by Monkles

6 August 2018


Trouble and Strife


January 1971

Where can we get a pizza? 




I was fixated by this girl, Sally Myers, from the moment we met, when she said those first words in Leicester Square in '71.


"Where can we get a pizza?"


Sally Myers and her American friends were drama students from Maryland on a College tour of Great Britain.


I don't recall saying a word or even looking in the direction of any of her 4 friends or my two friends, for the next two hours.


As we made our way through the streets of London, Sally Myers seemed to have eyes only for me, and me for her. We spoke creative amusing gibberish as if nothing else mattered.


I demonstrated the notion that a human nose is asymmetrical by pressing my nose against a cold January shop window pane. The pattern of condensation on the glass demonstrated my point and I invited Sally to do the same and she obliged. The affect of our combined warm nose breath nailed my academic point, and said more.


We and our Anglo-American entourage made our way to the pizzeria in King's Road. Sally Myers sat opposite me, but our conversation was stifled by the melee of crowded pizza dining. My heart would in due course sink when her friends decided to hail a cab and rescue their friend, Sally Myers, from me.


When the black cab took off I felt I would never see her again. Sally and her party were off to Dublin the very next day.

She was the only one to look out of the back window of the black cab and only I looked at her wave goodbye.



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