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04 July 2017  Daily Question

Never mind Brexit. The main stream media are already

putting Grenfell on the back burner.
Should there be a Government Minister for Grenfell?

#GrenfellTower #Backburner

by Monkles

4 July 2017

I thought I might check on the mainstream media, Grenfell Tower coverage this day, 4 July 2017, just two and a bit weeks after that fatal fridge exploded on the third floor and ignited the kindling/cladding that flattered the Grenfell Tower with an illusion of  modernity.


Now, it seems much of the mainstream media have all but forgotten the tragedy.


The Times (online) has no featured story today (4 July 2017) on this subject.

Likewise: The Express, The Mirror, and The Sun have dropped the story. You have to dig deep to find the subject discussed on The BBC, and the ITV and the Guardian, and even deeper to find a mention in The Telegraph and The Independent.

Some might find this inferno of the poor the greatest failure of UK governance this century. Nobody died as a direct consequence of the 2008 "banking crisis," unless you accept the suicide nation mantle that persists to this day; but what price Grenfell, politically and in terms of justice, #manslaughter.


The loss of life in the Grenfell Tower is without reasonable doubt a matter of failure of governance.


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