What is Murder?

fire safety on back burner

taking a vacation.

#GrenfellTower #DailyPolitics

by Monkles

19 July 2017


The BBC Daily Politics used their last programme before the Summer Break to discuss the semantics of murder.


Murder requires the element of premeditation which may or may not be a legally binding concept in the case of the Grenfell fire even if it were an accident waiting to happen and bound to happen.


Jess Philips was invited to speak on this and said that John McDonnell should have been more careful with his language when he used the "M" word. John McDonnell is far from apologising for the use of that word, and repeated  the allegation of "murder" on  the  Marr programme citing his anger as a justification, if not mitigation..


If  McDonnell is to be charged with hyping up the tragedy then how worse is the charge that a politician might diminish and ameliorate those likely to be responsible for the tragedy.


What response is more likely to incite a riot?


Politicians are very aware of the judicial process and how they may not prejudice it with loose talk. But then it should also be noted just how soon the Palace of Westminster, did that very thing when they directed blame at Kensington and Chelsea.


It is of course the Government of the day who are responsible for the Building Regulations and the weakening of local government enforcement of Building Regulation. It might even be said that the Government deregulated the Building Regulations by allowing Contractors to self certify compliance.


And then of course we must consider the catalogue of ignored warnings of what might happen and did happen to Grenfell Tower.


This is all a bit like loading bombs onto Saudi planes and claiming no responsibility for where they are dropped. Is that hyperbole,  a telling analogy, or bloody murder?


John McDonnell has a point but fire safety is now on the back burner because all polititians are taking a vacation.


What is Murder?

what might happen and did happen to

#GrenfellTower #DailyPolitics


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