Ron and Mable

Zero Hours or Leather Trousers?
 #Hippo #BBCbias  #GE17 #ToryLauraK

By Monkles

18 May 2017

Whenever I hear the phrase "strong and stable" it makes me think of Ron and Mable who seem forgotten in this election campaign.

Ron is on a low paid "zero hours" contract because he has to take care of Mable, and Mable has early dementia and is annoying and unpredictable.

Ron and Mable cannot survive without a low paid "zero hours" contract and access to a food bank.

Theresa May frequently directs our attention to employment figures that seemingly flatter the Tory "achievement" of obliging and designating Ron and other handicapped men as "fit for work".

Theresa May now refers to "zero hours" contracts as something that "suits" many people including Ron and Mable, as if they had a choice, between that or selling a spare pair of £900 leather trousers.

Theresa May is a renowned career politician who has never spoken up for like of Ron and Mable. In fact May is known for not speaking up for anything until it is politically expedient, and career enhancing, to do so.

So clever of her to avoid promising to address the problem of Ron and Mable in her manifesto, and leave it to the accommodating BBC Laura Kuensberg to interpret and flatter May's unconvincing prospectus that will not help them.

Zero Hours or Leather Trousers?
 #Hippo #BBCbias  #GE17 #ToryLauraK

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