Most of us have been impeded by injury in 2015

to some extent or otherwise impeded by the ageing process,

or gender, or toothache, love sick blues, bad hair, no hair,

pet care, no care, ambivalence, or lack of talent.
However there is no way of avoiding the awful truth.
In this last year we played 370 individual sets of

tennis and on that basis we conclude that we all appear

in this order on ...

The List we call Colin

Mr Darren Griffin

Mr Philip Taylor

Mr Kevin Watson

Mr Raymond Wheeler

Ms Karen McGlynn

Mr Leslie Monk

Mr Colin Butler

Mr Tony Tomkins

Mr Peter Philips

Mr Paul Shuter

Mr Andrew Slade

Mr Derek Causton

Mr Richard Wood

No 1
All matches were as well matched as they could have been

so every player had an even chance of making progress or otherwise.
One thing is certain, staying at the top of Colin's List was

as difficult as not staying at the bottom of it.
However it is my wish that Colin's List is a meaningful

challenge for all players including our precious subs.


Best Sub
Mr Richard Wood

has won 61% of the 91 games

he played in 2015 with a variety of partners,

and more than any other substitute player.
Personal Bests are noted each week.
Take the average ladder position of each player in

2014 and 2015 the following players improved as follows.


Best PB Value Added
Up by 2.80  Mr Tony Tomkins
Up by 1.17  Mr Peter Philip
Up by 0.13  Mr Darren Griffin
The rest of us should look away when the full list

is published in due course.
The player most likely to lobby me for compliments

and suggestwhat I might write about each Friday

is the very demure

Ms Karen McGlynn.
The player most likely to complain about not being

flattered by me is the very shy Ms Karen McGlynn.


Best Match Play

Queen Sleeps are a measure of matchplay excellence.
Queen Sleeps were awarded to

Ms Karen McGlynn

in 2015 on seven occasions.
Two others came half way close.

Mr Raymond Wheeler and Mr Colin Butler

scored three each.
The full list will be published in due course.

Best TF Supporter

Mr Philip Taylor.

For services to Tennis Friday, court booking

and the gathering of subs ,

and the keeping up of the spirits

and other selfless undertakings

for the good of Tennis Friday,

Our top player in 2015 was without doubt

and by any measure our No 1,
Mr Darren Griffin.
Best Player
He met the most difficult challenge of getting there

and the more difficult task of staying there for six

consecutive months while at the same time supporting

Tennis Friday beyond the call or demand of others.
Happy New Year.


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