What Happened?


In this last year we introduced Derk's Rule,

played 414 individual sets of tennis (408 in 2016) (370 in 2015)

and on that basis we conclude that this end of year we all appear

in this order on ...

The List we call Colin

Mr Darren Griffin

Mr Raymond Wheeler

Mr Philip Taylor

Ms Karen McGlynn

Mr Kevin Watson

Mr Richard Wood

Mr Leslie Monk

Mr Peter Philips

Mr Tony Tomkins

Mr Colin Butler

Mr Andrew Slade

Mr Derek Causton

Mr William Falco

Mr Christopher Wilkinson


No 1 for 30




The Matrix

When all else fails blame the Matrix is my maxim.

If, like me, you look at the Friday Orders and wonder if you

might be lucky enough to have No 1 as  your partner you will be

more likely to blame The Matrix if that does not happen.


I found Darren chiding my excuses this week.

"The Matrix is not fair to No 5." I might have said.


In the last year the player ranked No 4 had Darren as a partner

on 20 occasions, and the player ranked

No 5 had Darren as a partner on 21 occasions.


Nevertheless players including me will continue to blame

the Rules which include The Matrix.


Was ever thus.

A maxim which is almost 10 years old.


In 2017 all matches were as well matched as they have ever been .

Next year it will be even better.



Respect to all subs that have stepped in when called to do so

and To Pip for managing the task of recruiting

the appropriate players

often at short notice.


Derk's Rule

Was introduced this year and also applies to Subs and any player

obliged to play 2 sets for any reason


Best Partner

The player most likely to defy the expectations of

Colin's List according to the Red Column.

May change in 2018, now we have Derk's Rule




Derk up three places

in twelve months

Up by 2 steps 

Ms Karen McGlynn

Mr Richard Wood

Mr Leslie Monk

Mr Christopher Wilkinson



Best Match Play
In accordance with the established precedent,

Queen Sleeps

are the measure of matchplay excellence.

It is no coincidence that our top four players have been

awarded three Queen Sleeps in the last twelve months

but just one of them had a Queen Sleep denied and

therefore deserves the benefit of the edge.

Queen Sleeps were awarded to

Mr Philp Taylor

Mr Darren Griffin

Mr Raymond Wheeler


Ms Karen McGlynn


in 2017


For other services to Tennis Friday,

court booking and the gathering of subs ,

and the keeping up of the spirits and other selfless

undertakings for the good of Tennis Friday,

Mr Philp Taylor

and futhermore

Mr Darren Griffin


The Sad Player Most

determined to play

In the spirit of Peter giving himself a cake for Christmas.

I award myself this accolade.

I played the most sets, 194.

Phil, my closest rival in this regard played 189 sets.


Mr Darren Griffin.

Top Player

He met the most difficult challenge of getting there and the more difficult task of staying there for thirty consecutive months while at the same time supporting Tennis Friday beyond the call or demand of others.
Happy New Year.


FULL RESULTS for 2017 are posted in the Archive

Colin's List 01 January 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [25.8 KB]
UpsandDowns 1 January 2018.pdf
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