The Big Tory Whinge

An election is not a horse race.

#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud #GE2017

by Monkles

24 June 2017

On the laughable subject of the big Tory whinge about the notion of Jeremy Corbyn "winning" the GE2017 election..... ha! ha! ha!


He won the argument all right.


With the UK rigged disproportionate system of representation (aka: "first past the post"), no party has ever achieved a "democratic" mandate of the electorate that I recognise.



There is never a winner of this "horse race", and to continue the metaphor there are only losers and bigger losers; and some horses are so handicapped that they feel like winners even if they lose by a short neck.


Theresa May belied the hype of the main stream media that inflated her reputation and denigrated Jeremy Corbyn in an ugly, personally abusive manner.


During the campaign public opinion changed in favour of Corbyn but the main stream media continued with their bile to the very end of the campaign. The abuse was a national disgrace and UK democracy is now a UK humiliation.


The BBC who we expect to be objective were found to be tainted with bias. No ifs or buts, the BBC reputation is now diminished since they failed to meet their own standards of objectivity during that GE2017 campaign. That much is demonstrated forensically on these pages. BBCBIAS. And elsewhere.


If we now factor into this past election, alleged Tory GE2017 electoral fraud, alleged Tory GE2015 electoral fraud, and the prescient Tory failure to regulate the building industry, and the Tory cuts to the emergency services, fire, police, border controls, A&E and medics etc., we can only conclude that these Tories have made us all less safe than ever in our lifetime.


Expert voices that said so in the last seven years have been routinely disregarded with derision and apathy.


Jeremy Corbyn won the argument and the election because an election is not a horse race.

An election is not a horse race.

#electoralreform #Hippo #ElectoralFraud #GE2017


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