The Price of Experience

An unfunny teacher of any age, pretending to be

funny is neither humorous, nor educational.

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By Monkles

 29 September 2011

Reborn  18 December 2017


George W Bush once said in one of his most profound moments,


“Is our children learning?”  

The answer is No, but what fun they are having.

A Survey shows evidence that head teachers in Britain, are guilty of illegal discrimination against older more experienced class room teachers.

A survey of 3500 teachers by the NASUWT found that teachers of all ages believe that head teachers hold the following views and discriminate accordingly.

According to the survey, Head Teachers think that ....

“Older teachers are more likely

to be resistant to change”



“Older teachers are less likely to be

able to cope well with change.”

Yes, older teachers are certainly less likely to accept change for the worse, and abandon what they have gained from experience.  Older teachers are less likely to accept instruction by head teachers, when they know how damaging those instructions can be.

According to the survey, Head Teachers think that ....

“Older teachers do not bring valuable

skills and experience to their work.”

57% of the teachers surveyed believe that head teachers have this perception of older teachers. The average age of a teacher is 40 years of age and the average length of service is diminishing, and was just 13.5 years in 2006. So why is it that this minority of teachers are characterised in this way? Why is it that Head Teachers discriminate illegally against a smaller minority of older, more experienced teachers.

Educational standards have fallen, in spite of the confusing messages from the educational establishment including Ofsted who are inclined to trumpet the achievements of some schools, and ignore the most important evidence of the Employers, who complain of an epidemic of unemployable illiterate and innumerate school leavers.

According to the survey, Head Teachers think that ....

“Older teachers are less dynamic and

energetic than their younger colleagues.”

Fun is the key word banded about by head teachers and pupils. Current head teachers demand exuberant fun in the class room, and encourage pupils to demand exuberant fun in the class room. However fun demanded is not necessarily fun for the teacher. An unfunny teacher of any age, pretending to be funny is neither humorous, nor educational.  “Fun” no longer compliments education, and has now become a substitute for education.

“Is our children learning?”  No, but what fun they are having.

According to the survey, Head Teachers think that ....

“Older teachers, through the

experience they have gained,

are not valuable sources of advice,

support and encouragement

to younger colleagues.”

Older teachers are unlikely to support the current methods of teaching, and will certainly not encourage young teachers to adopt these methods.

According to the survey, Head Teachers think that ....

“Older teachers have less up-to-date

professional skills and expertise and

therefore tend to be less effective

teachers than younger colleagues”

“Up-to-date professional skills” have apparently failed and if older teachers tend to oppose these ideas, then that would be a good thing.

Significantly, only a minority of teachers surveyed, possibly the youngest teachers, believe that to be true.

According to the survey, Head Teachers think that ....

"Employing older teachers is less

attractive as they are more expensive

than their younger colleagues".

At last the one convincing reason that Head teachers are not fond of Older Teachers. The survey shows that a majority of Head Teachers discriminate against older teachers because their experience demands a higher salary than newly qualified inexperienced teachers. What price experience? Too much if you have to balance the books and pay those newly overblown head teacher salaries.

Consequently when head teachers advertise for teaching posts they are not at all interested in hiring “outstanding” older teachers and will only hire inexperienced cheaper teachers, and even if they are desperately short of staff.

To fill the gap they would rather hire even lesser paid unqualified staff, and before you know it, these gaps are permanently filled with unqualified staff.
Not only does this damage your child’s education, it is also illegal.  A majority of the teachers in this survey believe that older experienced teachers suffer this illegal discrimination by head teachers, against older teachers.

What is the price of experience?

Do men buy it for a song?
Or wisdom for a dance in the street?

No, it is bought with the price
Of all a man hath,

his house, his wife, his children.
Wisdom is sold in the desolate market

where none come to buy.....

William Blake,

The Price of Experience,



Anti Acadamies Alliance

No Experience Necessary




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