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reborn 11 July 2017

The Barking Hodge Distraction


22 July 2018  Daily Question

Who finds the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism incontrovertible?









26 April 2018  Daily Question 

What is anti Semitism by proxy?





23 April 2018  Daily Question 

Will May survive April?

Theresa May's days are numbered, or should be.





#too little too late


Theresa May's days are numbered, or should be.


The former head of the civil service, has declined to name the ministers who were alarmed by the policy to destroy the landing cards, but they presumably know who they are and should come clean.


May is class A hypocrite.


She was a construct of the media, a contrived "safe pair of hands". How soon that fiction passed from the main stream media to the supermarket check-out line. 


She called and won an election but she was already a loser.

The loss is now terminal and this is or should be the end.




PS, If she clings on, it will be ugly.


#too little too late



3 April 2018  Daily Question 

Who are The Wrong Jews?






According to a BBC Andrew Neil tweet, Jews who agree with Jeremy Corbyn and support Palestinian rights, are "nutters."


Andrew Neil once paid a holocaust denier a fortune to publish his antisemetic story. Thaht happened when Neil was working for Rupert Murdoch at The Sunday Times.


By Andrew Neil's own very high standards and example, Andrew Neil is an anti-Semite picking on The Wrong Jews.  


If Andrew Neil were a Labour Party member he would be suspended by the Party immediately, then investigated and if found to be anti-Semitic, he who would be expelled.


However, Andrew Neil is not a Labour member, he is a Tory and a class A hypocrite that works for the BBC where he is free to smear and accuse Jeremy Corbyn and be a an utter prick with abundant #BBCBias as if that were acceptable in any way whatsoever.

9 February 2018  Daily Question

What happened One Year Ago

and what happened Today?

Frozen Butts


Tory Sweethearts

 That anticipated pre pee stage.

Council Tax is the Tory bastard prodigy of Thatcher and Major.

#classwar #Waitrose




Jacob Rees-Mogg was made to feel unwelcome in Bristol.


5 February 2018  Daily Question

Why did the BBC Sunday Politics not show the footage of the white shirt muscle man punching a woman in the face?


Could it be that it was because he was a Jacob Rees-Mogg supporter and that would not sit well with the BBC anti Corbyn message.
BBC presenter Sarah Smith called it a "scuffle", but she will know there was no physical abuse of Jacob Rees-Mogg at all and no "scuffle" until white shirt muscle man forced his way through the crowd and punched a woman in the face?



22 January 2018  Daily Question

What was the story

One Year Ago?

Theresa May's Leather Trousers and BBC Bias

These pages called The Guardian and the BBC for undermining

Jeremy Corbyn and giving Theresa May

a free rein to have a free reign.

The extravagant  shitty brown trousers

bode the election


Theresa May



and continuing relentless BBC Tory Bias
Corbyn remains the only authentic voice for social justice.



18 January 2018  Daily Question

How Do Tories Defend The Tory

Free Market Economy

when it fails?

Post Carillion Plc






14 January 2018  Daily Question

If it is wrong of John McDonell to repeat what someboddy else said about Ester MCVey,

why would it be OK for the BBC hounds to do the

very same, again, and again, and again?

The Bias of The BBC Hounds

#BBCbias  #bbcdp

16 November 2017  Daily Question

How Did Ralf Little dismantle Jeremy Hunt's NHS obfuscation

on Marr last week?
And why did Marr not say what Ralf Little said?

#TheLieDetector #Hippo


4 November 2017  Daily Question

Name another Tory MOD Minster

forced to resign and why?

Tinker Tailor Liam Fox

This was written in 2011

If you were sat upon the MOD Duty Officer's toilet...

and Kathy Burke complaining?

#MOD #Hippo #LiamFox



1 November 2017  Daily Question


Fallon Resigns

Is May Next?

#Kneegate #Fallon

15 October 2017  Daily Question

Who Owns What?

1% own 99%







05 October 2017  Daily Question

If Jeremy Corbyn is the authentic voice of British politics then

who might epitomise the fake voice?


