14, June 2017 Since this popular page was first published we have had the literal NHS hard disc outage, some would say due to Hunt's Tory mismanagement and austerity cuts.

by Saramo

21 July 2015


The Hard Disc


GPs follow procedure informed by a computer programme
#alzheimers  #NeverForget #OurNHS

Everybody has noticed that GPs follow procedures informed by a computer programmed to alert them of what any particular patients needs might be.

I make this observation, not to diminish the professional standards of our General Practitioners but to reassure patients that their needs are supported by the super memory of a hard disk, and not the over-stretched memory bank of a GP.

I was called to attend a  consultation today and was surprised to be confronted with a memory test prompted by the GPs PC. The Old Timer's Test. #alzheimers

Doc says I want you to remember the following name and address. Mr John Brown of West Street, Kensington.


OK says I.

What is the date?


22nd July. Wrong! Come on Ms. Monk, What's the date?


21st? You're guessing. 22nd? Fail. Fail again. Life flies when you get old.

Next question. Can you draw a clock face and put in the numbers? No problem. Did it.


But, does the short needle go to the hour or the minute?


Wasn't sure. Haven't looked at a clock in years.


Nobody writes checks anymore. I told him I could use my phone. Cheating!

Next Question. Does any of your immediate family have Alzheimers? No, they all died before they could get it.
Made the Doctor smile.

Last question: What happened in the news today? Knew this one. 39 members of the Labour Party voted against the Benefits Cuts bill. Liz, Andy, Yvette and Harriet didn't! Success! Fail Better.

Last last Question. What was the surname of the man I asked you to remember?


When we got back to my pain relief for my arthritic knee; he kept saying, "Nothing's free in this world." He kept saying this. Guess it meant I won't get out of this world without pain.

Love my doctor. He's the only one I talk to most days.


GPs follow procedure informed

by a computer programme
#alzheimers  #NeverForget #OurNHS


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