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I play tennis once once a  week with a taxi driver who gave me a free ride on my birthday; but not this one who has never given me a free ride

and who is therefore my second favorite taxi driver.


Both Taxi drivers are fond of the Jam.


That much I know but all taxi drivers like Paul Weller.


Happy Christmas Raymondo.



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20 December 2017  Daily Question

Two Families

" Already Helped  " ?

No means test required.



10 December 2017  Daily Question

How Dare Toby Young Tell Lies

on BBC  Sunday Politics?

#BBCbias #TheLieDetector #bbcdp

Toby Young's Lies

16 November 2017  Daily Question

How Did Ralf Little dismantle Jeremy Hunt's NHS obfuscation

on Marr last week?
And why did Marr not say what Ralf Little said?

#TheLieDetector #Hippo


18 September 2017  Daily Question
How do you cope with

The £350M Brexit Lie?

Jo Coburn just about looses patience

with Iain Duncan Smith as he obfuscates.

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12 September 2017  Daily Question

Red or White Wine?
"I have paid up my National Insurance in full,"

she explained
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22 August 2017  Daily Question

Did the Tories tell the Truth about

disadvantaged uni students.


They Lied

#studentloans #TheLieDetector

The Truth about Lying

7 August 2017  Daily Question

Does the BBCNews tell the Truth when

they Accomodate Liars?

To accommodate a liar is to tell a lie.

#studentloans #BBCbias #Corbyn

Chancellor Hammond is a liar.
 #Hippo #TheLieDetector #Sueme

#studentloans #BBCbias

By Monkles

30 July 2017

Chancellor Hammond lied on the BBC Radio Four Today programme, 28 July 2017.

He was defending his continuing policy of austerity and he could not stop himself asserting that Jeremy Corbyn somehow "admitted last week" that the Labour promise to remove student debt was a "con".

This was of course a lie.


If society values education, society must pay for it one way or another and when Hammond claims that the Tories have somehow magicked away that debt, by passing it on to a another generation, then there lies the confidence trick; it is a myth that the structural changes to financing college fees have a beneficial consequence on society in cash terms.


The confidence trick is not that Jeremy Corbyn is making an unachievable promise, but may be found in Hammond's language. Hammond claims that society cannot afford to pay student fees, or should not afford student fees in order to maintain austerity, ("fiscal discipline"). This is where the bullshit lies.

Bizarrely, Hammond also claimed he was "investing in skills" in order to address the different problem of lack of skills, post Brexit. This would be Hammond contradicting Hammond, Hammond being two faced. He did not bother to cost this pledge but was happy to cost the Labour pledge that had already been costed by Labour and looked at by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.


The Today programme failed to ask Hammond for his spreadsheet.


So, Hammond would have it that Corbyn's costed promise to invest in skills is fake and that his uncosted promise to invest in skills was not.


Mr Hammond, feel free to apologise to Jeremy Corbyn or sue me for calling you a liar.

Chancellor Hammond is a liar.
 #Hippo #TheLieDetector #Sueme

#studentloans #BBCbias

25 July 2017  Daily Question

Should Andrew Marr apologise for allowing Toby Young to demand with faux outrage an apology from Jeremy Corbyn?
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