The Jokers

When Tory DNA Kicked In
and the care masks slipped

#Politics  #Budget #Education #Hippo


By Monkles

13 March 2017



Theresa May is trigger-happy when it comes to Brexit. Meanwhile, the alleged criminal Tory electoral fraud scandal is allowed to stew harmlessly in the very slow cooker of due process.

Subsequently Mayday struggled to defend her so-called core conservative values.

She defended the cut in corporation tax on the most profitable untouchable and un-taxable corporations, and raised taxes for the low paid demographic of self employed workers. This is an ever expanding demographic that nets little or no tax for the exchequer due to the low earnings. This much is a no-brainer, but not in the mindset of Mayday and Chancellor Hammond. The increasing number of low paid self-employed is good for the unemployment figures but bad for the exchequer in terms of tax receipts.

What politician would countenance such a budget? When Tory DNA kicked in, Mayday and Hammond abandoned the Tory pledge and guffawed like spoilt triumphant idiots glorying in their folly.

Furthermore the cash they proposed to grab by their crooked deal would then be made available to advantage the already well-off middle class kids, by shifting the educational budget toward grammar schools. What then followed the budget announcement, were the weasel words of justification, and the most egregious ugly sophistry uttered by Mayday and Hammond; they each claimed that such a policy would benefit all children and especially the children of the working poor.

How so?

It is by nature of a selective education system that it includes the unpalatable component of rejection; the 11 year old children of the working poor would be excluded disproportionately in overwhelming numbers if Mayday and Chancellor Hammond had it the Tory way. It was ever thus.

Getting the nationwide working poor to pay for a privileged education for the better-off in the home counties is obscene.

There is no cure for the malady of Tory DNA.


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