£5 M per annum

Just one CCTV camera

trained to avoid

helping unlimited numbers of

unsuspecting motorists.


City of Westminster fleece motorists sytematically.

Old habits never die.

#dirtyrottenrascals #cashcow #sameoldtories



by Monkles

22 March 2018



Pattern 1


When I appealed my (No Right Turn) Penalty Charge,  issued by the City of Westminster, I observed several patterns of behaviour  that made me question whether their Penalty Charge Notice was justified.


I wrote 4th November 2017 by way of appealing the Charge as follows ....


“They (Westminster Council) have provided evidence,


of a redacted log of motorists that failed to notice the same sign.

(No Right Turn)."


"WESTMINSTER Exhibit A" does, if nothing else, indicate a clear pattern

of motorist behaviour that demands consideration


I also wrote 4th November 2017 ...

"If the City of Westminster have a duty to inform Motorists of a restriction then they have clearly and demonstratively failed to do so on a grand scale.”


The adjudicators did not respond to this point or any other argument that I presented to them.


Yes, there were two of them who shall remain nameless for the time being.


How could so many motorists have failed to see the (No Right Turn) sign.

And why is this important?

There is little or no public confidence on this manner of enforcement and it is commonly regarded as a revenue-making entrapment and an indiscriminate  "Cash Cow " for Westminster Council.


By a simple calculation of the evidence, the log of contraventions  on that day, "WESTMINSTER Exhibit A" , which is evidence provided by City of Westminsterthey raised or attempted to raise £5000 on that day;

and this is on a quiet back street on a Sunday afternoon, and therefore potentially £5 M per annum of revenue-raising at the very least.


£5 M per annum and for the investment of just one 

CCTV camera. 


CCTV is as cheap as chips but a highly profitable



for the City of Westminster and their contractors.


See also

Pattern 2

24 March 2018  Daily Question

Why would The City of Westminster

disadvantage law abiding Motorists

with the injudicious use of CCTV?






#dirtyrottenrascals #cashcow #sameoldtories #Westminster #cctv


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Westminster fleece motorists systematically.

Old habits never die.

#dirtyrottenrascals #cashcow #sameoldtories
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