by Monkles

2 March 2018


The Map of The Smear





Conservative MP Ben Bradley duly apologised and found

himself the Tory most likely to be deselected as an MP.




Jeremy Corbyn generously 
suggested that Conservative MP Ben Bradley should

apologise and make a substantial

contribution to the 
food-banks in Bradley’s own constituency, 
or otherwise face the high Court for
malicious Libel.




Conservative MP and patsyBen Bradley was

apparently convinced by Hannan and 
the SUN and others including 
the BBC and repeated the LIBEL 
as if were tangible.




Professional political Tory smear merchant 
Daniel Hannan gets off on smearing
Corbyn and gave  
oxygen to the Sun lie on Twitter
(Hannan employed the lawyer’s conjunction 
"if...." to avoid libel).



The Sun Newspaper headline SHOUTED, 
acting as a "SPY". 

25 February 2018  Daily Question


Has Conservative Ben Bradley MP







Ben Bradley has avoided High Court libel action by apologising for his libel directed at Corbyn. 

Having accepted what he said was a lie, the MSM who led  Bradly to believe that Corbyn actually sold secrets to Czech spies,  are far from apologetic.


The smears in the Telegraph are still in place.
The smears in the Sun are still in place.
Today The Sunday Express referred to Jeremy Corbyn’s “relationship” that he once “enjoyed” with a “Soviet-controlled spy” as if that were true.

Far from apologetic, they repeat the LIE.


Daniel Hannan? Don't hold your breath.


The Patsy and the Wanker

Two liars, one too stupid and one too clever





by Monkles

22  February 2018

Unlike Mrs Monk I have sympathy with young working class delusional Tories clinging to futile Conservative ideals and stumbling into misguided unforeseen political adventures beyond their understanding and which  might give the wide world an impression that they are utterly stupid.

Conservative MP Ben Bradley believed that Jeremy Corbyn sold British Secrets to a Czech spy. Not only did he believe that, he told the world of Twitter that this actually happened and was factually sustainable and absolutely done without doubt. Job done.


The editors of the Sun and the Daily Mail are wise enough to choose to smear Jeremy Corbyn with what someone else might have said,  and then to repeat it as loud as possible to suggest the tale had  veracious merit.  Those Tory tabloid smears have been all over every supermarket shelf throughout the UK.


That might explain why anyone as gullible as Conservative MP Ben Bradley who was exposed to such headlines would then believe that Jeremy Corbyn was a traitor capable of such a crime.


Behind those Headlines are the less prominent caveats constructed by libel lawyers, but Ben Bradley had no such caveats and he must now apologise tout suite or otherwise face the consequences in the High Court. He has had the brown envelope. He has no choice.


The Tory tabloids put the idea in Conservative MP Ben Bradley's vacant air-head but it was those Tory tabloids that made him think that it was actually true.


He was of course predisposed to believe this because he is addled with Tory DNA. There is no cure.


How vile are those Tory tabloids but let me now consider the equally pernicious Daniel Hannan who has bile requiring the gaze of Libel Lawyers.
He published the following in The Daily Telegraph who should have better judgement about such matters.


Daniel Hannan wrote
"This ought to be the end for Jeremy Corbyn."


These are the words of a man apparently convinced that he is right, but it may be worse than that; Daniel Hannan is also driven to pleasure himself. He cannot resist an opportunity to malign a decent man because Daniel Hannan has a deficit of common decency. 


Daniel Hannan exists in a cloud of arrogance. He gets off on this. He is the very worst kind of wanker.


Hannan goes on....


"The revelation that he (Corbyn) was in contact with an alleged enemy spy during the Cold War would, in normal times, disqualify him (Corbyn) from holding any public office, let alone aspiring to lead the nation."


Hannan is so keen to convince his readers that in order to undermine Corbyn, he adopts biblical language to drive home his quasi sacred "revelation".


Hannan's bullshit by-line for the Telegraph


"If Jeremy Corbyn dislikes his country so much,

he isn't fit to lead it" 


So says Daniel Hannan who appeared on Fox TV where molesters have thrived with impunity courtesy of the purse of Rupert Murdoch, and where he Daniel Hannan thrived selling his book undermining the NHS,  #OurNHS


Daniel Hannan is a traitor selling smears about the NHS to Americans.. 

I don't object to him appearing on TV as long as he is not paid to do this.


Dear Auntie BBC TV. Have you ever paid Daniel Hannan and if so how much and why and when?

21 February 2018  Daily Question

Andrew Neil does a good Job.


Surprising many on Social Media, Andrew Neil finally attempted to balance the BBC BIAS (see below written yesterday).

He made Tory Minister  Steve Baker squirm uncomfortably by 

confronting him with irrefutable evidence that the Corbyn  Spy story exploited by Tory Ministers and indeed Theresa May, was indeed a fake story.

He declined to repeat the "libel" but pointedly refused to accept the evidence that suggested he should correct the record.




20 February 2018  Daily Question

Why is the BBC taking the

Corbyn Spy Fake News 

story so seriously?






Jo Coburn today on BBC Daily Politics seemed to go out of her way

to give oxygen and credibility to this bullshit Sun and Daily Mail story. 


BBC Daily Politics is a "political voice" whether the BBC want it to be or not and the BBC is culpable for what others say on their programmes, and for what the BBC says or fails to say. 


And if what is said  is complete bullshit in plain sight and hearing of all reasonable viewers, then the BBC has the burden of correction, and if not they might adopt the age old laudable notion of the waving of the sword of truth. 


Fortunately, Britons are onto BBC Bias in ever increasing numbers.


Bless those good people.


The Sun and the Daily Mail are free to sue me for impugning

their reputation if they had ever established one worth defending.


Foreign tabloid oligarchy media: The Sun and Daily Mail to name but two are publishing  shamelessly political fake trash and in turn their views are peddled daily for all through the conduit of retailers; Sainsbury Waitrose and all others who are complicit in the lies.


Fortunately, Britons are onto it in ever increasing numbers.


Are the BBC inculcated by notions of foreign spies in disguise?





Two liars, one too stupid and one too clever


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