These are stories inspired by the crisis in education.
Britain and the USA have the worst behaved children in the world.

Yes, we even share that with the USA.
British Employers complain of an epidemic of unemployable

illiterate and innumerate school leavers.

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REBORN today 26 August 2017



4 January 2018  Daily Question

Who Needs Another Expert

on Education?

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust


Toby Young’s New Job as a leading education advisor has been met with widespread derision.


Toby Young is the least suitable "personality", and the most unqualified "expert", to represent the interests of "university students".


Toby Young has the arrogance of a polemicist determined to inflict his own brand of far-right dogma into education.


The last thing education requires is yet another amateur would-be politician with a pet vanity project interfering and undermining professionals with self-serving aggrandisement.


Notwithstanding  Toby Young's experiment with free schools, and he still speaks as if he did not abandon that project, his part was an abject failure.


Furthermore, he is hopelessly unqualified for this new BS job because he is a liar, a homophobe, a misogynist, a bigot, and a fool.


When you screw up and apologise, as did Young, Hunt, and May this very day, that does not mean that they might carry on as if they all deserve another chance. That means all three should resign, resign and resign, and enter a suitable monastery, a nunnery, or rehab and never reappear before any eye, nose, or ear that might otherwise be offended.


Boris Johnson, regards all of that so very amusing, but then he would.


Get thee to a nunnery.

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11 January 2018  Daily Question

"95% of teachers are qualified,"

True or False?

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust



"95% of teachers are qualified,"?

Really! Nick Gibb?

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust


So said the Conservative schools Minister,

Nick Gibb in parliament this week.

However, he has not disclosed

who calibrated that percentage


and how that number was calibrated.


The background of this question is that such matters are

obfuscated by a fire wall of BS, secrecy,

and confidentiality agreements,

paid for by the public purse.



In that case we  are left to speculate about what

action might be appropriate in a school

where just 50% of practising teaching staff

were or are currently unqualified.

Nick Gibb, what are the parameters?

And  in which schools are those parameters not met?


Is that a secret?

and if so, why?


Nick Gibb

You have no idea, do you?


 #academies  #OrmistonTrust


18 December 2017  Daily Question

What is the price of experience?

An unfunny teacher of any age, pretending to be

funny is neither humorous, nor educational.

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust

Miss Putupon’s Last Lesson

It was the last lesson of

the afternoon before #Christmas.



13  April 2017
Meritocracy Eugenics
Grammar Schools

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust

#Education #BBCbias #Hippo



Information Annoucement

Six Years Ago
2  September 2011

The Thames estuary is where conflicting weather systems frequently meet and produce, foreboding, but also sublime cloud formations. These photographs were taken on one fifteen minute car journey from the supermarket to our home, along the sea front of  Southend upon Sea, where humanity also meets and clashes in other British day-tripping ways, Pics by Sara Monk


“You used to teach me English, she said

more accusingly than informational”.

#Education #Photography #SouthendOnSea



13  March 2017

The Jokers


When Tory DNA Kicked In
and the care masks slipped

#Politics  #Budget

 #academies  #OrmistonTrust #Education

#BBCbias #Hippo




26  October 2016
Lord of the Flies


It was a quiet morning at the tennis club. Only one court was occupied by two ladies. Apart from the sound of a ball being whacked ladylike and the occasional lady squeal of disappointment when a ball missed the target, all was peaceful. I passed the time waiting for my opponent to arrive reading the Guardian on this tablet.
But the tranquility would not last for this was a school holiday.

The sound of children squealing was at first a distant din that became ever louder as they advanced; they were marching en masse toward my comfortable resting place.
This was an undisciplined rabble army of bickering yelling unruly 7 year olds led and supervised by a 16 year old who was out of his depth.

As they passed 5 feet from me, I looked up from my Guardian article. A small boy said directly to me without stopping, "What are you looking at?"
I smiled at his leader.  The jaw of the 16 year old Lord of the Flies had dropped; he would have expected me to take offence.

  #Tennis #Education



26  July 2016



Oxymoron Trust

If this is not a crime, then it should be.
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