Fake May
If Theresa May has to frequently describe herself as

compassionate because the evidence of her actions

are to the contrary, and if she is to do so

by aping a West Wing script, then look no further than


"dead woman walking".
It is no wonder that Theresa May choked on

those plagiarised words.

#Hippo #sameoldtories

30 August 2017  Daily Question

How does the City of Westminster fleece Motorists?

Please turn right here and let me charge you £130

Cash Cow

#dirtyrottenrascals #sameoldtories

16 August 2017  Daily Question

Where are the Politicians?




10 August 2017  Daily Question

What is  Tory DNA?

6 August 2017  Daily Question

What was happening

Two Years Ago?

Corbyn and The Processed Peas

1 August 2017  Daily Question

 Tory Election pledge to cap energy prices.

British Gas increase energy cost by 12.5% today.

What  Gives?

#GE17  #Hippo

15 July 2017  Daily Question

What is Murder?

fire safety on back burner

taking a vacation.

#GrenfellTower #DailyPolitics

Take Your Pick

UPDATED 11 July 2017


Dear #ToryLauraK
 #Hippo #BBCbias  #GE17
These #BBCbias stories that just don’t go away

The Truth about Lying

7 August 2017  Daily Question

Does the BBCNews tell the Truth when

they Accomodate Liars?

To accommodate a liar is to tell a lie.

#studentloans #BBCbias #Corbyn

31 July 2017  Daily Question

Could it be that Trump  and May are on the rocks

with appalling ratings, and now reduced to
"Send in the Clowns"?
Scaramucci  and Hammond, the musical featuring

one dead, and one dyeing?

The Tories a' Guffawing

06 July 2017  Daily Question

Speaker Bercow should tame these rude Tories.

Austerity a' Guffawing,  Guffaw, Guffaw, Guffaw.


The Back Burner

04 July 2017  Daily Question

Never mind Brexit. The main stream media are already

putting Grenfell on the back burner.
Should there be a Government Minister for Grenfell?

#GrenfellTower #Backburner

Grenfell, the Answer

28 June 2017  Daily Question

Why are poor people obliged to live in buildings made of kindling and plastic? Is it because the UK Building Regulations (drafted by the UK Government), are ambiguous?


26 June 2017  Daily Question

I don't recall this flawed Government being given a mandate in the #GE2017 Election to spend £1.5B (at least), to buy DUP votes in support of the survival of the Conseravative Party. Did I miss something?


24 June 2017

The Big Tory Whinge

An election is not a horse race.

#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud #GE2017

22 June 2017

Inferno of Austerity


#EnoughisEnough #manslaughter #GrenfellTower #PursuitofProfit.

20 June 2017

Feckless In Need

Bankers were found short of competence in charge of pension contributions.

#Hippo #Austerity #PursuitofProfit

19 June 2017


Hail Dennis

#MSM #Murdoch #Leverson

Skinner pointing an angry finger

at the overly high and the overly mighty.

18 June 2017

Saint Paul’s #Anonymous

We were there.

 #Anonymous #Austerity

2011 St Paul's Flickr set of pictures.

10 June 2017



Lying is almost de rigueur in British politics

#Politicalloser #Duped

9 June 2017


Mays Nemisis

The Pies that Created The
Coalition of Chaos 

#GE17 #Certainty #electoralreform

6 June 2017


May's Asset Stripping Plan

Plan for the NHS is irreversible

A Nuclear Solution?

#sameoldtories #OurNHS #AssetStripping

4 June 2017

May's Police Cuts

30 May 2017

The Peacemaker and the Opportunist May
in pursuit of a blank cheque mandate

24 May 2017


Submarine May

Your House in Theresa


May’s Last Will?
#GE17 #Hippo


18 May 2017


Ron and Mable

Zero Hours or Leather Trousers?
 #Hippo #BBCbias  #GE17 #ToryLauraK

20  March 2017


Acrimony or Harmony?

News without #BBCbias undermining Jeremy Corbyn is hard to find.

Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn issued a harmonious joint statement today saying they "recognised the right of groups across the spectrum of Labour's broad church to discuss their views and try to influence the party so long as they operate within the rules".

And "No one speaks for the leadership except the leadership themselves and their spokespeople,"

However, The BBC felt obliged to suggest acrimony with the headline.

Tom Watson attacks


Labour 'plot'

Acrimony or Harmony? And..

George Osborne attacks

May’s Vanity Portrait

George Osborne got to mention out loud and promote his new employer, “The Evening Standard,” today in the House of Commons without mentioning or complimenting Theresa May’s Voque Vanity portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

Acrimony or Harmony?

News without #BBCbias undermining Jeremy Corbyn is hard to find.

17  March 2017


Dear Theressa,


Esteemed Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, thank you for your email.

I doubt that you are are grammatically illiterate, but after the meaningless "Brexit means Brexit," mantle what am I supposed to make of your email, that claims that the EU referendum was about "changing the people for whom it works, forever".....  "and that applies to everyone." Excuse me?! Gobbledegook.

Theressa, you did not put that on the side of the bus. I double checked that. I found nothing about “changing people” . More about saving and increasing funding for the NHS.

I suggest you sack the illiterate person who wrote your meaningless e-mail assuming it wasn’t yourself.

I rule nothing out but it was clearly not intended for anyone interested in saving and increasing funding for the NHS.


15  March 2017


The Rats Gathered

#BBCbias #ElectoralFraud
#electoralreform #PMQT

Tory Laura cannot resist blaming Jeremy Corbyn for the Hammond / May Election Promise betrayal and U-turn fiasco.

The main stream media are symbiotically obsessed with undermining Jeremy Corbyn even when he is on the side of the angels.

During last week’s PMQT the MSM applauded Hammond’s prepared jokes as if that justified the abject failure of his budget.

It took a while for the rats to gather and gnaw on their own; blue on blue Tory flesh.

This week the MSM blamed Jeremy Corbyn for not being rude enough about Hammond and May. I am not at all convinced that sinking that low was necessary and makes me feel good and proud to be a Corbyn supporter.

JC may well be a saint. I would have told May and Hammond and Kuensburg to fuck off.


#BBCbias #ElectoralFraud
#electoralreform #PMQS

15  March 2017

How to Buy A General Election

ToryDNA #Hippo #ElectoralFraud

According to BBC Newsnight, Conservative Central Office have admitted that they broke the rules designed to prevent political parties buying votes in the last general election.

The abuse is a criminal offence and the Tories are now blaming each other and wondering who is going to gaol.


However Tory Central Office are content because they expect to receive a fine which they are happy to pay because money is no object when it comes to buying an election.

13  March 2017

The Jokers

When Tory DNA Kicked In
and the care masks slipped

#Politics  #Budget #Education #Hippo

9  March 2017


Social Care
May Guffaws

#PMQS  #Politics  #Budget

Chancellor Hammond increased National Insurance Contributions for the Self Employed in this Spring budget, contrary to an unequivocal election promise not to do so.

It is one thing to break that contract with the electorate and the self employed, but to then justify doing so with yet more weasel sophistry is beyond the pale.

Apparently the self employed alone are to make this sacrifice explicitly to pay for the under funded social care budget.

Theresa May feigned theatrical guffawing when Jeremy Corbyn challenged her on the "acute social care crisis" in the PMQs that preceded Hammond’s Budget. Trump would not have sunk that low, and even Tories are now worried about May's care-mask slipping.

Many self employed workers would have voted Tory in the last election and not all of them would be high earning self employed barristers.

If I were a self employed Uber driver working for the minimum wage or one of the Amazon drivers delivering packages with no employment rights, I would be thanking Jeremy Corbyn who has to face this awful woman every Wednesday including Women’s Day.

4  March 2017


Jeremy Hunt can’t

fix the NHS.

BBCbias  #NHS  #Hippo #OurNHS

The “Our NHS” demonstrations do not appear on today’s BBC News

27  February 2017

And The Winner Is..



