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Robert Wyatt

REPOSTED 15 August 2017

By Monkles

19 April 2016

Soft Machine, Third
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I spent much of my teenage years at the Bull’s Head in Barnes listening to Tubby Hayes, Barbara Thompson, Ronnie Scott, Bill Le Sage, Pete King et all.

I started my record collection in 1970 and the first LP I  purchased was Soft Machine : Third .

I did so before I had a record player, so I had to carry the album about town and get other people to play it for me.

Once a week I played cards with a group of friends who did not necessarily share my enthusiasm for improvised modern jazz. They were more into Deep Purple I recall, but I slowly got this LP into their heads with my frequent playing of my First LP. As we played 9-Card brag for small change Robert was the ear worm and the soundtrack.

This twenty minute track "Moon in June" featured a  vocal contribution by Robert Wyatt.  He is also credited with the composition, and of course played the drums.

I expected such wonders to reappear for the rest of my life.
I knew then that my collection of LPs, and in due course CDs, would not be without the entire output of Robert Wyatt.

If that be nerdy then nerdy I be.

Mrs Monk wants me to sell my collection to pay for the Gas Bill.

Since writing this article, I learnt that Tubby Hayes and Robert Wyatt share the same birthday and received a tribute jointly from the BBC. Tubby was 10 years older than Robert.


Robert Wyatt

Soft Machine before Robert was fired
    1968: The Soft Machine
    1969: Volume Two
1970: Third
1971: Fourth
Robert Wyatt post Soft Machine
    The End of an Ear (1970)
Rock Bottom (1974)
    Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975)
    Old Rottenhat (1985)
    Dondestan (1991)
    Shleep (1997)
Cuckooland (2003)
    Comicopera (2007)

Miscellaneous albums
    The Animals Film (1982, soundtrack)
    Dondestan (Revisited) (1998)
    Orchestre National de Jazz Daniel Yvinec/Around Robert Wyatt (2009)
    For the Ghosts Within with Gilad Atzmon and Ros Stephen (2010)
    KiTsuNe with The Future Eve (2015)

Live albums
    Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8 September 1974 (2005)
    Radio Experiment Rome, February 1981 (2009)

    Nothing Can Stop Us (1982, singles compilation; 1983 Australian edition includes "Shipbuilding")
    Mid-Eighties (1993; includes the whole of Old Rottenhat)
    Flotsam Jetsam (1994)
    Going Back a Bit: A Little History of Robert Wyatt (1994)

    EPs (1999)
    Solar Flares Burn for You (2003)
    His Greatest Misses (2004)
    '68 (2013) [27]
    Different Every Time - Ex Machina / Benign Dictatorships (2014)

    The Peel Sessions (1974, "Alifib"/"Soup Song"/"Sea Song"/"I'm a Believer")
    Work in Progress (1984, "Biko"/"Amber and the Amberines"/"Yolanda"/"Te Recuerdo Amanda")
    4 Tracks EP (1984, "I'm a Believer"/"Yesterday Man"/"Team Spirit"/"Memories")
    A Short Break (1992, EP)
    Airplay (2002, "Fridge"/"When Access Was a Noun "/"Salt-Ivy"/"Signed Curtain")


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