corrupt and that game is up.


"At the voting system referendum in May 2011, electors were asked whether the Alternative Vote system (AV) should be used instead of the First Past the Post system for electing members of the House of Commons. The referendum produced a clear result with over 13 million voters rejecting the option for change to move away from the First Past the Post system, compared to over 6 million voters who voted for change."


Cabinet Office


We have moved on since the so called AV debate. Parliament and Politics is now considered with ever increasing popular dissent, and it is now time to fix our democracy once and for all.


Please put your name to this proposal.


#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud


by Monkles 

04 June 2017


Much has happened since this article was first written; our disproportionate representation has created the chaos of Brexit, Tory scapegoating of the poor, and obscene hand outs to the most wealthy.


Jeremy Corbyn may be the last untainted human being on the planet


I say that because I am old enough to know better but also because, as a former Liberal Democrat, I admit to failing to meet Jeremy Corbyn's high standards of flawless integrity and judgement.


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