May's Nemesis


The Lie Detector

Lying is almost de rigueur in British politics

#Politicalloser #Duped

By Monkles

27 July 2017


Loose lies are protected  by parliamentary privilege in the House of Commons where a politician is more likely to be sanctioned for calling a liar a liar, than the liar might be sanctioned for the telling of the lie.


In this new age of "Fake News" it may be imperative that the world finds a new Superhero Lie Detective.


Social media is on to this with a passion and that is a positive new phenomenon that has put the tainted main stream media and their patrons on the back foot.


The dogged SKWAWKBOX and the CANARY lead the way but there is also an army of independent knowledgeable voices correcting every word of loose Tory  sophistry.


When Theresa May lied about Diane Abbott outside of the House she had no such protection. In fact she did so during the Election Campaign and therefore faced the allegation of breaching the criminal law defined by the Representation of the Peoples Act.


Read THE SKWAWKBOX for the full story.


There is no hiding place for the calculated lie, those of Donald Trump the serial liar. Theresa May the Liar and serial Liar's friend.  


Read FAUX OUTRAGE for the story of Toby Young and Anna Subrey's porkies on Marr

May's Nemesis

Lying is almost de rigueur in British politics

#Politicalloser #Duped

By Monkles

9 Jun 2017


Theresa May; humiliated and embarrassed she

rushed into "coalition" with the far right nutters, the DUP. 

The DUP opposes same-sex marriage, and formerly campaigned against the legalisation of homosexual acts in Northern Ireland, and let's not forget those worrying "terrorist" skeletons in their closet.


Today Theresa May has called The DUP her "friends." She is in a hole and she just keeps digging.


The Daily Mail and the Express makes no mention of this today but is happy to continue peddling the lies about Jeremy Corbyn.


And let's not forget May's alleged criminal breach of the Representation of the People Act 1983 being investigated by North Yorkshire and Metropolitan police, who are taking the allegations "extremely seriously." This refers to May's lies about Diane Abbott.


This would be another matter not covered by the main stream media including The Daily Mail and the Express.


It will come as a surprise to many, including me,  that candidates lying about other candidates is a criminal offence. Lying seems almost de rigueur in British politics. Mr Corbyn being the only exception.

And then the Abuse of public funds...  What cost #GE17?

Who might benefit? Who would pay?

#Politicalloser #Duped


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