Jeremy Hunt who is accused of covering up the scale of the NHS data loss scandal because that story did not even make the BBC headlines today.

They did however find space to use the word “unhinged” to describe Shadow chancellor John McDonnell defence of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

This is not a joke on La La Land.

 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #NHS

26  February 2017


Issue Free Zone

 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #byelection #marr

The BBC and all main stream media discuss Jeremy Corbyn's leadership in every news bulletin, panel discussion from Loose Women to Newsnight, and never do they discuss his policy or his values.

On Marr this morning Baroness Chakrabarti was not asked about Policy and had to persist against the predictable assault on the Labour leader.

The BBC is an issue free zone when it comes to Corbyn. The relentless leadership question is rhetorical and banal and wilfully undermining of the Labour leader.  

When the BBC covered the byelection results they explained that all canvassers were confronted on the door step by would-be voters questioning Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

I wonder where they got that idea?

 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #byelection #marr

24  February 2017
The Media  claims victory in the #byelection ?
 #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #byelection

Jeremy Corbyn found responsible for the end of the world by  #GuardianBias  and #BBCbias and anything else that pisses you off.

23  February 2017

Who will be the first to blame Jeremy Corbyn whatever the outcome of today’s #byelection ?
  #GuardianBias  #BBCbias #byelection

19  February 2017

According to Tony Blair
 #GuardianBias #Brexit #BBCbias

Apparently I am, or might be, with the electoral majority for the first time in my long life.


If there were another EU referendum today there would be a different outcome. I am surprised that this ITV online poll confirms the credibility of Tony Blair’s post Brexit point of view.


Agree with me?


However, why would Tony Blair bring this up at this time immediately before a double by-election when it might affect the outcomes. Whatever happens next Thursday Tony Blair can be assured that the main stream media will explain that outcome in terms that will not flatter Jeremy Corbyn? We don’t need an ITV poll to forecast that certainty.

 #GuardianBias #Brexit #BBCbias

19  February 2017


Who Speaks of Betrayal?

#Brexit #GuardianBias #edvulliamy

Ed Vulliamy today in The Guardian regards the votes in favour of igniting Article 50 as an act of betrayal and a race to "the bottom of the xenophobic sewer."

Who inhabits this "xenophobic sewer"?

Well, Vulliamy might have started by indicting the 52% who voted for Brexit, and then moved on to all Tories including those that took a principled vote to Remain, Theresa May for example who nevertheless keeps her nose clean throughout. He might have included the majority of Labour MPs who found it incumbent on themselves to respect the referendum outcome.

Ed Vulliamy has not however accused the whole of this grouping who share this view, he only accuses Jeremy Corbyn in his article, of "betrayal" and of occupying the “xenophobic sewer”.

This is surely an actionable libel.

But worse than that, Vulliamy has just made Labour’s imminent by-election chances a little tougher. Paul Nuttal now has a Guardian stick to wield and he will use it this coming Thursday.

Who speaks of Betrayal?

16  February 2017


Jeremy Corbyn was found responsible by Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian today for Theresa May’s breaking of the conservative pledge "to give shelter to 3,000 of the most desperate people on Earth, children fleeing war and devastation?"

Not at all sure how he, Freedland felt justified in tainting Corbyn with that charge. As a journalist, Freedland seems to suck.

Apparently Corbyn is held responsible for every Tory misdemeanour in opposition.

The Guardian allowed no right of reply/comments on that article.


16  February 2017


How might we reconcile lower unemployment with increasing poverty and expose the poverty deniers? It’s easy.

 #ZeroHoursIsn’tWorking  #Hippo

09  February 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has asked Mayday to publish all papers, e-mails and texts on the Government’s sweetheart deal with Surrey County Council who have now canceled their big referendum on increasing Council Tax by 15% to balance their books.

Meanwhile, at #surreycouncil  #nickyleaks  #PMQS

06  February 2017


Disproportionate Representation

Democracy, what Democracy?
#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud

25 January 2017

The Pantomime President

Follow the money.

