By Monkles

22 July 2018

The Barking Hodge Distraction


22 July 2018  Daily Question

Who finds the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism incontrovertible?












The Jewish Chronicle of course, and any number of rabbis that you might muster, would all be significant but unsurprising advocates of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.


To dig deeper you have to look at who might have a politically opportunistic interest in undermining Jeremy Corbyn.

As follows....


Theresa May 
During Prime Minister Questions May said that the Conservative Party had endorsed and recognised the
 IHRA definition of anti-Semitism in full. Turns out that this was untrue. There is no such policy in the Tory rule book.



Jess Phillips

The Blairite Labour MPs that participated in the failed coup against Jeremy Corbyn have all to a man and woman exploited the issue. 

Jess Philips was given a voice on BBC radio 4 Any Questions.
She has form exploiting this issue to undermine Corbyn. Her complacent view is that there is no harm in accepting
 the IHRA definition because it is an unnecessary distraction.

If there has been a distraction it has been politically generated by all of the above and and the Main Stream Media including #BBCBias.



Margaret Hodge

Hodge is of course beyond the pale.

Andrew Marr today suggested that the Labour Party should not discipline Margaret Hodge for bringing the party into disrepute, mitigated by her family history.

She might at least be asked to apologise.


By Monkles

18 July 2018


Margaret Hodge believes the Jewish community has the right to define anti-Semitism in their own absolute terms.


18 July 2018  Daily Question


If I were to accuse Margaret Hodge of politically expedient offensive bullying directed at Jeremy Corbyn and exploiting the holocaust and her family history, would that be anti-Semitic, whether true or not?


When Margaret Hodge accused Jeremy Corbyn of being  an "anti-Semite racist" this was ludicrously untrue and wilfully offensive. Margaret Hodge should apologise to The Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn and like-minded Jews embarrased by her outburst.


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