The Bias of The BBC Hounds

If it is wrong of John McDonell to repeat what somebody else said about Ester MCVey,

why would it be OK for the BBC hounds to do the

very same, again, and again, and again?

#BBCbias  #bbcdp


by Monkles

14 January 2018

Should Andrew Neil and others be hounded out of their jobs in the same way as Toby Young?


This week Andrew Neil pursued an equivalence between the historic vile twitter abuse by Toby Young of women and the disabled, and what he thought John McDonnell had said about Esther McVey who also has form disadvantaging the disabled.


"Why is he (John McDonnell) still shadow chancellor and not hounded out of office?," said Neil.


Turns out that John McDonnell was reporting what was said by others about Esther McVey, but when Neil was confronted with his error, he changed tack and suggested McDonnell should not have repeated the vile words spoken against Esther McVey even if they were not John McDonnell's words.


At that ponit Neil may or may not have realised that he had also uttered the vile words spoken against Esther McVey that were not John McDonnell's words but he aired the words as if they were.


If it were so wrong of John McDonnell then it was certainly more wrong  of Andrew Neil to do so because the reach of Broadcast BBC Daily Politics is as wide as it gets?


Then Dominic Raab repeated the same words on BBC QT.


And now again on Sunday Politics, the BBC are certainly intent on doing what Andrew Neil said is so very wrong, and doing it like hounds repeating and amplifying what somebody, and not John McDonnell, said about Esther McVey.


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