#Trump #Farage

Patronage and nepotism created Donald Trump and now they are his tools with which to feed his narcissism.
What is it about the billionaire Donald Trump that attracted Melania to him? As Mrs Merton would have put it.

Trump has not exactly been forthcoming with his accounts and he is the first American president not to publish his tax returns.

We do know the following by his own admission but what is he hiding?

Was Donald trump a self made man or was his fortune handed to him by his daddy? The latter it seems.
Did Donald Trump add value to his inheritance in real terms? Not a penny.

Is he therefore a successful businessman? No, by his own admission.

What and where is the cosy financial trail between Donald Trump and Nigel Farage and all his other appointees and nominees to high office?

Follow the money.

#Trump #Farage

22  January 2017
To Get Elected
what they said.......


31 MARCH 2014
Tory DNA
So clever of the Chancellor to bribe pensioners with their own money.

#Hippo #sameoldtories #ElectoralFraud


13  January 2017
Authentic Trousers
#BBCbias #Hippo


Dear Conservative Campaign Headquarters, thank you for your email.

You said , "On Tuesday, the Labour leader U-turned, saying that Labour will not take control over immigration"
Not at all sure that Jeremy Corbyn said that but he, like Theresa May, voted to REMAIN and as such they both endorsed the notion of Free Movement within the EU whilst wanting to reform the EU albeit for different reasons.

If you wish to undermine Jeremy Corbyn on these terms, it would also be incumbent on you to undermine your very own Theresa May, since she voted for REMAIN and is therefore in favour of Free Movement. She kept it quiet, but that is what she did with her binary choice.

Obviously you and The Guardian and the BBC and the right wing press are out to trap and undermine Jeremy Corbyn on this subject and have given May a free rein to have a free reign.

However, Corbyn is the only authentic voice for social justice. Theresa May has authentic but inconsequential leather trousers. Very brown they are.

#BBCbias #Hippo

12  January 2017
I’m So Vain
#BBCbias  #GuardianBias  #Hippo

Well done Jeremy Corbyn for disappointing the BBC and the Guardian and for not falling into their "free movement" traps.

Both have failed to avoid reporting what Jeremy actually said on the subject because that did not provide them with an opportunity to undermine him.

So then came the snide smears.

Suzanne Moore's arrogant bile in the Guardian says more about Suzanne Moore's vanity, than the views of Jeremy Corbyn and what he has said on the subject of "free movement". Had she contradicted his views that would be to expose herself as a bigot.

Where Suzanne Moore provides no evidence or context, The Canary did otherwise. The Guardian and the BBC continue to fail to impress.

The BBC has taken it way too far.



06  January 2017
Fake News

Laura Kuenssberg is the political editor of the BBC, who was recently feted by the Main Stream Media, who in turn have a questionable interest in this false story by Laura Kuenssberg, which undermined Jeremy Corbyn.

The BBC Trust has now upheld their earlier decision that Laura Kuenssberg, who represents BBC News, had misrepresented and undermined Jeremy Corbyn with Fake News.

Other examples of Laura’s misdemeanors are available on these pages.

Laura Kuenssberg is not accused of being wrong because she is a “woman” and such desperate peddled nonsense by the MSM is patronising to “women” and fails to obfuscate this story. Tory Laura Kuenssberg is at fault because she faked the news and damaged Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation; it is not the other way around.

The BBC is more important than Laura Kuenssberg’s received perception of Jeremy Corbyn. Let her go.

The Guardian and BBC News claim to be objective, but both have ignored this humiliating story.

Let them speak.

We we are waiting.

Apology, long overdue.

If you can’t Google the apology it does not exist or is not meant to be found.

To ignore this story, the BBC and the Guardian confirm palpable evident and discreditable ..


05  January 2017

Since I witnessed this exchange between Laura #Kuenssberg and Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 and wrote the article below, Tory Laura has not changed her ways. That is not the end of the story.... BBC Trust to review own decision

#ToryLauraK #BBCbias

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