By Monkles

24 May  2017

Submarine May

#GE17 #Hippo

24  May 2017

Out of Her Depth.
#GE17 #Hippo
I delayed publishing #GE17 political stories with respect for the Manchester atrocity. The “Your House” story below was written that awful night, more or less as the news broke.
I waited to see if the Tory media would do the same. I did not have to wait too long to find out that they would not do so at all.
The atrocity would become Theresa May’s “Falklands,” and overnight the means by which she would demonstrate through smoke and mirrors her qualities of “leadership”.
But Theresa’s discomfort is palpable. “Submarine May” is out of her depth.



22  May 2017

Your House in Theresa (Submarine) May’s Last Will?
#GE17 #Hippo
We Monks now know we may be leaving our house to Theresa May if she has her way and wins the #GE17 election.
This pledge does not appear in our "will" but our house is now integrated within Theresa May's "will".
The Prime Minister, dubbed “Submarine May” rose from the depths, fired her missile which misfired and hit her supposed core constituency of the elderly about to die, and the young people about to inherit. This is political collateral damage on a grand scale.
Such incompetence is unprecedented, but then followed the unedifying duplicity of the attempted denials during the Andrew Neil interview and elsewhere.


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