by Monkles

26 April 2017


anti-Semitism by proxy

Why is the BBC obsessed with Example A?


Why has the BBC ignored Example B?






UPDATE 29 April 2018


How slow is that BBC? 

Anti Semitism by Tory Candidates is simply not on the BBC radar.

Blairites should lay off the good man and fight the Tories.



The BBC finally mentioned ExampleB SEE BELOW, but buried it on the BBC Cambridge local news web page. You wont find it on BBC TV.

And it appeared there after it appeared here.


How slow is that BBC?


Anti Semitism has become a contrived Main Stream Media anti-Corbyn Issue.


Since the anti-Semitism debacle first broke it did not occur to me that an anti-Semite should be treated with more or less respect than any other common racist or misogynist guilty of bigoted hateful opinionated views.


What would Monty Python have made of these victims competing absurdly and theatrically for attention in order to get at a good man.


Britain can be proud of defeating nazis and less proud of the slave trade but no victim may or should claim priorty over another.


Jeremy Corbyn is a friend of both, so the Blairites should lay off the good man and fight the Tories.


26 April 2018  Daily Question 

What is anti Semitism by proxy?






Len McCluskey has attacked anti-Semites for a lifetime, but he claims today that the Labour voices that raise this subject, do so to oppose Jeremy Corbyn, and to smear the Labour leader with anti-Semitism by proxy.


I agree with McCluskey and I would go further and say the mainstream media including the BBC should be charged with the same offence.

I have two examples of alleged anti-Semitism.


ExampleA has been discussed widely by the mainstream Media and the BBC.


Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth accused the Labour activist Marc Wadsworth of anti-Semitism. 


The Times wrote that "Ms Smeeth burst into tears after clashing with Mr Wadsworth"


The Daily Mail wrote "Marc Wadsworth reduced Ms Smeeth to tears"


Judge for yourself 

Marc Wadsworth has been suspended for two years.

This is what was said and here are the tears.



ExampleB has not been discussed widely on the mainstream Media or the BBC. 


SKWAWKBOX exposed the antisemitic, homophobic and sexist comments tweeted by Conservative local election candidate George Stoakley.


This included the unfunny anti-Semitic phrase,


"Sweating like a Jew in the attic"


Why has the BBC ignored this story?



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