by Monkles

18 January 2018

Conservative Central Office

Briefing for Tory Spokespersons.

How to  Defend The Tory

Free Market Economy

when it fails so often?







Post Carillion Plc

Post Grenfell

etc... hear this...


Blame Labour.

That never fails to impress the Tory faithful,

the insensitive, and the gullible.

Never admit that you are ideologically supportive of the

Free Market when the market is in bad shape.

Don't mention the banking crisis of 2008.

If forced, blame New Labour.

Does not apply to Jeremy Corbyn, but use it anyway.

Never admit to endorsing the deregulation

of the finance sector. See item 1 Blame Labour.

Pretend there is no privatisation of the NHS,

Call it "Our NHS" and if you go private to jump the queue,

keep that to yourself.

If Jeremy Corbyn is your target,

blame Labour and be careful not to call it "New Labour".

Jeremy Corbyn should always be your target.


Pretend there is no outsourcing of Building Control and

wait for Grenfell to go off the radar,

if it has not done so already.


Frequently discuss how bad the railways were in the 70s

when they were underfunded by the public purse

and avoid comparison with privatised Virgin Rail

which has been overfunded by the public purse.

Do not call Theresa May a Marxist

when she says she will interfere in the Energy Market.

to support consumers.

She didn't mean it. 

It was a slip of her forked tongue.




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